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    New Zealand
    Good point.. Using playmaker as a state machine to run scripts/vizio graphs, could be a very fast and powerful solution.

    Hopefully this becomes a possibility as the packages matures.
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    You should be able to do it now using ScriptControl actions. You could use AddScript or EnableBehaviour to turn scripts off and on in different states.

    Assuming vizio graphs are scripts attached to game objects...?

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    can us beta testers have a free copy of the final thing?

    This is a awesome tool, and I dont think I would be able to afford it

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    New Zealand
    Quote Originally Posted by alexchouls View Post
    You should be able to do it now using ScriptControl actions. You could use AddScript or EnableBehaviour to turn scripts off and on in different states.

    Assuming vizio graphs are scripts attached to game objects...?
    Its not a script as such. You attach the VizioComponent to the GameObject, and build the graphs within this. So as such AddScript dosent work. EnableBehaviour should, although this would mean a seperate Graph per Behaviour you wanted.

    Dug a little deeper, and could also use SendMessage to cause a Graph to act. Would just have to build a RecieveMessage Graph.

    God Damm now you have got me thinking..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexchouls View Post
    Thanks for the feedback!

    We plan to support Lists/Arrays in Actions in a future release. Also more data types!

    You can make your own Action Categories; the enum is for convenience, but you can use a string instead. We're still finalizing the categories - GameLogic is a good one - we'll add it to the enum.

    I'll look into the PlayAnimation finish event. You might be running into the issue described under finish event in the docs: here I'll take another look at the action though, would be better if it "just worked" without extra documentation...

    Not sure what you mean by Modifier framework...? Can you be more specific?
    About PlayAnimation suggestion:
    you can use AnimationClip as parameter, i think use AnimationClip replace animation name better. How other people think?

    About Modifiers Architecture:
    In Havok behavior and other HFSM tools,behavior also is StateNode, you can attach Other Behavior Ref to current Behaivor.
    State can attach Some Modifier, Modifier can be a action or condition. a Modifier can has child Modifier。
    we need a state action can delay 3s create some object.
    in playerMaker you have to use action [SendEvent(NextState, 3s)], and in next state add a [CreateObject] action. we have to create 2 state or create more [DelayedCreateObject] type action. (DelayedFireBullet, DelayedMoveCharacter etc)
    use Modifiers Architecture you can use DelayedModifier(has child)+CreateObject to delayed create object. you can create more behavior tree liked Modifier(Sequence, Parallel, Priority, Selector etc).
    you can ref to this link: http://www.havok.com/index.php?page=havok-behavior

    i have use playMaker refactor our action game to fsm driven. but have some problem cause Inconvenience.
    like Hierarchical support, State can't use Condition etc.

    Another usage question:
    Whether playmaker expose data to designer by variable editor? (HP, MP, Power etc) or programmer create Component include this data, playmaker fsm acess this data from Component, and designer use Component Inspeactor edit this properties?

    playmaker is powerful tool for unity!! I hope it can have better development。

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    These are data file for my old fsm engine wirte by cpp. it use modifier liked Architecture.
    [KeyWaiter] can Attach to [DelayedModifier], [DelayedModifier] can attach to [SequenceNodeModifier]. [SequenceNodeModifier] is child of StateNode.
    ================================================== =================
    Attached Images  
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    @mikesgames - Maybe we can work something out... I'll send you a PM.

    @psyclone - Sounds promising. Let me know what you come up with!

    @Jiong - Wow! A lot to think about! Thanks for the explanation.

    With animation actions I wanted to be able to pick from animations on the game object, but the game object isn't always known at edit time (since it can be a variable). My solution was a browse button that finds animations on the game object if known, and text field if not known. Using a name also allows some generic behavior - e.g., If the game object variable specifies the currently selected weapon, then PlayAnimation("reload") would reload any weapon, each playing its own unique animation. With an AnimationClip parameter you lose this generic behaviour...

    Maybe I'll add another Action: PlayAnimationClip that uses an AnimationClip parameter and adds the clip to the game object if necessary. Also an AddAnimationClip action that lets you add and name a clip (to take advantage of the generic behavior of PlayAnimation).

    Hmmm modifiers.... it would be nice... let me think about how to do this in Playmaker. Maybe Actions that contain other actions as parameters, so you can nest actions inside a conditional, sequence etc. I do also want to support hierarchical FSMs. But these features might have to wait till a future release...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesgames View Post
    can us beta testers have a free copy of the final thing?

    This is a awesome tool, and I dont think I would be able to afford it
    Guys, i may not reply a lot on the forum but i do read a lot of thread and too often, i see people asking free version of everything. i think i can speak in the name of everyone here that if we could be able to live of our passion, game making we all would! but no one pay bills with thx and free stuff.. freebies are great and i am the first to enjoy free tools but everyone work hard here on their softs/tools and this is OUR duty, indy dev to support each others by buying these shaders,tools,models etc (if they worth it obviously). I am sure if you develop something, you will love to get buyers as same as for everyone else.. i will enjoy as much as i can this thing as a beta and if i can, be sure i will buy it. and i encourage poeple to do same! donations are great a little 10-20bucks is not that much to support the community.. skip your 6pack of beer on one friday and buy a shader anyway, you see the point
    great work and keep goin! this is great that you shared the beta to everyone

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    The Wasteland
    Quote Originally Posted by mah View Post
    Guys, i may ....i encourage poeple to do same! donations are great a little 10-20bucks is not that much to support the community.. skip your 6pack of beer on one friday and buy a shader anyway, you see the point
    Well posted, mah. By purchasing these tools, we only encourage them to make more tools and improve the ones that are out there.

