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    Dallas, Texas

    Unity 3D Video Training Course (FREE) - Walker Boys

    (Update 11/3/2011)
    Hi Unity Friends.

    School is in session! The Walker Boys FREE Unity Game Development Course for the Absolute Beginner is your personal online training course for learning how to make your own Video Games with Unity Technology!

    This Free Video Training Course is designed for the Artist, Designer, beginning Programmer, aspiring Game Developer, High School student and University student. Our goal is to provide you with a fun online course, based at a level of learning required to take you from a Newbie to a Professional.

    If you are an instructor and looking for somewhere to start, feel free to use this course in your classroom, or as a template to create your own personal Curriculum from. This is the place to start your learning and training for Unity technology!

    What all is included with the course. You can go to the ‘Official’ site right here or read through the Course Curriculum below to get an idea of what is available.

    Unity Course Curriculum

    With over 330+ HD videos (50+ hours), taking you step by step through the Unity Software, Tools, Workflow, Language, Game Projects and more, you will be up and running in Unity just like a Pro.

    Having worked with Unity for over one and half years, we (my twin brother and I) decided it was time to give back to a community that is so incredibly generous and sharing.

    Our 12 years of Professional Game Industry experience in Art and Design and eight years of Curriculum Development and Lecturing at the Guildhall at SMU allows us to provide you with a great opportunity to further your development and interest in Unity Technology.

    In addition to these free videos, we want to take a moment to extend one more great piece of news. We have concluded the development of a complete 300+ hour Professional Video Game Training Course for the Artist (2D, 3D, Animation, Design, and Programming) also available at an incredibly affordable price. The future of game development is truly in the hands of the next generation and by providing opportunity and the proper steps for successful development, we hope to ensure a positive growth in the generations to come.

    “Let’s Learn and Grow Together.”

    We are happy to assist with any questions you may have. Please, post them here or email me and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    Again, thank you for making this such a great community and wonderful place to be.
    - Walker Boys
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    Trondheim, Norway
    Thanks a lot for these man! Even though I`m surrounded by Unity devs at work, these tutorials will definitely help a starving artist that wants to create games

    Keep up the great work!


    "Fast, fat computers breed slow, lazy programmers."

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    Perth, Australia
    Wow, that's a hell of a lot of tutorials. Thanks!

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    looks like a wonderful resource, thank you
    Any possibility of a one click download for the videos to be able to use them when not online or did I completely overlook how to do it?
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    Thanks for all your hard work!

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    thanks, it will surely help me a lot...

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    Guys check your PayPal donation button you have a predefined $135.00 training product that comes up on the sign in page.
    Unity 3.0 Pro
    Windows 7
    Unity Script

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    The Wasteland
    Nice job on the tutorials. That's quite a set.

    You're missing 25 in the first set. It's the one on terrain grass.

    Question: On your other courses, what version of 3DS Max are you using?

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    Dallas, Texas

    Unity training and more

    Thank you, guys. We appreciate the positive feedback on this. My brother and I enjoyed working on the videos. Unity is truly an excellent game software application, which simply makes it a pleasure to work with, record on and teach from.

    JMiles, great question.
    One click download: There is only one catch with the 'free' version of the videos. Our current intention is for it to be located at one spot to help us in monitoring its usage and to assist in web traffic through our site.

    Thank you, Merries. I appreciate the catch on that. It has been corrected and updated.

    RoyS, you are certainly correct. The terrain grass video is actually compressing down right now (800mg file). It will be up later this evening….Okay, it’s actually up now. http://vimeo.com/channels/151501#17665905. The training material on 3ds Max is using both 2010 and 2011.

    Also, we realized our initial post was missing one key element…A roadmap. Our current videos are a first in a series of videos on Unity. So let’s take a look at where we are headed.

    The Roadmap
    • Release the core training material for learning Unity 3 (Software app, Programming, API)
    • Write a post about the next steps
    • Provide an incentive program for learning Unity 3, really well. We’ll get to this in a second.
    • Enter Quizzes and Exams (January)
    • Game Type 1 Released (January)
    • Game Type 2 Released (February)
    • Game Tool Development (March)
    • Game Type 3 Released (March)
    • Game Type 4 Released (April)
    • If you pass, you get a spiffy Certificate -> ‘Walker Boys Certified’

    Does the certificate mean anything?
    To us, yes. We will be very proud of you and mail you a wonderful document you can keep.
    Note: Will the rest of the world care about the certificate? We’re not sure, it hasn’t been done yet. So, we’ll see.

    So, you may have noticed the mention of Quizzes and Exams. In order to move from one stage of video training to the next, you will need to complete a series of quizzes and exams. By completing (and passing) the tests, you will be provided with the next training course in your development.

    Question: Will this new phase cost money? No. It does require something more expensive and valuable…your time. If you have the dedication and resolve to further your education and skills, then you will have to make an investment in yourself and your time.

    At the Guildhall, we are surrounded by amazing students that spend every waking moment in study and in practice of their craft (video game development). Our goal with the Unity training is to provide a similar opportunity to those willing to study, learn and practice the art, programming and design of game development through a free structured, educational program.

    If you have the passion, we’ll provide the direction.

    Let me know if y’all have questions.

