Mecanim and Animation Event

Discussion in 'Developer Preview' started by alvinsay, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Our game currently uses legacy animation system. We are considering to port our animation code to Mecanim. However, we can not find the alternative for legacy animation event.

    We use animation event to emit special effects like lightening or burst effect. By utilizing animation event, designer can easily specify the timing of emitting different kinds of effects by dragging the prefab of the effect and dropping it to the animation event editing dialog. We know we can use custom curves of Mecanim, but specifying different curves for hundreds of special effects seems not a good replacement of animation events.

    Any idea about replacing animation event for Mecanim?
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    Yes we have many ideas, but in 4.0 there wont be a clear alternative. We will add these at a later release. There are various ways you can bypass this, for instance using curves. But it may require some extra code and logic to make it work in every situation.