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Unity3D Arc'encrad Online

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Asmina, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Asmina


    Jul 22, 2013
    Hi, im tyler with AsminaGames, and we need people to help us with our game (Well MY game) Arc'encrad Online, based off of Sword Art Online!

    In Sao, your player will be the key factor in the economy! Meaning your player is able to Take on the jobs as an NPC, becoming a merchant, blacksmith, and everything inbetween!

    The game will feature full voice chat, making tradeing between players, going into dungeons, and "Spamming in the free market" alot more.. um.. whats the word.. oh yeah! Lively. Of course, you'll be able to filter out other voices, with the "Voice Channel" tool.

    Like in the anime, players in sao will have green crystals above there head, showing what kind of player they are. Red = Murderer. Orange = Wanted. Green = Safe

    Death in the game means death in real life. Just kidding :3. Death in the game means that player is unable to be used for 2 days. Unless a party member has a resurrection stone, and revives you back to full health. Beware that these stones are very rare, and very hard to come by.

    If your player gets caught in a crime, he or she will go to jail, and depending on what they did, cannot be used for however many days. (Max days is 5). Although a fellow player can bail you out of jail. :3 Let's see who's really your friend.

    Guilds in SAO actually MEAN something. If your guild is a high ranking guild, they will gain access or "Rights" to certain items and areas of the game. Players will respect your guild, and wish to party up with it, or maybe give you items so you stay alive.

    The arena in the game, is a place to relax, watching gladiators (SAO Players) fight for their life.

    Players are able to "PK" Or player kill outside the safe zone. *Note, you get more exp by killing players than you do monsters. But will you risk dieing yourself, and having people see you as a murderer?*

    The game will have 100 floors to complete. Of course, the game will most likely be released with 20 floors or less, than continuous updates, adding more floors.

    Once the player has completed all 100 floors, they gain a FREE character slot.

    There will be no item mall in the game, as these create unfair advantages to those who cant afford to dish out 60$$ on a pc game. Instead there will be a "quick Revive or a Quick Out-Of-Jail" allow you to spend 5$ To revive your character, and avoid waiting the 2 days.

    There will be no Quest log in the game. Every NPC you meet, and every SAO player you meet, can possibly have a quest they want you to do.

    During character customization, you are asked 25 questions. Your answers based on these questions determine what your starting skill levels will be.

    Players with a guild are able to participate in "Guild Wars" a friendly dual in the arena with 2 rival guilds. These can only happen weekly, and can be expensive to get a seat.

    Im currently looking for..

    Concept Artist
    3d Modelers(For monsters)
    3d Modelers(For People)
    3d Modeler(For Objects)
    Sound Composers
    Character Designers
    Environement Designers
    NETWORK SCRIPTERS This game is a MMO, so we are going to need people to help with the networking. We are going to be using RakNet.

    Please email AsminaGames@gmail.com if you wish to help. Please go to this thread for more info on the game. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/191806-Unity3D-Sword-Art-Online-Project