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    Quote Originally Posted by uScript View Post
    There is no run-time binary file, no 3rd party module your game must include, no worries if other people using your Unity project have the same packages installed. uScript simply creates C# game scripts which you include and use as any other game script created by hand.
    • Since it simply outputs C# code: Any platform Unity supports, uScript supports!
    YES! YES! YES! This is what I wanted which further removes overhead when compiling to iOS while making it easier to prototype in blocks and having the choice to dive in to the nitty gritty code.

    I can't wait for your nested blocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorgarad View Post
    I mean the assignment of the graph to the GameObject and instantiate it.
    I can't say exactly, but from the looks of the video, yes.

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    How much is this gonna cost?

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    this is fantastic! keep the updates coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyBozzy View Post
    I can't say exactly, but from the looks of the video, yes.
    I have not seen this.

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    This is great! That it can help me learn to code better is a huge plus aswell! Uscript makes me dream of new projects again. Sign me up for a copy.
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    Canandaigua, NY
    I AM IN! Do update us with your thoughts on cost please.


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    Santa Monica, Ca.
    can't stop drooling ...

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    Just keeps getting better! There should be a very long line of people wanting to buy this!!

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    Huntsville, AL, USA
    This is going to be amazing!

    I see UT plotting a corporate takeover... :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by uScript View Post
    • No black box - Any technical person on your team can figure out exactly what uScript is doing at any time.
    • You can modify the generated script - We aren't perfect, we're striving every day to deliver outstanding results, but if you're close to shipping and you think uScript is the source of a bug, you can tweak the code it outputs - or send it to us and we can take a look at it.
    • Opening the 'black box' allows us to better receive feedback from the Unity community - If you think you have better code than the code uScript generates - tell us! We want to continually optimize uScript and ensure it runs as fast as possible across all platforms.
    • A learning tool - you can visually create scripts and then go take a look at the resulting C# script uScript has made to see how things work "under the hood" in C#.
    • Not everyone on your team needs uScript - Once the scripts are generated they can work regardless of whether someone has uScript installed or not.
    • Exporting to other tools which accept c# (like playMaker) is very easy to support!
    • Since it simply outputs C# code: Any platform Unity supports, uScript supports!
    These are really too good to be true. Keep up the great work!

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    Great Idea, I hope unity picks up on your idea and pulls it into 3.5!

    A visual scripting tool is exactly what i need (being an Artist and not a Coder). Kudos on the work, and i hope all the bugs get worked out. I am definitely signing up for the beta and will try to break your script.. keep it up!

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    any news regarding the open beta date?

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    Cool. This way i can use uscript to make complex logic and also i can see how to edit it. This is indeed awesome. Can't wait for the beta and roughly how much will this cost anyways?

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    Awesome, I will be on this like a fat kid on a cupcake!

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    Sydney, Australia
    Colour me pumped

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    this get better and better hehe, the last feature of getting the output as code is worth the buy, coder pov

    cool can't wait to get my hand dirty on this

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    South-East Asia
    Quote Originally Posted by uScript View Post
    Our goal is to make it the easiest tool available in its class. However, you will need to decide that for yourself once you get your hands on the open beta.
    Being the easiest tool, complex with scripting components. Thats would be good to hear. I just worried when i want to do something with it, some needed components is missing. I planned my project to be completely non-programming. hee~
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    Montréal Quebec
    Now you got my attention sir.
    I really like to see whats going under the hood, specially when there's a bunch of nodes and links. I was asking my self if i could see the stuff behind and compare with the way i proceed and code.
    Not only this tool can empower my guys, but also i can see what they are doing the way i like, swimming deeply into the pool of code.
    Awesome job, keep the greatness.
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