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    Bay Area
    I would pay for this, gladly. I love to support my fellow indie devs, it's a privilege to work with other talented people, to see them go unrewarded would be a crime. If you develop something that will not only help me, but make my life easier while making better games! You've earned your money. And chances are my developments and games will in turn be even more well received because of the products I've paid for.

    I look forward to owning a license for Playmaker to not only expand my code library but extend my workflow.

    So far I've found I still use a lot of core scripts to run the game but I use Playmaker to control things like simple AI, buttons, doors and events, things I don't want to code because it results in huge scripts or long inspectors full of hundred of variables. This makes setting up puzzles and trigger based events fast and easy!

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    Some new suggestion:
    - playmaker startup slow. need more quick.
    - when graph has many node, editor slow?
    - each action can has an [Enable] FsmBool variable for dynamic control action enable/disable.
    - (debug) support manual transition and raise event on runtime. (Shift+mouse left click next state node for transition to new state. Event editor can add [Raise Event] button to each event. )
    - how to edit deatived action properties on runtime like inspeator?
    - state action editor can support foldout like Component.

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    Hmmm... look like use name also have some advantages.

    i'm currently use AnimationClip as data, when Animation Component hasn't this AnimationClip will auto add this clip to Animation.
    i'm working for an ACT game, character require many animation for combo tree. use AnimationClip as data i don't need add many predefine AnimationClip to Animation Component, i can dynamic add AnimationClip by currently combo for weapon's combo table. It is easy to test and adjust parameters.(just Drag AnimationClip->Play Button).

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    Fantastic, i'm testing the beta and it's really promising!

    When do you plan the final release?

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    @mah, RoyS - I agree. At the same time, I'm sympathetic to struggling startups and there is a lot of work involved in testing and supporting software, so there's some room for negotiation there... as long as both parties benefit...

    @TheLlama - "...makes setting up puzzles and trigger based events fast and easy!" Great! Can I quote you on that?


    Slow startup - I assume you mean when running the game? This is my main concern now, and I'm looking into optimizations...

    Editor slowdown - do you have the Play Maker FSM inspector open? If so, try collapsing the inspector foldout. Even though the inspector is showing minimal data I think it might get confused by the recursive nature of the fsm (fsm has list of states, each state has reference to fsm...). I have an email out to Unity... If this isn't the problem, how many states before you see a slowdown? Is runtime performance effected?

    Action enable variable - Ooh, I like that! Very clever! I'll add that option...

    Raise event - You can Alt-click on transitions and states to raise events at runtime. I plan a control panel interface down the line - it would have fsm event buttons and variable sliders in one tidy window. Then you could share Playmaker enabled objects without worrying about all the internal details...

    Deactivated (finished) actions should still be editable - they are just greyed out visually. I'll double check that now...

    Foldout would be nice. I'll look into that.

    Automatically adding animations would be nice. I think I'll make these 2 actions:
    - PlayAnimationClip
    - AddAnimationClip (and specify name)

    @Andrea Monzini - Soon! Well it really depends on how many bugs the beta finds...

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    1 Slow startup is running game. (When press play game button)
    2 state graph edit time have a little lag when have many state node. (like drag StateNode in graph view.) Play Maker FSM inspector closed, and maximum state graph.

    these are some new problem:

    - can disable playmaker logo display at current version?

    - how to use currently version playMaker impl press 1+2+3 button at the time send event [A] and press 1 button send event[B]? i’ve use BoolTest action and enable [Every Frame] in a [Input Checking State] (next state for SendFsmEvent to other GameObject with playMakerFSM and return Input Checking State), look like prompt “may be infinite loop” warning.
    I had resolved this problem by the nest state condition in the past.

    - you need add more demo when final release. ( like a full playMaker driven demo game? )

    - look like OnExit function called by order has some problem? i don’t know is this a bug;
    when i have order call 3 Action with Fsm.Event(). FsmAction first call OnExit for all state actions, next call other action’s OnUpdate(After fire Fsm.Event() Action ); last transition to next State.

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    There's no way to turn off the logo in the beta... sorry!

    There are a few ways to handle the 1+2+3 keys test you mentioned.

