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    Quote Originally Posted by tra2002 View Post
    @games Make sure that the materials and textures have been assigned to the terrain and models. Usually when it is a pink color you just have to assign the materials or a texture to the material.
    Thanks for the reply.

    Something has to be occurring during import.

    I am dragging the folders from within the 'Assets folder' into the project panel directly. None of the videos give an explanation as to whether or not this project requires a unique import process or project setup.

    The other labs had a simple .unitypackage file to use, or just one big folder to drag and drop.

    This project size is HUGE, lol. I'll keep tweaking and maybe import things appropriately by chance.

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    Dallas, Texas
    @games: For the projects, they were initially designed to be opened directly, not dragged into other projects. You may want to try opening its scene or project directly, to get things working from the start. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfCWalker View Post
    @games: For the projects, they were initially designed to be opened directly, not dragged into other projects. You may want to try opening its scene or project directly, to get things working from the start. Hope that helps.

    That was it! Thanks and sorry for my ignorance on that one.

    Tao bless you,

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    how do you get the gray scale image on video #1 31 "unity app 1 31 interface main terrain raw"? i cant find it

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    Dallas, Texas
    @games: Good to hear. Thank you.
    @hordewilldie: That's one you can either generate on your own or get one online (google). http://www.team5150.com/~andrew/project.tribes/terrain/.

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    Deventer, the Netherlands
    In the third lab, there's an assignment I don't quite understand:

    "Create a Component for Trigger Events through the Inspector (Open ended)"

    Am I supposed to make some sort of script that can be configured to react to certain trigger events?

    Edit: I made a blog post for the third lab, sans the last part. I'll add that later once I know what I'm supposed to do. =P

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    When are you supposed to do the labs I have finished the segments about using Unity and Have finished the basic scripting segments?

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    By the way thank a lot this has been very helpful for me.

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    I've worked through to the first Mario game, and am trying to translate what I've learned so far to my own game. But it's much harder when I have a project that I'm setting up from scratch, compared to one where all the sprites have been imported and added to the projects window already. That's an important step that I don't recall seeing any tutorial for - we went from primitives to planes with sprite components. How do you get a plane with just 2 triangles, and where does the sprite component come from? How do I get those into a brand new project? Was this covered in one of the videos?

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    Hi Walkerboys,
    just a small feedback on part 6 - 1 camera orthographic and perspective - tutorial 06 camera player setup for mario 2d game.
    This tutorial appears to not have the following:
    .../player/collisionBoxBody and the other body parts

    And I'm just running into issues with the follow up tutorial "part 7-1 camera smooth follow" where my camera is not following mario once he gets to the edge of the screen. So I'm not sure if it's because of those missing actor/prefabs? And I'm not getting any errors in the console. Mario just walks all the way over the edge with no camera follow.

    My plan was to skip over this section as I got hung up for several days but I feat that without cameraSmoothFollow2D.js working, will it hinder tutorials further up?


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    VLC Playback

    Is there a site that I can download these files locally instead of Stream them.

    VLC fast playback would be wicked...

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    never mind. it was my typo (again...)

    and i realize that those missing parts mentioned above had no impact with that tutorial, and were present in the following tutorials where you did need it and it works : )

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say hi and express my gratitude to the WalkerBoys for making this course.

    I've completed the first 2 exams (and passed) and am looking forward to continuing with the next section

    Thanks again
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    Today I took the 1st exam and failed. I'm willing to improve, so I guess I will take exam again. I fell like I could make the test right now, but at the same time I think that won't be very honest. IDK if question are randomly generated and if so, to what point. I don't know if there is any system that disable you to take exams too often and I didn't even try.

    What do you think? How much time should I spend improving my skills before trying to do test again?

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    Louisville, Ky
    No one can actually answer this but you BlueWolf. Only you know how well you learn. If you are serious at wanting to learn this it does not really take a long time to past the quizes with just a little studying, but master the knowledge they are giving will take a lot of practice. So read, study, and go over the videos till you think you are ready and then more then likely you will be ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWolf View Post

    What do you think? How much time should I spend improving my skills before trying to do test again?

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    hey Walker Boys, did you manage to get a new host for downloading the video tutorials?

