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    Melbourne, Australia

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    Hi everyone, we've just released Amplify 1.5.0. This is essentially an incremental update to 1.4.2 that adds support for Unity 3.5.

    • Added full support for Unity 3.5
    • Added support for linear-space lighting
    • Improved streaming page upload performance by trading bandwidth for drawcalls

    Bugs Killed
    • Fixed broken EnumPopup boxes in Amplify/Tools
    • Fixed wrong rescale when source texture is lower than 128x128 pixels
    • Fixed FreeImage unicode issues on OSX
    • Fixed occasional hang when starting an incremental build

    To download this latest version, please refer to the usual spot: http://insidious.pt/#amplify-latest

    Please let us know of any issues you encounter with this version and we'll fix them with the highest priority.

    In the coming days we'll be releasing an unlocked version (free only for non-commercial purposes), available for evaluation until we open up shop again later in July.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    HI DIOGO !


    Sory to ask this ... But i'm a complete Noob in unity / and expecialy in shader language codings ...
    But i have here with me one amazing idea ! ...

    "SPLAT MAP SHADER" With amplify Support for terrains ...

    You see Red Green and Blue and Alpha Chanels Were we could feed 4 Amplify Textures for the colors and 1 Amplify Mega texture for the Red Green and blue and alpha ...

    Man is that possible ?

    Can you please suply us in the Amplify Pakage / or here a Example Shader Code With that working !?

    What i was thinking of that Amplify powered shader is something like this :

    Mixer map [rgba] Splat Map

    Individual maps
    - r: mix colour 1 Map
    - g: mix colour 2 Map
    - b: mix colour 3 Map
    - a: mix colour 4 Map

    [rgb] Base color Extra Overlay Map

    Reflection map
    Specular Map
    Normal bump Map

    And all those feeded by Amplify ?
    The 4 Rgb Aplified Mix would be seamless textures all this To cover like a reaaly reaaly big terrain ...
    That would be reaaly amazing !!


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    pS: Anyway a secound thing ...

    - How easy would be to Integrate Amplify with Strumpy Shader Editor ?
    - - Would be possible somehow to Make a Shader with Strumpy SHader Editor ? Then load the textures and they be amplified ?
    - - Or would hav eto be the Strumpy developer to supply a Amplify Node In the shader editor ?

    Anyway sory to be so spooky with crazy ideas ...
    This is just a Noob talking And wishing here ...
    I probably dont know half the trouble such would give .


    Anyway !


    Greetings from Coimbra Portugal ^^ Aqui mesmo ao lado ! Abraços man.



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    SOULSSAGA, ora viva camarada! Hehe

    I haven't tried terrain support with Unity 3.5 yet, but last time I tried it was very hard if not impossible. Their terrain implementation was just not flexible enough to pull this off. I might give it another try soon-ish.

    Now, regarding SSE support I would have to research a bit more. One does not simply add a node. The shaders have to be patched at a more fundamental level. Might be doable, however. I've added this to the backlog.

    Obrigado pelo feedback!
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    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Just a heads up: I was looking into a tiling issue reported by a user when I noticed that there's another issue in sRGB support. Don't be surprised if you're getting funny/wrong colors on your diffuse textures. I'm looking into it at the moment.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    New Hampshire
    Cool, but too bad it's only for Unity Pro.

    Your demo video looks amazing, congratulations. An amazing product.

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    SevenBits, cheers! Unfortunately we need a few Pro features to make this thing work :\
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Just one small question, what about fat32 limitation?

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    l0cke, it's in the backlog but not highest priority. Due to variable bit-rate VT compression you would need over 40 to 60 GB of raw textures to go over the limit of 4 GB. However, I can bump it up the priority list on customer request.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Hi all, just uploaded Amplify 1.5.1. This is the unlocked version I promised. Also features material tiling/offset and proper support of both linear and gamma lighting modes.

    • Unlocked all versions. Only free for non-commercial purposes, otherwise regular licensing applies.
    • Changed default compression quality to 85
    • Added support for material tiling/offset

    Bugs Killed
    • Fixed clamp texture wrap mode
    • Fixed tools converting placeholder material
    • Fixed deploy optimized
    • Fixed support for linear lighting
    • Fixed sRGB conversions

    Known Issues
    • Tiling issues on a 2011 iMac running OSX. Possibly also prevalent on Windows machines sporting a Radeon 4850 GPU in OpenGL mode. We're just waiting to get the hardware so we can fix this.
    • Re-scaling large textures is running out of memory.
    • Sometimes the builder stops working. Reloading the scene should do it for now.

    To download this latest version, please refer to the usual spot: http://insidious.pt/#amplify-latest

    Please let us know of any issues you encounter with this version and we'll fix them with the highest priority.
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    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Gostaria de agradecer o apoio aos indi developers nesta ultima ediçao e o grande trabalho que tens tido !


