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    Unity Bootcamp demo download?

    I seemed to have deleted my bootcamp demo files. Is there any place where I can download them? I don't want to reinstall Unity3d because it takes forever on my slow internet...

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    Can someone at least zip up theirs and upload it?

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    It would be almost as fast for you to just re-download Unity and install it again (somewhere else) to get the demo as it would to just download the Boot Camp demo separately. The demo is almost 600mb on disk, and compresses to about 300mb with zip compression. The full Unity 3 download is 400mb. You probably would've had it by now if you'd started the download!

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    the boot camp demo is in the asset store. You can download it from there.

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    The only issue with the Boot camp camp demo in the asset store is that it is a modified version which adds multi-player and requires Unity Pro.

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    Zip file uploaded here - not working for me tho

    I just updated my unity for the first time in 1 year - from 3.1.0f4 to the current (1st Feb 2012) version.

    I'm fairly sure Bootcamp got deleted when I updated. I looked through my mac timemachine backups to get it back, and put it back on my machine, but it won't now run...

    I then tried rolling back to 3.1.0f4 to try to get it to run, but still no luck.

    I have zipped it up however and put it here

    Please have a go yourself and see if you can get it to work. I was hacking it around a fair amount to prototype new objects in the level, so it might be these that are causing it to crash. However I do remember it working fine last time I opened it.

    Error messages that I get when I try to run it are as follows:
    The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing! (in 3.1.0f4)

    Assets/Standard Assets/Editor/Image Effects/EdgeDetectEffectNormalsEditor.js(75,61): BCW0012: WARNING: 'UnityEditor.EditorGUILayout.ObjectField(String, UnityEngine.Object, System.Type, *UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[])' is obsolete. Check the docs for the usage of the new parameter 'allowSceneObjects'. (in the 1st Feb 2012 version)

    I also got this message when I had recreated bootcamp and was updating unity again... Didn't seem to solve the problem tho (as shown by the second error message above.
    Upgrading the project:
    upgrading bootcamp demo. After upgrading you will not be able to open bootcamp demo in older versions of unity

    I haven't got to installing the latest bootcamp off the unity store yet - as I am not a Unity Pro user, and judging by the previous post this is unlikely to work for me.

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    So Dropbox have suspended my account due to heavy traffic.

    Bootcamp is available for free from the asset store anyway - since posting I got it from there and it worked fine...

    So please either do that, or womeone else please host these files from now on. Sorry, best

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    if you want i can give you the full bootcamp game

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    i just came back on the scene and got the latest UNITY Ver, and it seems the bootcamp is no longer included, so i am trying to DL it using the App-Store but when it fires up UNITY and i hit DL it asks me for my Account Info..... i put it in and it says i am putting in the wrong info??? Can someone PLEASE help me? my info IS right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex97 View Post
    if you want i can give you the full bootcamp game
    i would like the full game dl please and thank you so much

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    can you give it to me

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