    I'm really looking forward to downloading them

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    These videos are fantastic. Thanks Walker brothers for making such high quality tutorials!

    I am currently doing the 2D Mario tutorial, and I've hit a problem I can't find a solution for. On tutorial 23-11 "gumba pathnode," after writing this code in the enemyGumba script:

    function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider)
    if(other.tag == "pathNode")
    var linkToPathNode = other.GetComponent(pathNode);
    gumbaState = linkToPathNode.pathInstruction;

    which is supposed to link to the pathNode script, Unity gives me this error:

    Assets/2D Mario Assets/Scripts/enemyGumba.js(116,69): BCE0022: Cannot convert 'PathInstruction' to 'GumbaState'.

    I've looked over the script several times, and it's exactly the same as the code in the video, but I get an error. Later in the tutorial a similar error occurs, but a workaround is found that fixes it. Any ideas from anyone why I'm getting this error?

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    Hey Guys,
    I'm just loving these tutorials, they really are like mana from heaven. I'm now on tutorial #15 2D Mario platformer - projectile fireball (http://vimeo.com/album/1567704/video/23117807). And the fireball starts moving upon starting, however the ball does not bounce off the block floors (just goes throw it)? Would be wonderful if any one had any ideas. I have no errors showing in console.

    My thought is that the fireball is not sensing the blocks, the onTriggerEvent function is not working properly (highly unlikely)... or I've structured the project wrong (I noticed upon opening the tutorial that there was not fireball, only a fireTrail under the prefab_fireball, contrary to what is shown in the video). I've tried recreating what Walkerboy have shown, a parent fireball with a child fireTrail inside... to no luck).

    Here's the code:
    // fireball projectile
    // march 1, 2012
    // desc: controls the actions of the player projectile
    // instr: assign to the player properties component for projectile

    // these vars get exposed in the inspector for easy changeing

    var moveSpeed : float = 1.0; // speed of fireball
    var bounceUp : boolean = false; // setting direction of the fireball
    var bounceHeight : float = 0.25; // height limit for fireball
    var lifeSpan : float = 2.0; // set the time before the fireball gets destroyed
    var hitPosition : float = 0.0; // store location of the fireball when it hits something
    var heightDifference : float = 0.0; // get difference between the current pos and hit position

    function Start ()


    function Update ()
    if ( bounceUp == true )
    transform.Translate (moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0.75 * Time.deltaTime, 0);
    heightDifference = transform.position.y - hitPosition;
    if (bounceHeight <= heightDifference)
    bounceUp = false;
    transform.Translate (moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, -1.0 * Time.deltaTime, 0);

    function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider)
    if (other.transform.tag == "Untagged")
    bounceUp = true;
    hitPosition = transform.position.y;

    function KillFireball ()


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    Hey everyone! first post here!
    Just want to say HUGE thanks to the boys for putting together such an INCREDIBLE resource... I went from having never programmed before to making a Mario game in a matter of WEEKS. Something my artist brain didn't think possible!

    but enough gushing,

    In lab 4, 2d Mario Clone:

    Is anyone else having issues with their Mario crouch animations? I have my code exactly as shown in the tutorial but when I let go of the down button Mario continues to crouch for a little while before he stands up. If I assign crouch to "Fire2" it works perfectly with no lag after I let go of the button.

    pothb in a previous post had this issue as well but he says it was solved by setting gravity to 20... Mine is and has always been set to 20 so I cant imagine that is my problem.

    Any one else having this issue or is it just me? Any tips?


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    I've just finished the presentation for Lab 01 which can be viewed and played here


    I would welcome any comments, both about the game and the write up


    update: I've added a post to my blog regarding the particle system in Unity 3.5. As it is different to the one used in the tutorials, I thought it might come in handy for people yet to do the Lab01 project


    and now I've found that you can use the old particle system with Unity 3.5.

    Create an empty Game Object and from the components menu add Effects -> Legacy Particles -> and add: Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, Particle Animator and the Particle Renderer.

    You now have the old legacy particle emitter on that empty gameobject. Just make sure you change the material of the particle to the default particle, found in the particle renderer.
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