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    How to create caves?

    Hello!I'm wondering how can i create a cave inside the unity terrain....I use 3ds max 2011 as modeling software,but i wanna create the terrain in unity.So,as i do that,i noticed that if i want to have like a little space inside,i can't create it
    I can create the whole cave in 3ds max,but then how can i make at least the opening trough the unity terrain?Somehow i gotta chop some polygons from it / find a way to digg horrizontally,which i don't think it's possible because it uses height map

    Sorry for my english.

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    download car tutorial and there you will see tunel that is done in 3d program so they only way to do cave is in 3d modeling program just export your terrain to 3dsmax and make cave in 3ds max

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    Voxel Based Terrain

    Mabey you could try getting some sort of voxel based terrain working, Ive seen people do it before in unity 3D

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