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Master List of Positions I Need To Fill - Programming and Modeling

Discussion in 'Commercial Work' started by ElectricCrow, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. ElectricCrow


    Sep 9, 2012
    As we get nearer to the close of the Greed Monger KickStarter Campaign I'm looking to establish a full time team to handle the various elements of the games development.

    I hate to sound this way, but I'm looking for serious developers who are skilled in their craft and can get the job done in a timely fashion without breaking the budget. I'm just just looking for people to get the game done, I'm looking for people I can trust and rely on for lots of future content updates as the game progresses after launch. I know many of you are honest developers, but there are also many scam artists and dishonest people in any business, including game development.

    So, here are things you should know:

    #1. I wont pay you by the hour while waiting days or weeks for minor updates as you bill me whatever you like. Simply wont happen.
    You and I will discuss the details of what each project entails and based on your experience, I'd expect you to be able to give me a realistic quote on cost and time to complete. The sooner and cheaper you can get it done RIGHT, the more work you will get long term.

    #2. If you are new without much experience, chances are I wont be able to pay you to learn on the job. If you are looking to be a part of Greed Monger and have a limited portfolio demonstrating your ability to achieve what I need, then I may give you the opportunity to contribute to the full time team with the chance of earning a paid opportunity later once you have proven yourself.

    #3. If I hire you, you will be paid upon completion of milestones. I have a limited budget and simply wont be able to afford to pay you to get a part of the way through only for an "emergency" to come up leading to you leaving the project. This is an independent effort, not a corporate effort with millions in the budget I can afford to write off a percentage of for situations like this.

    #4. I'm looking for passionate people who see the long term benefits of being a part of Greed Monger, not people looking to nickel and dime every decision or effort made. If you do your job well, Greed Monger will do well and you will receive bonuses and such when appropriate. I want people who want to be a part of something that will accelerate their career with their work being something they will be proud of and ultimately help them move up in the world of Game Development. If Greed Monger does well, as will you. If you have been stuck trying to sell your skills at a high dollar amount with only sporadic work, then this may be the opportunity for you for long term work, provided you can do what you say, do it well and work with us on pay expectations.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    Crafting System Programmer

    Skills System Programmer

    3D Modeler - Crafting Resources and Finished Items

    GUI Implementation - UI with full PSD's will be made available to you. You will need to create some new screens out of the PSD's provided and implement them all into the game.

    3D Housing Programer/Modeler - Position Filled

    World Designer - You will take the assets we have ready and create the regions making up the game world, placing monster encampments, putting together castles, and other buildings we will be launching with.

    If you are interested in knowing more about these positions and discussing the possibilities of you joining the team, I need you to do the following so that I do not lose you in the mix.

    Send me an email with the subject line letting me know what you are inquiring about, your rate and your location, ie.
    Crafting System Programmer - 5 yrs Exp - Denver, Co.

    In the email, include links to your portfolio, a description of what you can offer this team and let me know how long it took you and the cost associated with completing some of the things found in your portfolio.

    Make sure you leave your Skype name (if you dont have one, please get one).

    Thank you.
  2. ElectricCrow


    Sep 9, 2012
    You can email me at jason at greedmonger dot com
  3. Roninfang


    May 15, 2012
    sent you pm/email