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    I can confirm that Unity 3.4 did fix some Application.Quit() issues. Before it would quit out, then if you hit the app icon again it would show you a black screen then crash. Now it quits like it should, tested on Galaxy S2. I haven't had any crashes with my app on the Galaxy S2 before Unity 3.4, so I can't confirm any other issues that might have been fixed.

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    Can I suggest using a shared Google spreadsheet for crowd sourced updating? It works great like this sheet for Android marketing sites


    Just set the sharing to 'anyone with the link' and post it

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    San Diego, CA
    I have reported crashes on certain scenes in my game on the Samsung Charge
    Current Game: Zombies and Humans
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    I'm very interested in getting a HTC sensation. Can anyone confirm that Unity games (published with Unity 3.4) are now working on it?

    Edit: I see the update history for Air Attack, Samurai II and Battleheart states that EVO3D and Sensation are now supported, so some major developers have confidence.
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by salgado18 View Post
    I've been researching a chinese tablet, to find out if it was compatible with Unity. One thing I noticed, and never until now knew the answer, was about ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 nomenclatures, because Unity works on ARMv7 processors. I found out that the answer is in Wikipedia, and I believe should be clarified:


    As it turns out, ARM7 is a processor family, but based on ARMv3 or ARMv4. That's confusing, but with that table, it's easy to find out the real architecture of a given processor. So Unity will only work with Cortex-* and maybe with some ARM11 processors.

    Sorry if it's irrelevant, but that cleared up my confusion, and may be useful to someone.
    I'm glad someone else found this info highly confusing. I was trying to find out why Unity couldn't run on the HTC Wildfire when the it says the phone has ARM11 but requires ARMv7 or newer (where ARM11 sounds newer than ARMv7, but isn't...);


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    Anyone have apps working on the LG Ally?

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    Auckland, New Zealand
    I can't seem to open the phone's web browser when using an HTC Desire

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent Pride View Post
    So is HTC Wildfire S compatible?
    It seems to have MSM7227 600MHz (ARMv6) with Adreno 200 GPU (OpenGL ES 2.0)

    I checked it, works fine.
    Have you found any limitations yet? I know, very vague question, but I ask because this is make or break for me, as I just finished my trial before I got my Wildfire S. I know it works in Emulation mode on the Wildfire (we have one of those), but as far as I can see the hardware is only a minor upgrade on the Wildfire. I see conflicting reports about things like ShiVa working on Qualcomm Snapdragon but not on MSM7*, which the Snapdragon is.

    I R so confused!

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    Galaxy S II crash on start.
    Error is missing unity player seemingly.

    Please can someone give me some idea of what i need to do here as unity is looking like a non-starter so far.

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    We have ported our Unity3d Games to Samsung Galaxy S2 and they works very well but we have not used Qalcomm AR plug-in , so i don't know what is the problem.

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    Paignton, Devon, UK

    Archos 32

    Now refuses to install anything that uses Input.touchCount

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    Pacific Time Zone
    Hey bpritchard, did you ever find out about the Vortex? I am also looking to support the vortex. Right now, attempting to install a unity app on a vortex causes the phone to crash/hang.

    On the other hand unity3d works great on HTC Incredible.

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    I have a LG Vortex, works fine.

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    Belgrade, Serbia
    Hi all. I'm new to Unity Android dev. I'm about to get a Samsung Galaxy Note device. Has anyone tried Unity apps on it? Thanks!

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    Belgrade, Serbia
    I got a Samsung Galaxy Note so here's some info.

    I downloaded a dozen of games listed in http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/596...-Unity-Android (only free ones from 13th and 14th page). They all work fine.

    I bought Unity Android license last night and rebuilt a Unity game prototype I recently made for Windows (a HOG/adventure game using 2D Toolkit). It works fine on the device (except for mouse handling but that was expected).

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    HTC Wildfire

    I have unity running on my wildfire s, changed the build settings from armv7 to armv6!

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    i have tryed to set Amrv6 but is still dos not work whit HTC Wildfire

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Our recent Unity game Robot Kitten does not work on HTC Inspire. Menu and cut scene loads fine, as soon as the game starts they get a HARD LOCK and the only way to shut down the game is to remove the battery. No other buttons work to get you out of the locked game. Someone reported to us last night that his HTC Desire was also having issues. Apparently HTC's and Unity are a bad combo. :P

    Running Samsung Note and the Motorola Xoom tablet. Both run Unity in an awesome fashion - buttery smooth.

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    confirm HTC wildfire S works greate with unity .i test unity 3.5.5
    CPU Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz, ARM6 type
    GPU Adreno 200
    Memory 512 MB RAM
    it seems that all Qualcomm MSM727 phones are compatible with unity

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    Zürich, Switzerland
    MSM7227 are the latest pre-snapdragon qualcomm cpus and actually have an ARMV6 and also a VFP unit present, which is the minimum requirement for Unity to run on it

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