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Thread: Physics issues

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    Physics issues

    On a side project I have been working on, I have recently been getting on a fairly regular basis some issues with the primary physics object getting stuck inside of other objects. Now I have read in quite a few different postings of increasing the fixed timestep, which I have done, but I seem to still have problems with objects getting stuck inside of each other; shown in example with the image below.

    Through searching the forums, though I may have over looked something, I have yet to find any real and proven solution to the issue. I have tried adding forces in opposite to where the object is getting stuck, but it results with the object being snapped and thrown from the position, even with minimal forces applied over time.

    I have also taken a look at the article in the Wiki of DontGoThroughThings, and this has seemingly done nothing more to the scene then make the primary physics object behave for erratic, stuttering, and unpredictable.

    So if anyone has had this issue before and reached a resolution, or knows of a few good write-ups worth reading, etc. I would greatly appreciate some insight on the matter, thanks in advance!
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    Set the minmum penetration before penalty value to 0
    Set iterations to 100
    Use a really low fixed time step as you've mentioned

    Then tweak these values till you get the desired physics behaviour and acceptable performance

    Message me for rates and availability.
    Mechabit Ltd

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    Thank you for pointing out that post, I guess I over looked that post when perusing the thread. I will have to make those changes tomorrow when I am back at my work machine. Thanks again!

    Spinaljack, I will play around with these values a bit more as well to see if I can get the desired results. Thank you as well.

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