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    hey man, awesome game !

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    Hello Roka,
    I sent you a MP

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    Update Of The 7 June :

    -Real map has been add
    -Wave system has been add ( only 5 wave at the moment)
    -New weapon MP5 model from DARKSHINE
    -Respawn has been add
    -Another zombie has been add
    -Now you can take weapon on the ground
    -Fixed some errors

    Enjoy it

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    Where did you get the zombie models from? Are they from fpsc? If so, how did you convert them? The link on the first page is dead.

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    i have tested all link in the first page and all link work good
    the zombie models are frome FPSC pack and i have convert these model with Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro

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    One more question, what do you use to draw decals?

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    Water Valley, AB, Canada
    Great stuff! I have one observation: when you reload on the mp5 you lose ammo, so even if your full and swap a clip your clip count goes down - I'm a prolific reloader in these games, so noticed it right off - is this WAI or oversight?

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    It's pretty nice, but shooting zombies doesn't feel rewarding. There is no cool effects or any kind of reward for doing so.

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    yeah normal hahahahah
    in my next update you don't will say that coming soon

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    Dude it's awesome! great job

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    Houston, Texas
    lol im loving big daddy topless, aka the fat zombie. He doesnt even flinch when he takes head shots, epic.

    lol those zombies also have some serious limbo skills.

    Very nice work on the feel of the game, gun looks awsome as well.
    Last edited by BlueRadius; 06-07-2011 at 08:23 PM.

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    Checked it out.


    Things I Liked: nice zombie models and skins; weapons look pretty professional, and sounds are great.

    Things that might improve the game:

    1. Turning doesn't feel properly fluid yet. Suggest that giving people the ability to change their mouse sensitivity via a slider might be a good idea.
    2. Shooting in iron sights is less accurate than shooting without. Major oops, you might want to fix that
    3. Level design is very nondescript and not nearly detailed enough; it feels like something from a late-1990's FPS, not something modern. I'd say that your first priority should be to develop a better level design that is realistic, detailed and interesting.
    4. Zombie AI needs much polish. Zombies need to have at least two choices of pathfinding nodes to seek, so that they'll get behind the player and flank; right now they literally just run exactly the same way towards the player, which makes the game pretty dull.
    5. The game side of the design needs a lot of work; we're a guy (or gal) with an assortment of modern firearms, scattered liberally throughout a building, with zombies. There's no feeling of an objective, other than being a turret and shooting the zombies in the head. The game needs objectives that force the player to move around and makes it harder to avoid getting caught.

    After 3 minutes of shooting zombies and finding out that the starter weapon sucks but you can find better ones and pretty much not have ammo problems or take damage, I got bored and quit. It's a great start, but it needs a lot more concentration on game design, emotional involvement, level design and AI to become something I'd play outside of testing. Good luck, guys, this has potential

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    realy thank for the critique , i need that and now can work on it
    thank all for your replay

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    Tearing apart the zombies! Would be awesome!

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    Water Valley, AB, Canada
    Being able to pistol whip a zombie to the ground would be grand too ,maybe a right click function if zombie is close enough?

    Add some explosive force when the zombies die to blow them back and make those ragdolls shine ?

    Shooting them close up seems to be less effective than further away - or is just me?
    Last edited by Lypheus; 06-08-2011 at 09:25 AM.

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    i will see for add a pistol whip and i don't have problem on the shooting range

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    Awesome update, keep it up!

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