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  1. downloading, hopefully this will help me with my own game. Its not really minecraft but does have some sandboxy features. This could assist in world gen.

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    can you add things like block placing and inventory i REALLY NEED THIS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvidunis View Post
    can you add things like block placing and inventory i REALLY NEED THIS!!
    If you can't figure out how to do it yourself, maybe you shouldn't try using premade packages. The scripting reference is your best friend.

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    Hi, since discovering this project , i have actually become a part of the development team, we have been hitting some walls recently and would love any support on our source forge forums, just post on there if your willing to help! thanks!

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    Hey thanks for making this package but i have a few questions will this work on ipod and android, what language is this in and what is the size of the chunks

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    Sewickley, PA, United States
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfos View Post

    Noticed a bug: when you dig a hole of 1*1, you don't fit in that hole.
    That's what you get for digging straight down.
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    Lunchtime, doubly so

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    Virginia, USA
    Is this dead? Doesn't look like there's been a check in for 3 months.
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    Mars (yep there's life, and Unity, on Mars)
    Very cool, thanks!

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    This is awesome. I'm gonna look through it and try to re-write for my own idea. If anyone has suggestions on how to make it work, I'd love to hear it. Basically what I want to do, is split it up even more. Have 64 smaller cubes for every regular cube and a setting that tells the engine if its a split up cube or not. So you can have a whole terrain of big cubes, but when you start 'picking' at them, you can just remove a small chunk out of each one, making that cube split into a number of smaller cubes.

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    Massachusetts, United States
    I know this thread is slightly old, but does anyone have any idea how I would go about saving the chunks and world, creating a loading screen, or slightly altering the terrain to be something like small hills? I am trying to decode the C# bit by bit but it is not my language, JavaScript is what I use (after experience in ActionScript for Flash). If anyone has any information, please do share!

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    Is it possible for you to help show how made this or help with learning the scripting needed to make something like this ?

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    I thought this project really had potential, too bad it died..

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    [double post removed]

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    Hey there, this is great project.. really.. Are you still making progress with MinePackage ? It seems here that you stopped but I saw some older posts then this one shows that you're making progress. And are you able to provide some guidelines about all codes and stuff ? I'm checking codes but kinda lost atm. So If I can contact you from anywhere that'd be nice..

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    Please keep working on this! you're the only developer making something like minecraft that gives his source code away so we can all learn!

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    So as far as I see, (http://minepackage.svn.sourceforge.n...=1&view=markup) minepackage uses techcraft code-base right?

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    Dallas, Tx
    Sorry, I'm not sure what techcraft is. But no, MinePackage was built from research and discussion, and information shared by others from this thread:


    Where people have taken their own projects a lot further. But, I'm no longer working on this project.
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    Light system?

    I know you said that you are no longer working on this project, but I was wondering if you could answer a simple question. I was going through the code trying to figure out exactly how you have your lighting set up. I would like to use actual directional lights for all my lighting (except for lights that the player places, eg: torches), but the problem I am having is that when I remove any of the code that has to do with lighting, everything turns black, no matter what. It's like the lights are not even affecting the chunk meshes at all! I have tried everything I can think of, and I am wondering if there is some part of the code that I just missed. Could you do me a huge favor and just tell me where all the lighting comes from and the easiest way to get rid of it. I have been trying everything I can think of for about a week now and I am just starting to get frustrated. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to help me out real quick.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Those pieces of code you removed are apart of the Shader which is very important if you want your blocks to have colour/texture and deph, hence "Everything turned black".

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    ok... so how would I go about removing the lighting then? I want to remove the lighting from the blocks and use standard directional lights. I don't know anything about shaders so could you help me out with that?

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