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    Android Live wallpapers!

    Hello everyone,

    I need to create a live wallpaper on android using unity as renderer. But my problem is I don't know how to implement things on unity. If im not mistaken, this would only be possible in a plugin. Unity has its own implementation of displaying the android rendering view, where live wallpaper need to override its class interface.

    Your replies are much appreciated!
    Jhoemar Pagao
    Game Developer

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    It's not possible today. The rendering mechanism of a wallpaper is different from how an Activity's view hierarchy works (that's how Unity is currently rendered). The Plugins feature is not sufficient to change that fundamental behavior. At one point we may provide wallpaper as build option inside Unity.

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    Pasig City, Philippines
    Jhoemar Pagao
    Game Developer

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    any updates on this?

  5. ina ina is offline

    $1500 for Unity Android Pro and live wall paper is not possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by ina View Post
    $1500 for Unity Android Pro and live wall paper is not possible
    Unity is a GameEngine. There is no reason that the creation of Live Wallpapers should be required. Furthermore, the creation of LiveWallpapers is so imple with the Android SDK alone, it would probably take even more work to create one using Unity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erique View Post
    It's not possible today.
    Full 3D wallpapers without coding sounds like it would fit with what unity can do. Too bad, I really wanted to try something like that.

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    Totally agree!

    Having the ability to make an app like "Talking Tomcat" where you can build it with unity as an engine definitely sounds beneficial. The abilities that Unity has such as particle effects, being able to make it snow on your live wallpaper, or make realistic looking water, the sky is the limit here.. This would open up a whole new market of apps that would be created with Unity 3d, well worth paying the hefty unity cost.

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    This feature is a must!

    Please do vote here: http://feedback.unity3d.com/forums/1...ive-wallpapers

    best regards,
    Infinite Dreams

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    Heart breaking...

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    Well, after integrating unity with eclipse I've found that unity android classes.jar already has the class UnityWallpaperService.

    Please moderator, does it mean live wallpaper support is coming soon? Will it be present on oficial 3.5? Or is there any roadmap for that?

    Needless to say that 3D live wallpapers are the new big thing on Android Market, with millions of downloads! And there is NO 3D engine that supports live wallpaper creation.

    Thanks and Regards,
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    It's been over a year since this post was opened. Has there been any updates?

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    I second this. Is there any news on being able to do this?
    I cannot see any evidence that it can be done.

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    On Unity 3.4.x there was a WallpaperService class on Android classes.jar. It was almost fully implemented, but there were some missing parts. On Unity 3.5 they removed this class, but I was informed that this feature was in progress. So I think someone from Unity should appear to clarify what is the implementation status, and when it is going to be released.


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    Man, I hope this is implemented. I would love to bring my current wallpapers to Unity, I think I can accomplish a lot more in much less time.

    If Unity is working on this and beta testing is needed on a product to be released, I'd be glad to volunteer to convert what I have and contribute to testing.

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    Please make this happen. I'm eagerly waiting for this feature to be added.

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    This one works for me.You donīt need Unity Pro .
    Link to Asset Store

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    I would like to add that this feature would be super valuable to me as well. I have some neat assets I've made for some games, and I think that if only as an extra marketing venue for our projects, this would be amazing.

    Fynlen, have you tried that Unity2Eclipse? I thought plugins required Pro? And... did you get it to work with 3.5 or does it really require 3.4 like the description says? Maybe it uses that partially finished library that was removed?

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