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    Androids that do NOT work with Unity Android or that have limitations

    Friends, it's time to do some more crowd sourcing. (yes, I'm ripping off this thread) Some Unity developers report customer complaints because the customer tried to run a Unity game on a less-than-adequate device. The general rule of thumb for Unity is:

    1) Android 2.0
    2) ARMv7/Cortex CPU (however some ARMv6 phones came with respectable GPUs for their time and can run Unity)

    Of course, just because a device can run Unity does not mean it can run any Unity game, but that is a separate issue.

    Some Android implementations or specific hardware may not support Unity even if the device meets the recommendations listed above. The real purpose of this thread is an attempt to list apparently-capable devices that do not support Unity. We can't stop people from downloading apps that they know won't work on their device; however we can at least make them aware of potential problems so they will try the app ASAP and get their refund, and maybe they will give us a 3-star review instead of one star. Please look through the list below and add the missing devices you're sure do not work with Unity Android or only work within specific constraints.

    Do not work (reason):
    • Samsung Transform with stock 2.1 OS (hardware is capable but kernel bug causes problems)
    • Samsung Galaxy 580 (may crash on complicated scenes that other, similar devices can handle)
    • Samsung Galaxy 5 (similar to Galaxy 580)
    • HTC Wildfire (Armv6 processor, not expected to work with Unity as described above)

    Work with specific constraints (constraint):
    • Samsung Galaxy S (30 MB limit to downloadable file size, also problems with UI)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab (30 MB limit to downloadable file size)
    • HTC Desire (40 MB limit to downloadable file size)
    • Samsung Galaxy S2 (Minor but possibly annoying issue: phone may work in 16-bit mode with Unity and show color banding Edit: a workaround was added to address the GS2 graphics driver, I don't know if it was related to this problem or not)
    • HTC EVO3D (Must build with Unity 3.4)
    • HTC Sensation (Must build with Unity 3.4)

    If a device is unable to load an app because the file size is too large, the device should not see the app on the market at all; however, you can use this information to try to modify an app's file size so you can reach more users.
    Last edited by MIke ekim; 08-14-2011 at 02:04 PM. Reason: Stated that a build with Unity3.4 is needed for EVO3D and Sensation

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    Great thread idea. It's good to know which devices have issues so small scale developers (like me) know to exclude them to avoid 1 star ratings on the app store.

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    Zombieville, USA
    You can add the HTC Desire to the "works with constraints" list - similar situation to the Galaxy S, but 40mb instead. I think the Galaxy Tab also has the 30mb limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikaMobile View Post
    You can add the HTC Desire to the "works with constraints" list - similar situation to the Galaxy S, but 40mb instead. I think the Galaxy Tab also has the 30mb limit.
    I found similar reports on the web so I added those too.

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    Skövde, Sweden
    To my knowledge samsung galaxy s also has some problems with UI stuff.
    Magnus Söderberg
    CEO - Triolith Entertainment

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    Paignton, Devon, UK
    HTC Wildfire - Uses Qualcomm Processor and only runs very slowly some emulator code

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    Leeds, UK
    Completely gutted my new HTC Sensation doesn't work with Unity :'(

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    is anyone working on a fix for the sensation?

  9. Please let us know if someone is working on a fix for EVO 3D/Sensation and considering they use Qualcomm's latest technology I'm sure future HTC devices as well. Can we get some feedback?

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    So is HTC Wildfire S compatible?
    It seems to have MSM7227 600MHz (ARMv6) with Adreno 200 GPU (OpenGL ES 2.0)

    I checked it, works fine.
    Last edited by Vincent Pride; 07-11-2011 at 01:39 AM.

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    Pleasant Hill, CA USA
    I've had the freeze crash on the EVO 3D as well. I'm not sure what to do about except to lock it out. What I like about keeping a thread like this is that I can figure out which phones to lock out before I receive complaints. Thank you again for this thread and please everyone keep it up to date (like if a fix comes out and we can remove a device from the "devices that don't work list.")!

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    Galaxy S 2 SAMOLD+ 24/16 bit issue

    Had some strange colour banding on my new Galaxy S 2. App is smooth on SE Arc and HTC Desire but has noticeable colour banding on the Galaxy S 2 (tested on 2 devices to be sure). I believe it is the same issue as is explained here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QlnuoNSdXo) .
    Is there any way to force 24 bit mode for certain devices?

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    From the 3.4 release notes:

    Fixed deadlock problem on multi-core Snapdragon based devices (e.g. HTC Sensation / HTC Evo3D) where most applications would hang.

    Added workaround for crashes on Samsung GalaxyS II (ARM Mali-400) due to a bug in the graphics driver.

    Can anyone confirm Unity is working better on these devices?
    Last edited by MIke ekim; 07-28-2011 at 07:40 PM.

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    Zürich, Switzerland
    I didn't have problems on my GalaxyS II even with games that were already on the store, so I guess its a special case where it fires and kills the game.

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    How does the Galaxy Tab 10.1 perform with Unity? I'll be picking one up in a few weeks to work with Unity.


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    Ive just recieved my new samsung galaxy s2 and my enthusiasm has been dampened somewhat by the colour banding, it's making my lightmaps look atrocious, really very ugly

    As choosing to be in 24bit color on the phone is app-specific, i'd hope Unity address it quickly in some form

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    Dallas, Tx
    Anyone try to build to the LG Vortex? I know its a really low end device but curious if its supported? I can build and install but it crashes right after the unity screen comes up.

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    Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    I've been researching a chinese tablet, to find out if it was compatible with Unity. One thing I noticed, and never until now knew the answer, was about ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 nomenclatures, because Unity works on ARMv7 processors. I found out that the answer is in Wikipedia, and I believe should be clarified:


    As it turns out, ARM7 is a processor family, but based on ARMv3 or ARMv4. That's confusing, but with that table, it's easy to find out the real architecture of a given processor. So Unity will only work with Cortex-* and maybe with some ARM11 processors.

    Sorry if it's irrelevant, but that cleared up my confusion, and may be useful to someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCouto View Post
    How does the Galaxy Tab 10.1 perform with Unity? I'll be picking one up in a few weeks to work with Unity.

    As first impression it works well with Unity 3.4

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    Bologna, ITALY
    Angrybots runs very smoothly

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