    But first there's a missing action! You need GetKey (will be in next beta):

    1. using UnityEngine;
    3. namespace HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions
    4. {
    5.     [ActionCategory(ActionCategory.Input)]
    6.     [Tooltip("Gets the pressed state of a key.")]
    7.     public class GetKey : FsmStateAction
    8.     {
    9.         [RequiredField]
    10.         public KeyCode key;
    11.         [UIHint(UIHint.Variable)]
    12.         public FsmBool store;
    13.         public bool everyFrame;
    15.         public override void Reset()
    16.         {
    17.             key = KeyCode.None;
    18.             store = null;
    19.             everyFrame = false;
    20.         }
    22.         public override void OnEnter()
    23.         {
    24.             DoGetKey();
    26.             if (!everyFrame)
    27.                 Finish();
    28.         }
    30.         public override void OnUpdate()
    31.         {
    32.             DoGetKey();
    33.         }
    35.         void DoGetKey()
    36.         {
    37.             if (store != null)
    38.                 store.Value = Input.GetKey(key);
    39.         }
    40.     }

    If you want to do the tests in a single state (I used A+S+D):

    Name:  singleState.png
Views: 2735
Size:  73.8 KB

    Or you could split the actions up into multiple states (more or less the same actions, just split over multiple states):

    Name:  multipleStates.png
Views: 2801
Size:  53.7 KB

    In the multiple states example, a series of states are evaluated every frame. To avoid the infinite loop warning you need the NextFrameEvent action (will be in next beta):

    1. namespace HutongGames.PlayMaker.Actions
    2. {
    3.     [ActionCategory(ActionCategory.StateMachine)]
    4.     [Tooltip("Sends an event in the next frame. Useful if you want to loop states every frame.")]
    5.     public class NextFrameEvent : FsmStateAction
    6.     {
    7.         [RequiredField]
    8.         public FsmEvent sendEvent;
    10.         public override void Reset()
    11.         {
    12.             sendEvent = null;
    13.         }
    15.         public override void OnUpdate()
    16.         {
    17.             Fsm.Event(sendEvent);
    18.             Finish();
    19.         }
    20.     }
    21. }

    Use this in the Wait Frame state.

    Both of these solutions use quite a few low level actions. A couple of higher level actions would simplify things.

    KeysDown Action - takes multiple keys and sends an event when they're all pressed.
    AllTrueTest Action - takes multiple FsmBool variables and sends an event when they're all true.

    My goal is to add broadly useful higher level actions like these to speed up development.

    For example: GetRelativeSpeed Action - takes 2 game objects and calculates the relative speed. You can now branch state based on that speed.

    Or even higher level: IsApproaching Action - takes 2 game objects and sends an event if game object 2 is approaching game object 1.

    Higher level actions should help keep things simple, while low level actions let you come up with your own solutions. However, compound math operations are generally a problem in visual scripting languages - it used to bug me no end in virtools to use 10 building blocks to perform a one line math operation (this was many years ago, maybe they came up with a solution). I don't have a great solution yet - I'm playing with a custom Maths Action that lets you build more complex operations without having to use so many low level actions...

    The OnExit flow you describe sounds like a bug - I'll look into it...

    BTW, thanks for all the great feedback! If you really need a beta without the logo, I can send you a build...

  18. Posts
    nice tool.
    can you send me a copy without logo too?
    its little big difficult with the big logo if you have the layout 2 by 3.
    btw is there a site with some tutorials wit how to create a.i behavior or gui elements?

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    Oh!Thank you for such a detailed explanation.
    these code open my think.
    hmm, i will create more custom action for my scene. currently i have create some higher level action for my ACT solution. but state template with predefine actions also a good idea. I can create
    a template of specify genre(like ACT AttackMove state template) provide to designer.

    - logo gui rendering is slowdown runtime performance. see unity profiler. (UnityGUI is very slow.) you can add playMaker logo to Component Inspeator or state graph. it’s part of Editor feature. XD
    If it is convenient, my email is <jiong@studio-symphonie.org>. can you send build to this?

    - it’s idea : D, PlayAnimation, Animation Setting etc can use FsmAnimationClip like FsmGameObject as parameter, it can change between AnimationClip and animation name as data.

    - OnExit problem look like it's my logic error, no problem.

    - startup and shutdown game beyond 10s when more than 10 state in a fsm. i had try create a null gameobject and add playMakerFSM component , next add 20 state without any action, startup is slow, and state graph editor also slowdown. i think it’s a big bug. = =+ Is it editor logic cause this problem?
    FSM data is so big, i’ve drag character gameobject with fsm to prefab, its size is 8.8m!
    a gameobject just attach on fsm with 15 null state, its size is 8.3m!
    when i delete all state in fsm, re drag fsm to prefab. its size still is 8.3m.
    i create a new null prefab and drag to it, its size down to 4k.
    create a new null object and drag 8.3m prefab, then its size still 8.3m (i think it’s unity bug).

    this is infomation show startup. look like have some memory leak?
    "Cleaning up leaked objects in scene since no game object, component or manager is referencing them
    Texture2D has been leaked 48 times.”
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    Montréal Quebec
    I never was a fan of visual programming stuff but a visual state editor is a must for designers.
    Forgotten Memories Teaser
    Forgotten Memories Trailer
    I write shaders for the community!
    Dead Strike iOS (Top iOS game made with Unity).
    Nintendo Wii U and Sony (PS3/PS4/Vita) Licensed Developer/Publisher.
    Georges Paz

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