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    Lightning/electricity Particle Effect

    For many months now ive come across a time where i need a lightning electricity particle effect for my many projects. Ive spent some time searching for a package or an asset, and even attempted making my own.
    Im aware there is the unity demo ..

    But i need something different, more realistic but with that fantasy feel to it. something along the lines of this.

    iv seen no success with anyone at making something similar.
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    This is the best effect I have made:

    "Go outside, the graphics are amazing!"

    Check out these FX packs on the Asset Store!
    Fire Pack
    Explosion Pack
    Water Pack
    Weather Pack
    Northern Lights

    Any reviews/ratings would be appreciated. It help me out a lot!

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    Wow... no lightning in the asset store?


    Maybe I will have to hire someone to make this for me...or perhaps I'll attempt to do it myself. Oi!

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    Co Donegal, Ireland
    Look in the support/resources/example projects/procedural examples and the unity website. There is a lightning/plasma effect in there. You can tweak etc.


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    ElectroShock might be able to get close.

    It's a little bit different system than what your screenie shows but might be able to pull off something similar. I'll play around with some textures to see if I can get close. I'm not quite ready to release the weapon example though. That might be another week or so...

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    @3dDude: Looks good! I'd like to see this in action. Upload a web demo please!
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    @Benopaluz - I took a look and textures aren't enough to get you there through ES yet. Not very easy anyway. I'll let you know when I have the weapons version ready.

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