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3D Artist Looking for work

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by LanceUppercut, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. LanceUppercut


    Dec 10, 2012
    I have found a project, thanks everyone for the interest.

    Hey everyone what's crackin? I have over the last couple of months gotten back into 3D and would be keen to get stuck into making some Unity games. I am new to unity but I have been smashing through tutorials to get up to speed.

    I am wanting to work on RPG's or Adventure games but I am open to anything as long as it isn't a modern warfare clone.

    If anyone is interested in working together drop me an email: threeheadedfilms AT Gmail DOT com

    I have added some pictures below.

    This is a WIP, I plan to eventually recreate all of Tarrant from Arcanum this is the very beginnings of it.

    These are for a Hungry Hippo Movie I am making atm.


    These were for a Trap Door Reboot that unfortunately fell through.





    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012