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    Dallas, Texas

    Walker Boys Free Unity Training Course Available Now


    Unity School is now in session! Our FREE Unity Game Development Course for the Absolute Beginner, is your personal online training course for learning how to make your own Video Games with Unity Technology!

    Be sure to check out the first post (above) or the 'Official' site to begin working your way from Newbie to Professional.

    If you have any question while you work through the Course, just post them here.
    Thank you!

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    Thornton-Cleveleys, UK
    Quote Originally Posted by ProfCWalker View Post

    Unity School is now in session! Our FREE Unity Game Development Course for the Absolute Beginner, is your personal online training course for learning how to make your own Video Games with Unity Technology!

    Be sure to check out the first post (above) or the 'Official' site to begin working your way from Newbie to Professional.

    If you have any question while you work through the Course, just post them here.
    Thank you!
    Very nice. Looking forward to progressing through them.

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    NIce to see how the free Unity course is progressing Walker Boys. I guess it is still free but you have to do the labs to progress, cool.

    I have stopped though just because I am not going the Unity Java Script way, I am going the c# way so yes as you also suggested it is burgzergarcade tutorials and 3D Buzz tutorials for me. The will be releasing camera/character c# based new tutorials maybe Monday or next few days. Also for the ones that like me are more on the c# side and don't know about 3D Buzz, get familiar with their free content they also have a massive set of 219 free videos on Unity 3 about everything Unity http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/content.php?176, huge cover of the Unity Editor, probably nothing left unexplored.

    all these free videos, no better time to learn Unity really
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    Dallas, Texas
    Excellent reference ProjectOne. For the C# sharp users, that's a good way to go. I've enjoyed many of those, as well. The more the better

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    unity app 9 08 and unity app 9 09 are superfluous to app 9 07.


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    I am absolutely brand new to unity, and I'm very new to Blender (about a week) I have found loads of help for Blender and with this unbelievable series I think I can learn Unity.

    Thank you so much for taking the time needed to create these tutorials and videos, it's very much appreciated.

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    Dallas, Texas
    The next Lab project -> Unity Lab Project 2 - Space Shooter, is now available.

    We have had several hundred exams taken, through the Unity Training Course, which is great. I do want to remind those that have taken exams multiple times and not passed yet...keep on trying! Study hard and practice, practice, practice. These videos and exams are designed to 'hopefully' increase the knowledge and commitment of those new to Unity and Game Development.

    Our goal in general is to provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills in a free online setting, through a fun and slightly challenging course.

    Also, to keep things going on the 'non' exam side, we've released a complete set of videos on Exporting Objects from 3ds Max. This series includes:

    Part 1: Exporting with FBX and Axis Directions
    Part 2: Exporting Mesh with Textures
    Part 3: Exporting Animations with Controllers
    Part 4: Exporting Static Mesh from Max to Unity
    Part 5: Exporting Animations from Max to Unity

    To follow along with the videos, we have included a zip file for the unity project, here (15 mb).

    If you have any questions or notice something that needs corrected, feel free to post them here. Thank you.

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    Nice set of tutorials, i just wish there were a playlist type thing so that I could automatically play the videos one after the other, oh well, I am looking forward to the rest of the series. There are two things I should say though:

    1) It seems you guys are using the pro version to make the videos, I think it will be better for you to use the indie version cause it will be more common to your user base, and also there are some minor differences in the UI and coding capabilities of the pro version.
    2) You might consider using an actual course-management-system like moodle, so that doing these exams and all will become a lot easier.

    Oh and I have a request too......Can you please consider doing a short tutorial on exporting from blender? Cause I myself am a freeware fanatic, and I would prefer to use a freeware alternative to the costly 3dsMAX and Maya....
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    I've gotten to video 1-18 at Vimeo, then it jumps to 1-30. Did I miss a step or link or something? And videos 1-08 through 1-010 have 1-07 in their title.