    We are reaaly gona use this into our project ...
    Well we tried back there the full version Of amplify when it was on beta testing i guess one year ago ...

    But hey this reaaly evoluted ! And its so nice to have all features back again !


    .. hum Unity terrain sucks right ! I guess we can make terrains by hand then / With Worldmachine mudbox zbrush or 3dcoat / Just import the geometry and still use that "Amplify Mega TExture" splat map tecnique ...

    So i'm going to test your latest amazing plugin release !

    Lol we are just starting in this wanabe "rpg adventures production here" that is SoulSaga.Org / SoulsShine.org Open Project ...
    We are still Unsure if we will use Unity Or Udk For the final production ...

    I guess Unity is not so visual high but got more features in its amazing plugins as your is !
    So We will keep with Unity "Waiting" patiently for its evolution to a AAA game Engine ...

    Especially your AMPLIFY! MEGATEXTURE HAbilities/Possibilities
    ... and the interactive indirect illumination features that are coming to light in unity ..
    http://unity3d.com/ninjacamp/projects/10160 we hope in less than a year !


    Thank you so much for your extremely kind generosity and great amazing work this latest years !

    For us ... The splat maps shader technique joined with your amplify plugin Will surely make available to use Extremly detailed Megatextures In Unity ...

    "In Teory"
    - One would just paint the red green blue and black colors in a program like Mudbox or Mari ...
    - Then would be just import the Splatmap "red green blue alpha colors" in one single map as Amplify Megatexture ... to drive another amplified seamless texture ... or Substances !!
    And we could even drive entire continents of extremely detailed textured terrains with it !
    Thats our goal !

    But we still would need a Splatmap Shader to Amplify !

    Waith ! Here is a Splat map Shader !

    1. Shader "Misc/Mesh Terrain 4 Splats" {
    2. Properties {
    3.     _Control ("SplatMap (RGBA)", 2D) = "red" {}
    4.     _Splat0 ("Layer 0 (R)", 2D) = "white" {}
    5.     _Splat1 ("Layer 1 (G)", 2D) = "white" {}
    6.     _Splat2 ("Layer 2 (B)", 2D) = "white" {}
    7.     _Splat3 ("Layer 3 (A)", 2D) = "white" {}
    8.     _BaseMap ("BaseMap (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {}
    9. }
    11. // Fragment program
    12. SubShader {
    13.     Tags { "RenderType" = "Opaque" }
    14.     Pass {
    15.         Tags { "LightMode" = "Always" }
    17.         CGPROGRAM
    18.         #pragma vertex vert
    19.         #pragma fragment frag
    20.         #pragma fragmentoption ARB_precision_hint_fastest
    21.         #pragma multi_compile LIGHTMAP_ON LIGHTMAP_OFF
    23.         #include "UnityCG.cginc"
    25.         struct appdata_lightmap {
    26.             float4 vertex : POSITION;
    27.             float2 texcoord : TEXCOORD0;
    28.             float2 texcoord1 : TEXCOORD1;
    29.         };
    31.         struct v2f_vertex {
    32.             float4 pos : SV_POSITION;
    33.             float4 uv[3] : TEXCOORD0;
    34.         };
    36.         uniform sampler2D _Control;
    37.         uniform float4 _Control_ST;
    39.         #ifdef LIGHTMAP_ON
    40.         uniform float4 unity_LightmapST;
    41.         uniform sampler2D unity_Lightmap;
    42.         #endif
    44.         uniform sampler2D _Splat0,_Splat1,_Splat2,_Splat3;
    45.         uniform float4 _Splat0_ST,_Splat1_ST,_Splat2_ST,_Splat3_ST;
    47.         v2f_vertex vert (appdata_lightmap v)
    48.         {
    49.             v2f_vertex o;
    50.             o.pos = mul (UNITY_MATRIX_MVP, v.vertex);
    51.             o.uv[0].xy = TRANSFORM_TEX (v.texcoord.xy, _Control);
    52.         #ifdef LIGHTMAP_ON
    53.             o.uv[0].zw = v.texcoord1.xy * unity_LightmapST.xy + unity_LightmapST.zw;
    54.         #else
    55.             o.uv[0].zw = half2(0,0);
    56.         #endif
    57.             o.uv[1].xy = TRANSFORM_TEX (v.texcoord.xy, _Splat0);
    58.             o.uv[1].zw = TRANSFORM_TEX (v.texcoord.xy, _Splat1);
    59.             o.uv[2].xy = TRANSFORM_TEX (v.texcoord.xy, _Splat2);
    60.             o.uv[2].zw = TRANSFORM_TEX (v.texcoord.xy, _Splat3);
    62.             return o;
    63.         }
    65.         half4 frag (v2f_vertex i) : COLOR
    66.         {
    67.             half4 splat_control = tex2D(_Control, i.uv[0].xy);
    68.             half3 splat_color = splat_control.r * tex2D (_Splat0, i.uv[1].xy).rgb;
    69.             splat_color += splat_control.g * tex2D (_Splat1, i.uv[1].zw).rgb;
    70.             splat_color += splat_control.b * tex2D (_Splat2, i.uv[2].xy).rgb;
    71.             splat_color += splat_control.a * tex2D (_Splat3, i.uv[2].zw).rgb;
    72.             #ifdef LIGHTMAP_ON
    73.             splat_color *= DecodeLightmap (tex2D (unity_Lightmap, i.uv[0].zw));
    74.             #endif
    76.             return half4 (splat_color, 0.0);
    77.         }
    78.         ENDCG
    79.     }
    80. }
    82. // Fixed function
    83. SubShader {
    84.     Tags { "RenderType" = "Opaque" }
    85.     Pass {
    86.         Tags { "LightMode" = "Vertex" }
    87.         SetTexture [_BaseMap] { constantColor(0,0,0,0) combine texture, constant }
    88.     }
    89.     Pass {
    90.         Tags { "LightMode" = "VertexLM" }
    91.         SetTexture [unity_Lightmap] { combine texture }
    92.         SetTexture [_BaseMap] { constantColor(0,0,0,0) combine texture * previous, constant }
    93.     }
    94.     Pass {
    95.         Tags { "LightMode" = "VertexLMRGBM" }
    96.         SetTexture [unity_Lightmap] { combine texture * texture alpha DOUBLE }
    97.         SetTexture [_BaseMap] { constantColor(0,0,0,0) combine texture * previous DOUBLE, constant }
    98.     }
    99. }
    100. }

