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    Qualcomm Augmented Reality: Unity Free or Pro?

    Hi there,

    This is my first post here, but i've been learning Unity for a while and trying to make my own things, basic things of course.

    My company is working with the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK and we are making very exciting things with it and we are learning a lot.

    Here is something that we did for demo purposes (my task was the 3D art):

    We wanted to make a game with this and the Unity support with the Qualcomm SDK was definitely good news.

    My question is: Can we use the unity free version for this? or we need the buy the Pro version and the Android Addon?

    Consider that this would not be for commercial and just for the Qualcomm competition.


    Rob Díaz

    My Portfolio

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    Zürich, Switzerland
    you need the android addon (unsure if pro or not, but the non pro isn't out yet) as it is Unity Android only, it won't work on other platforms (as you can see on the asset store, where its available)

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    Paris, France
    Hi there,

    Now that we have Qualcomm SDK for Android and iOs, and Unity Android non pro is out, what is the current situation on that?
    I have a small AR project to build for iOs and Android, and I certainly cannot afford the 4 500 $ for iOs Pro + Android Pro.

    Thanks a lot !


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    I think it needs Unity Pro to work, not for the plugins, which are now available for mobile basic users, but for the render2texture a system like this would require. Render2texture is a pro feature only.

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    Paris, France
    Regarding render2texture, I was also expecting that.
    But I tried and it actually works with non pro Unity licenses, for both iOs and Android.
    I guess the lib doesn't render any camera input into a texture, but simply apply transforms on object, and displays the camera input another way.

    BTW, this is a really amazing lib, very well documented, great support, very stable, the workflow is really simple. Why it is totally free is beyond my grasp.

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    Zürich, Switzerland
    No its mobile, as such it can send out the OpenGL texture id, render into it on the native layer of the OS and unity will just pick it up.
    thats a thing not possible on desktop cause you can't get to the native layer without pro (and for DirectX its not possible at all as the required things are not exposed)

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    Qualcomm is for only Mobile Applications?

    The API Qualcomm serves only for Mobile, right?

    To develop a desktop application (Windows computers), which API do you recommend?

    Thnks for help

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