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    Dallas, Texas
    Hi ChevyMonster,

    You haven't missed anything, yet. We left those (1-18 - 1-30) open for some videos in the future, including the 1-07 to 1-11 spot.
    Hope that helps clear it up. Let me know if you have further questions. Thank you

    Great suggestions BlueMagica. As for Blender, we don't currently support it in the videos, but I'd be happy to put it on my list for future work. And thank you for the Moodle link. Excellent stuff.

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    Profs Walker,

    I don't know what to say. It's really a good help, it's a great help that you guys are offering for me and people who are just starting to use Unity.

    I'm glad to have access to those lessons, and really want to say thank you! Where I live it's very hard to find such detailed support, good instructors and people with good intentions, like you guys.

    So thanks a lot! And keep up the good work! I'll be glad to have the Walker Boys certification, when I finish everything.


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    Dallas, Texas
    Thank you. It's good to hear that the videos are working well for you, BugBr.

    If you need any assistance along the way, just let us know. Thank you.

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    Dallas, Texas

    Quick update

    Just a quick update for those interested.

    As of today we have the following.

    53,000+ plays on vimeo with the videos
    92 countries have been viewing the videos
    400 Exams have been taken
    Donation Total: $15.00

    Also, a WordPress Video for Unity will be available this week for those needing additional assistance in posting their Lab Projects.

    Thank you!

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    Have been slowly working my way through your videos and am extremely impressed with the quality, especially the scripting videos. The way that you approach the scripting has helped me to realize that I tend to cover it too quickly and assume more knowledge from the students than is reasonable so it has helped me to slow down and feel comfortable slowing down which has lead to a more positive atmosphere within the class room.
    Am looking forward to submitting some assignments to you for feedback, though am nervous about the tests, I figure I'd feel really bad if I failed them Still, though will be taking them, just trying to clear some room on my calendar.
    I do wonder, though, in regards to the first set of videos that focus on the UI and the menu options. Seems kind of daunting and overwhelming, almost like memorizing a long list without a strong understanding of why. For those with experience in other engines or other development it would be fine, but the amount of material covered there is quite a lot and I wonder if it would not be easier on students to show the menu options gradually and within the context of a developing project?
    Anyway, this is a wonderful resource and I can not thank you enough for taking the time to develop it and then make it available.

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    I thought the same thing at first, but I think the idea is that you do a lot of solo work with/after watching the video. They tell you this before taking the test, but it might be cool if they put in some kind of checkpoints during that said "now go repeat this fifty times on your own before going to the next video."

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    Dallas, Texas
    Excellent thoughts jmiles.

    Yes, finding a good ‘middle’ ground for learning then applying is certainly a challenge, especially for students of various learning levels (and time constraints).

    We found (so far) from testing in classrooms that greater success (short and long term) for students comes from a solid foundation of the tools (memorization, testing, etc) balanced with a steady supply of practical application (stair-step). The sooner everyone in the classroom is speaking the same language (unity tools, programming, etc) the quicker the lessons can progress and the more indepth the level of learning can be.

    I'm a big fan of Learn, Apply, Repeat.

    Good luck with the exams.

    Thanks for the great idea bluelang. That is certainly an element of online teaching that would be great to have in place. We’ll look into getting that implemented.

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    I have been adapting your approach to my own class as it is my first time teaching Unity and you have far more experience than I do.

    Bluelang - I think a practice test to have an idea of the depth being tested would be nice, not being in a class with them, I'm not sure what to expect on the exams as far as how in depth they will be. I will find out next week though, I have penciled in a block of time near the end of next week that I should be able to go after the first exam and see how things go from there.

    Reminds me, if we don't do so well, can we retake a different exam on the same subject?

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    Dallas, Texas
    Yes, you can actually take the tests as many times as needed. Each time you take one, it automatically randomizes the questions and answer order, which allows for a bit of replayability.

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Thanks for the amazing resource!

    I'll be following the course very closely over the coming weeks and documenting my experiences on my blog at http://www.offlineedit.com

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