    How the heck do we convert this to a Amplify powered shader ? In all those texture imput nodes ?

    Can you or please someone convert to Amplify powershader that splat shader please !?

    THANK YOU !!
    Herr sory for asking ..

    Humm... Improvments ideas to the amplify platform Lets see....
    ... By the way ( Sory for the inconvenience of way too many crazy ideas ^^ )

    But buddy What about having in Amplify Site / Kinda a DOwnloadable Repository of Available Compiled Amplify Shaders ? That way the Amplify Powered compiled Shaders database would improve over time ...
    Having a database repository of all crazy amplify compiled shaders made to date would be realy greath !

    WOuld empower your product features !
    ANd you can start with the amplify 4 textures splat shader !

    Ok Nuff for today ! And ..
    HEY thanks so much for everything !


    Yo ! obrigadão por tudo man ! Forrrça ai !

    / From Coimbra City In Portugal
    Alive and kicking yo ! ^.~


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    SOULSSAGA, thanks for the feedback!

    I'm going to try using Amplify for the splat map today. Let me get back to you later with results.

    You're right about the repository. Right now all the shaders are embedded in the package. There's no reason not to have an external source. I'm going to look into SSE also.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Is the terrain material explicitly exposed in the asset database? Otherwise, this is not going to work.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Hi Diogo I have a little question. Do you have to preprocess ( combine all the texture into one ) the level to use it or it just work without it. Is your technique different from Id tech ?

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    Unity uses a built-in shader for the terrain which can be downloaded here. If you override the terrain shader it should be possible to replace it with a amplified version as described.


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    sueds, it's the same technique as Id Tech. We have to pack all the textures into a large virtual one. The main difference is that Rage, for example, uses unique UV mapping and everything is baked on there. In Amplify I tried to get it as close as regular texturing as possible, and allow re-utilization of textures by mirroring, tiling, etc.. however, it is still the same core principle. You can see this packing happening every time Amplify's incremental builder kicks in.

    xadhoom, thanks for the info. Can't make this work without an explicit material asset, though.
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    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Boston, Ma
    I also have looked into using Amplify for my terrains, but because of the lack of normal mapping and specular mapping on the terrain ( the hacked versions don't look good at all...) I may end up using a mesh based terrain...will Amplify work on this if I export a HUGE 8k texture and Unity will read it...?

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    Neptune_Imaging, on Unity for Windows, you can go up to 16K x 16K. Unity for OSX, however, starts bitching at 8K x 8K, so the max is 8K x 4K.
    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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    Hi all, just uploaded Amplify 1.5.2. Took me long enough to get access to the hardware but here it is:

    Bugs Killed
    • Fixed tile border bug on AMD Radeon HD 4000 series (OpenGL/OSX)

    To download this latest version, please refer to the usual spot: http://insidious.pt/#amplify-latest

    Please let us know of any issues you encounter with this version and we'll fix them with the highest priority.
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    Research & Development at Amplify Creations

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