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[Rev-Share] Seeking Unity/C# Programmer for RTS Game - Established Team

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Knightmare696969, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Knightmare696969


    Nov 13, 2016
    Hello all. We are seeking somebody to join our 15 person team as a Developer (Unity) for our new RTS game now in production. We have 2 skilled programmers on the team already, but we need somebody with great ability in C# and a good grasp of Unity (preferably including it's latest features) to lend a hand. The person taking this role should be able to work and communicate effectively with an on-line, distributed team. Knowledge of GIT is greatly desired. Aged 18+ only please!

    We are a semi-professional company that uses industry standard methods as applies to Game Development (Scrum meets, Git commits, PM tracking software, etc.). 50+ page detailed GDD in hand. We have existing game engine code from a previous released game that we are recycling and adapting for this current game. Our goal is to develop ourselves into a full-time professional studio. Come take that journey with us!

    We use Discord for chat communication and Google Hangouts for video calls which you would be expected to actively use. We are a team, not a group of individuals who happen to be working on the same project. Proper communication is essential. "Lone wolf" types need not apply.

    Please feel free to comment, PM me or email: cschoolcraft at animusinteractive dot com

    Please see the following link for additional information: http://www.teamups.net/teamup/3437/Ascendancy-RTS-game

    Company site: http://animusinteractive.com/