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    Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    Visual Studio Debugging

    How many people would like to see Visual Studio support for debugging Unity (identical to the MonoDevelop implementation).
    Matthew Davey - Game Developer @ dotBunny

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    Zürich, Switzerland
    all would likely like it but you can't cause MS.NET does not debug mono.
    you would need the mono plugin for VS to even approach it, which costs money to buy while mono develop does it for free. Also from what mention in 2010, it seems like monodevelop as time passes by, will become the new standard editor for unity development

    at the time debugging even with the mono plugins for VS doesn't work at least not in a form that makes any sense at all
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    Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
    The long and the short of it ... this is more of an informational post to anyone that cares

    When you launch Unity from MonoDevelop it sends along a few arguments which tell Unity to pipe the internal Mono debug information to a socket where there is a service (built into MonoDevelop) listening for the info.

    This part is quite easy to replicate and I was able to have Unity sending data to Visual Studio in that capacity rather quickly (spent an evening). The issue is having the debugger in VS show that information, and thats where VS's extendible Debug Engine and Evaluation Engine come into play.

    The process would involve crafting a layer between the two which would convert Mono's information into readable information by VS. Sounds fun?

    Well the reality is Mono Tools for VS is basically doing that (more or less), it launches apps and send similar arguments along. It would be entirely feasible to extend Mono Tools to support Unity. That would save the time of creating the DE/EE, but then that starts the financial debate. It's 99$ for the base line Mono Tools ...

    Anyways, entirely possible, and proof of concepts worked quite well.

    It's been suggested though that I return to my roots of working on MD addins/features to make up for the features in VS that I really like.
    I probably will do that. I just wanted to see if there was enough demand for something like this.
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    Matthew Davey - Game Developer @ dotBunny

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    I have MonoTools installed, and am very interested in how you got the information to forward to Visual Studio. Thanks for any help

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    Dallas, Tx
    I'd pay a nice amount to be able to have visual studio debugging with good performance. Visual studio is just an awesome product, and with Resharper I just have a hard time using anything else.

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    Agreed. After using various IDEs and debuggers over the last 15+ years (CodeWarrior for GC/Wii, ProDG for PS2/PS3, VS from 5+, MonoDevelop, gdb, Turbo Pascal from 3+, Borland C++ 4+, Turbo Debugger, etc etc etc) , I've found Visual Studio to be one of the best out there. I would definitely pay to get VS integrated with Unity. Imho MonoDevelop is clunky and doesn't feel like a professional tool.

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    san francisco, ca
    hell yeah i want this!!

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    I would love to see this available!

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    Would definitely pay good money to be able to debug in VS

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    same here, I will pay to get rid of monodevelop!

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    The Hague, the Netherlands
    Shut up and take my money !
    (when you're finished)
    Lysdexia for cure found!

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    i have used in Vb .net but now i will def try it in .net

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    I'm tooting my own horn here, but we've just announced UnityVS, a plugin bridging Unity and Visual Studio, which includes debugging of scripts inside VS. I encourage you to sign-up to the beta if you want to try it out!

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    Sexy, this looks quite promising too!

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    Yes, it's nice. But I think Mono Develop is best choose of all time, because VS is windows' IDE and Mono Develop is an cross-platform IDE.

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    Yes, it's so useful!!! I am waiting for it online.

    Yes, it's so useful!!! I am waiting for it online.

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    I'd absolutely love to see it.

    It is amusing how I can't live without the ability to debug in any regular C++ or C# project I do, but when it comes to C# scripting in Unity... well, in that context my mind has entirely forgotten about debugging the regular way. It just seems that I'd rather debug with prints and workarounds than actually switch momentarily to monodevelop.

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