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The Commercial: Jobs, Commercial: Job Seekers, and Non-Commercial Collaboration. subforums will be closed to new posts beginning on October 31st. Until that time we recommend users cross-post any existing job seeking, hiring, and seeking collaborator threads on Unity Connect. Please take a look at this blog post here with more details on the rollout. Other forums outside of the three listed will not be affected during this rollout.

[Read this] Thread approval guidelines - Updated 10th October 2016

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Tenebrous, Oct 11, 2013.

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  1. Tenebrous


    Volunteer Moderator Moderator

    Jul 25, 2011
    What is the collaboration forum for?

    The aims of this section of the forums, is to enable people to find others to work with them on non-commercial projects. This includes:
    • if you have a project in progress, but you need assistance
    • if you have an idea, and you're looking to recruit a team
    • if you have skills that you're willing to offer to the community
    • if you're looking to gain experience in an area and wish to join a project to help you develop those skills

    Thread guidelines

    I will generally approve any thread that is well-written and clear, and doesn't go against the Unity-Developer-Network-Rules.

    There are basically two common types of thread, so here are some guidelines for getting them approved.

    If you have a project/idea, and are looking for people to join or contribute

    • DO summarise the type of project and a rough outline of what it's all about.
    • DO explain who you're looking for - List what skills you're looking to add to the project. If it's simple, add it to the title too.
    • DO introduce yourself - state what you yourself are bringing to the project, and your skills, and summarise your experience.
    • DO attach screenshots or videos, if you have them, and link to relevant demos, websites, portfolios. Even if you have those things on your site, it's best to embed a couple in your post to make it more eyecatching.
    • DON'T be secretive or very vague about the project - people won't bother contacting you to ask for more information, they'll just move on to the next project.
    • DON'T expect people to be very interested in volunteering to work with you if all you bring to the project is the initial idea - ideas are like eyeballs, almost everyone's got at least two of their own.
    • DON'T waffle on about your idea and the motives of the main character and how her children were kidnapped by a rogue wi...[snip]. It's good to show you've thought about this stuff, but a wall of text is going to drive people away. (And besides, shouldn't the gameplay be the most interesting thing about your game?)
    • DON'T come and post your project here if you've done no substantive work on it yet - writing down design ideas, sketching characters and locations, making gameplay prototypes, etc. This doesn't mean you need a month of full-time work or anything, but you should at least demonstrate that you're as willing to put time into your project as you're asking other people to.
    • DON'T be highly demanding and pushy and expect a lot of responses. If you need urgent help, high-quality work, etc, then most people will expect you to pay for it.

    If you have skills you are offering to others

    • DO summarise the skills you are offering, or the areas you are trying to improve
    • DO attach screenshots or videos of your past work, if you have them, and link to relevant demos, websites, portfolios.
    • DON'T misrepresent your abilities or past work - you'll get found out once people start talking to you anyway, all you'll end up doing is wasting their time and yours.

    And generally:
    • DO provide contact details, OR allow people to contact you via PM
    • DON'T use centering and bold and colours
    • DON'T feel the need to publish your age
    • DON'T use POLLS - they will be instadeleted

    Approval time

    I try to check the forum once a day and go through all the new posts and either delete/approve them all. In some cases I might not be able to check for a few days, but generally your thread should be approved within 3-5 days. It will also probably take longer over weekends or public holidays.

    Bear in mind that posts which don't comply with the guidelines will be deleted without warning. So if you've still not seen your thread appear after 5 days, it probably isn't going to, and you should make a new post paying extra attention to the guidelines.

    Anything else?

    If you have any questions, please contact any of the moderators.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
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  2. Tenebrous


    Volunteer Moderator Moderator

    Jul 25, 2011
    Added note about "DO provide contact details, OR allow people to contact you via PM"

    UPDATE: [edit by zombiegorilla]
    In addition to the all of the above, a couple of additional guidelines:
    • Don't split the requests into multiple posts. If you are looking for an animator and artist, for example, include both in your post.
    • As per the forum guidelines, multiple posts are not allowed. However, in this thread we do allow re-posts after a reasonable amount of time. If your last post is at least 30 days old, you may post a new request for approval. As noted above, duplicate posts will be deleted that don't conform to this.
    Additionally, if you aren't getting responses, bear in mind this a community site. This sub-forum is intended to help bring community members together to collaborate on projects. Being an active member and participant of these forums will increase your chances of finding quality interested members. This is not intended as simply a public source of free labor, please don't treat as such. It is a community resource.

    If you are desperately in "need" of team members or work on your project, consider posting in the Jobs Offer section and offering compensation:
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2016
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