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    WA usa

    Free Unity package - 100+ Medevil RPG 3d Models, with Diffuse Normals and Light Maps

    100 Plus Free Game Ready Assets
    Easy to use Unity Package
    Royalty Free
    Real world scale
    Correct Pivots and Xforms
    All models include Diffuse and Normal preset, Ambient Occlusion maps available separately
    Low-Medium poly construction perfect for most games


    Due to some problems here at home i will most likely be unable to finish this project, so my loss is your gain, this pack is a collection of the static mesh objects i created for that project. As most of them are generic objects they will probably serve the Unity community needs rather well. Anyways do what you want with them, just please don't try to sell them as your own modified or not, its just so rude lol. But feel free to sell the games there in and so on.

    If you use these in your game and you think they look good please post a screen shot here, would love to see what there used for by you guys!

    !Package Download!

    Rpg Elements pack - 100mg - http://www.mediafire.com/file/85urpw...e.unitypackage
    AO maps - 20mg - http://www.mediafire.com/file/gx7bo8...e.unitypackage

    Hope you like um, Enjoy!
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    Too bad you're giving up. Hope things sort out at home. Thx for the package, looks just great.

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    Arizona, US
    Not sure if or when i will use these assets. But they look amazing. And more than anything, thanks for your contribution to the community of Unity ( heh it rhymes).

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    Pensacola, Florida
    That really is a nice package, and I am sure many people will find it very useful. Judging by the quality of your work, it is a shame you will not be finishing this project. Hope everything clears up for you, at home.

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    Great models, Maybe it is an idea to put this in the asset store ?

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    WA usa
    thxs gents, if i ever get around to finishing this, ill probably use this version as a demo piece, but i learned a lot about unity and its compatibility with max and a whole bunch of crap so it served its purpose for me, now it can serve a purpose for you guys as well.
    As for the asset store, this pack is good but i don't know if its asset store good mate, appreciate the thought though.

    Thx Chaotic Heart, Celinscak i appreciate it mate.

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    Very nice work. Thank you!

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    Munich, Germany
    Wow, great offer! Thanks for sharing
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    Driving Reckless on iOS/Android: http://drivingreckless.vidiludi.com
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    Thank you!!! It's awesome!

    Unity 3D Italia

    Oяіgіиαℓ ® KillerZ™
    Copyright 2010

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    thankx alot man.

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    Chicagoland, USA
    Its fantastic of you to share these, thank you so very much!

    The right answer is usually the one that gets the job Done!

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    thank you Thank you Thank you And One more time Thank you Great models Thanks for sharing you work out for Free

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    Thanks, Will help me a lot!

    Hope everything at home goes okay.
    "I was thinking about makeing the sky violat, looks more fantasy."
    - s0dy

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    Thank you, you're too kind.

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    WA usa
    thanks for all your kind words, but when am i gonna see some SS lolz

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    The Wasteland
    Very very nice and generous of you to share. You did an excellent job on those models.

    I hope you can continue with your dreams of completing your game when things settle down at home. I wish you the best MrSmive and hope things turn out well for you and your family.

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    WA usa
    thanks mate, if anyone was wondering up to 118 dl of this in less than 24 hours so that's pretty dang nice.

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    I'm new to the site for about a month now and happened upon your original thread and was very impressed with your work. I then discovered this post today and I am taken back by your generous sense of community and hard work for all the people here. I'm currently working on a space themed title, but I'm sure this will come in handy in time. Thank you very much for the amazing gift and I hope you get things sorted out soon and some goodies in the Asset Store in the future, as well!

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    WA usa
    hehe thanks mate, stick around long enough youl find there's a pretty dang good community here for help and free stuff.

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    Brits, South Africa
    Thanks very much. I have been waiting for this kit of yours since I first saw that chest model. Sure as heck beats the daylights out of mine :P

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