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    Chicago, IL

    Unity3D meet Facebook!

    Thanks to the help of David H., MatthewFBS and ShawnFBS at Flashbang Studios, and Yoggy I was able to make a Facebook app that integrate Unity3D into Facebook. Here are my results, a screenshot of the webpage...

    The facebook Application is called is called Unity3D! We can grow this app and have a lot of Unity3D demos up on the site.

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    Madison, Wisconsin, USA
    Very cool! I was wondering, does Facebook have to authorize apps? Also, can you provide more details on the process of building a Unity3D Facebook app? In any case, great job!

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    Thats really cool, I didn't know it would be that easy. I've added it to my profile but so far it just seems to have the example of the webplayer on the application homepage and no other function.

    How hard would it be to make it like a real application that posts stuff to your mini feed, puts a box in your profile and all that fun stuff ? It would be cool to have people add web players or links to web players to their profile as it could increase webplayer penetration.

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    Capitol City New Zealand
    Nice one! Being able to load up content for free is definately going to appeal to a lot of hobbyists and pro's, I look forward to seeing development here...


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    Chicago, IL
    This tutorial helped out a lot.. http://developers.facebook.com/step_by_step.php

    Then I just used the <fb:iframe> tag to embed the player with the smartsize parameter set to true.

    Yoggy, as far as I know I dont think you can embed an iframe in your profile. I could be totally wrong tho. You can embed anything flash tho but you use <fb:swf> for that.

    Maybe Unity can work with the guys at facebook to get their apps to load peoples feed/profile.

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    Chicago, IL
    Also, I haven't hit the submit button to facebook yet. I guess when they accept the application people can do more with it. I embed the tropical demo from unity's webpage (unity I hope this is ok for now). Do you happen to have a link that is just to your demo, the html file that the web player spits out?

    You can view the application by going to http://apps.facebook.com/unitythreedee/

    Here are the results...

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    Application.ExternalCall() and Facebook

    This looks really good. Nice job.

    A question for you, since I am stuck on my Unity/Facebook project. Can you use the Unity Web Players Application.ExternalCall() function to call javascript in a Facebook iFrame application? It doesn't want to work in Internet Explorer for me but will in Firefox. Just wondered if you (or anyone) had a need to try this yet in your app.


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    NYC - Hoboken -
    Very Cool!

    I've already had requests to make CuttleCandy a FB app.
    from my testers.


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    Land of wine & cheese
    Hmm... would love to see this but the screenshots are not appearing here
    ByDesign Games
    Fresh Fun Games

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    London, UK
    So - I bumped into this by accident... The .app on Facebook is a framework to show Unity3D content on facebook?

    I am a little confused. Party because none of the images are showing up hereon the Unity Forum.

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    Capitol City New Zealand
    Just wondering what the status was on this wee gem?
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    yeah.. that's what i just got too...

    this sounds interesting though... will be checking back...


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    It'll only become visible once it's been accepted by facebook - unless you want to put us all on the developers list

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    Chicago, IL
    I made that a while ago, I know its broken now... It basically was a link to the Tropical Island scene, I think its broken because facebook is newer or something :P

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    Northern VA, USA
    did anyone get this working again?

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    Cmune HQ
    We've had our app in FaceBook for a while now. It's working fine.
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    Capitol City New Zealand
    @ Shaun, I loved the earlier beta where that square concrete structure kept instantiating and going flying around the place, was quite funny...

    Any chance you could share how you got this online on FB? Theres probably a bit of web type code that is beyond some of us..

    Good job


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    Any help/tutorial about this?


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    I have been looking to do the same thing. The trouble being integrating stats of players and scores etc with facebook itself to make it go viral. How does unity communicate with facebook?

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Funny you should resurrect this facebook thread...

    Currently, we at dimeRocker are building a robust platform that will enable Unity devs to deploy and profit from their games across the social web - beginning with Facebook.

    www.dimeRocker.com will host a standardized dRock API offeriung Microtransactions, Analytics, Social Leaderboards, etc. that will allow devs - like yourself - to enrich your game content, upload it to dimeRocker.com, and then unleash it across popular social networks, while tracking/maintaining your game(s) from one central location.

    We are expecting to have a dRock platform prototype by the end of the month.

    As you may have read in another thread, we are also currently looking for Unity games that have a microtransaction strategy in place, or could have one in place within a short window of time. We plan to begin testing in the next couple of weeks.

    Far from a portal, dimeRocker is a social game hive where Unity developers can manage their game across the net from one centralized platform. By integrating the dRock API into a game, it won't matter where the game is played, all revenue and user data flows back to dimeRocker.

    Instead of developers rebuilding the same hooks over and over to connect individual games to Facebook, we provide standardized tools to eliminate this constant reinventing of the wheel. Our thinking is simple: you concentrate on building the best games possible, we'll concentrate on building great tools to help monetize them and build audiences.

    As some of you may have noticed, over the past few months we have been setting up a bunch of free developer initiatives including:

    dRock hosted servers: a Unity MasterServer, NAT Facilitator and Connection Tester conveniently located in North America. http://bit.ly/B9LYu

    We recently brought Tom Higgins up to Vancouver to host our Unity TGIF and Workshop where we launched www.UnityUsersGroup.com Check out his blog post: http://bit.ly/18gnLq

    The UUG is designed to compliment this Unity forum, and provide a place for Unity devs to coordinate with other devs in their area.

    It is live now, but is still a work in progress, and we invite your input. We encourage you all to sign up and begin building your local chapter -- we're looking for UUG Pit Bosses to motivate and moderate your city.

    Any devs interested in learning more about dimeRocker, please sign-up so we can keep you posted:

    Feel free to contact me directly as well with any questions, ideas, or games.

    dRock VP of Content
    j.joly AT overinteractive.com
    dimeRocker.com For game developers to unleash their games onto the social web.
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