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The World in the Viking Age - an interactive exhibition in the Viking Ship Museum

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by andremaia, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. andremaia


    Jun 13, 2014
    Back in April the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde - Denmark - opened their new exhibition “The world in the Viking Age”. YOKE created two installations for the exhibition featuring a huge projection mapping in a world map combined with over 250 LEDs.

    The first installation consists in a large interactive world map with a twinkling night sky interacts with each of the room's cases. With the press of a button, the travel routes of the artefacts are displayed, across continents and great oceans.

    In the second installation the audience can explore the sailing routes used in the viking age by interacting with a large, circular world map.

    Here is the promotion video and some photos (technical details to follow).



    Everything was done with the amazing Unity 3D :)

    Technical details for the first room:
    In order to make this possible we had to develop different addons, including:
    -Projection blending (2 projectors)
    -Real time projection mapping
    -One Arduino communicating with 250LEDs

    Used Hardware:
    -PC with a 4output graphics board
    -PAC board
    -250LEDs (LED chains from adafruit.com)
    -200m of wiring to connect buttons
    Technical details for the second room (the circular world map):
    -Real time projection mapping
    -Arduino communication with the a position sensor and 100LEDs

    Used Hardware:
    -100LEDs (each chain with 50LEDs from adafruit.com)​

    Some behind the scenes documentation:

    Aligning the projections

    Working area

    Doing the projection mapping

    The setup

    Setup of the second installation

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