    Thanks again!
    Walker Boys
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    The sunken city of R'lyeh
    Very nice tutorials indeed. Great idea to make them very granular, so a new user can go right to the topic they're interested in rather than search through a 20 minute video for the same information.

    Although, I'd like to see more 'art for the starving programmer' instead of the other way around. I was watching a video on color wheel theory last week and it made my head spin!

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    Dallas, Texas

    Videos for the programmers

    Thank you Quietus.

    Great idea with the programming to art direction. Our current videos on art actually work for artists, designers and programmers. We have had the opportunity to test the art videos on all disciplines and found the beginning series to work incredibly well. It teaches at a foundational level that anyone can learn and work from. You can check them out here if you are interested. If you're curious about any of them, just let me know.

    Thank you.

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    The sunken city of R'lyeh
    I'd be interested in them all, but a tad expensive. Most of what I pick up is pieces here and there from watching other people's workflow in modo during their tutorials.

    When I was a kid, I would toy with those 'paint by numbers' things I would get as a present. Poor princess lea, she would end up with green hair and purple eyes when I tried it on my own and I ignored the suggested crayon.

    Programming can be learned, not sure that art can be. But if you were to do the same for art as you did with your 100 Unity for newbs tutorials, I'd certainly give it a go.

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    Great Videos!

    But Channel's Videos are all with HD Off and i am unable to turn on HD.
    If i try to switch to html5 i am able to see videos in HD but some videos are not available in HTML5 like, for example. the introduction to Javascript.

    Tested with Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.5.12

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    Thank you for all of the information, this is going to be a very valuable resource.

    How strict are the time lines on the exam/assignment schedule that you have listed? I am very interested in proceeding through your program (sometimes I need help staying focused and a scheduled program is very good for that ), however with our new game development curriculum here at school my time is at a premium as it is. I will be using Unity within a 2 semester game programming course that begins this Spring and would like to work through your course at the same time to smooth out my rough edges and make sure that I do not over look interesting tidbits within the engine.

    Anyway, as soon as I finish grading exams and projects from the current semester I'm off to start watching your videos, just hope I can find some online access for the 2 weeks I will be out of town surrounding the Christmas break.

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    Europe, Montenegro
    Tnx Tnx Tnx Tnx Tnx Tnx Tnx Tnx WOOOOW Tnx grate WORK !

    Is there any way to download this videos ?
    I live u Die
    3D Designer
    Join as on HERE

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    Toronto, ON
    Absolutely Amazing. I just started to get into Unity and I'm blown away by the quality of the content.

    It would be great if there were a way to post comments on the video because there were a few times i couldn't figure something out.

    Definitely appreciated!

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    Thank you so much! Im new to unity ill defiantly use this!

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    Dallas, Texas

    Thank you for the support and kind words. Again, it’s great to hear that these continue to be of use for your development and growth with Unity. On a fun note, in the matter of just a few days we’ve had over 3,200 views on the videos in over 51 countries.

    That’s great to hear you continue to enjoy and learn the arts. It’s certainly a wonderful and rewarding pursuit. We do have a few art videos online (part of the larger series), one you may be interested in is a beginners guide to speed painting (50+ minutes). It’s basically painting a landscape and laying down the foundations of one approach to it. Hope that helps.

    Andrea Monzini.
    I've looked at the videos with multiple browsers and settings, but unfortunately, I can't get it to duplicate what you were talking about. I'm not quite sure where to help you on this one. Let me know if you find a solution, we can note it for future reference. Thank you.

    Great question. When it comes to the structure and pacing of the training, it falls in to two categories. Our ‘current’ design is set for:

    1. Self-motivated individuals passionate about learning, working and doing. Basically, this means that we will provide feedback along the way on your Unity development, course work, homework and exams, however the pacing will be left up to the student.

    2. Apprenticeship Program. This training will begin in February and will provide six individuals an instructor (My brother and I) guiding you through each step with live lectures, online training, and additional videos. This one will come at a cost due to the time commitments, however for the lucky six; it will be an incredible journey towards a goal of getting in to the games industry. My brother and I have had the opportunity to train over 100 artists from the Guildhall and assist them in finding employment in the game industry working on many of the top 'Triple A' games in the market over the past 5 years.
    Let me know if that helps and/or if you need further assistance.

    Thank you. Also, to answer your question on downloads-> Our current intention is for it to be located at one spot to help us in monitoring statistical data, its usage and to assist in web traffic through our site. That’s the only catch with the 'free' version of the videos.

    When it comes to posting questions and comments about the videos, we were actually intending for this thread to contain that information so that it would be available in one spot, verses running it through multiple posts from the video location.
    Feel free to post questions here and the video number. We’ll be happy to assist where we can.

    Thank you MrSplosion. It’s much appreciated.

    -Walker Boys
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    THANK YOU!!!!
    I am a beginner in Unity and your tutorials thought me a lot.
    THANK YOU!!!!


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    Dallas, Texas
    Glad to hear they are helping Kaya. We will be releasing several hours of new video later this month to complete the Unity (in-depth) training. Then it's preparation time for Course Material, Exams and a solid step by step approach to game development. The first game is complete and provides 6 hours of video training. Should be a lot of fun when it's released.

    If you have any questions during your studies, feel free to post them here. Thank you.

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