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    Ontario, Canada

    Labyrinth of Despair [ WIP ]

    FadeWalker Games is proud to announce that development has begun on their first game, Labyrinth of Despair. Currently under development for the PC and Mac. LoD is a third person action puzzle platform game. In LoD you, the player, are challenged to navigate the perilous labyrinth seeking your way to freedom. The endless system of tunnels is wrought with traps and puzzles to bar you escape. To test your steel and resolve you are also stalked by a great beast of legend, the indomitable Minotaur of Dekar.
    Planned Game Features
    - 3rd person action puzzle platform adventure.
    - randomly linked maze section provide a challenge to solve and increase replay value.
    - No health bar – Get hurt in a trap and risk death, crawling is no way to outrun a minotaur!
    - Modern graphic engine with beautifully rendered realtime environments.
    - Trump system – Cynical talking statues provide clues and misdirection along your journey. You will need keen logic, a thick skin and a bit of luck to decipher their clues.
    - Leader Boards Online – How long can you survive in The Labyrinth of Despair! Post your best times for the world to see.
    More to come !

    *** You may have to refresh the page a few times for images to appear. Until I find a better host for the web site ***

    Click here to see the current Web Build!

    Fadewalker Home Page

    FadeWalker IndieDB Page
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Sydney, Australia
    Love the name. Nice and old-school.

    EDIT: Plus, great use of the word 'indomitable'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuss77 View Post
    Space reserved for future updates.
    These should be an instant thread lock and warning. You can edit your original post as it is and looks self-important. =/. Do you any screenshots?

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    Ontario, Canada
    Sorry, I read the Showcase rules post in the above stickies and it did not indicate that reserving a space was against the rules. I did check first. I wanted to use the second space to accumulate images. ( which I have posted some to now ) Did not mean to offend.

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    Don't read too much into my opinion, but I am probably not alone.

    The characters look well enough, but the demon might be hard to see. Still, I look forward to seeing the game. I enjoy games like how this one sounds.

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    huh? i dont see anything except the title image..

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    Ontario, Canada
    Try to refresh the page. The images are there, my web host is a little slow it seems. GoDaddy Linux server. I may need to upgrade that.

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    I think you do, I've refreshed a few times and had the demon appear a couple of times, but pretty random if it appears or not - from what I can see though, it looks great
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    Ontario, Canada
    Hopefully the images are working better for people to see. As the project picks up steam I am definitely going to upgrade / change web hosts. Go Daddy has been technically sounds, easy to use and has good customer support, but the server seems very slow at times.

    Aside from that, work on LoD is coming along nicely. This week has mostly been consumed with weighting the models and preparing for animation. But A lot of future features have also been tested in unity.

    These include -
    -Skinned cloth tests for the plume on the main characters helmet.
    -Interactive cloth tests for spiders webs within the labyrinth.
    -Player controller and camera movement experiments. ( which will take some time to refine it seems )
    -Texture tests in game, and they looked great ! I'm really excited about the quality presentation that unity's textures and lighting can produce.

    You can follow me on Indie DB now, and if you like what you see please friend me there! The more the merrier!


    And of course on my official web page, which is growing slowly as I have time to update it.


    Cheers !

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    United Kingdom
    The concept art seems very cool. Keep us updated with your progress !!
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    Ontario, Canada
    Here is a look at the animation test for the main character. Just a simple walk to test the weighting.


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    His arms wave about too much. He looks rather stiff that way.

    Other then that, great work!

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    San Francisco
    His head moves to much, when you walk forward your head should remain looking forward. Sollthar mentioned the arms, agreed. The arms move to much for a simple walk and his spine is very stiff, the shoulders and collar bones should move more. I know it's still early but I wanted to drop some tips on you before you get way to far to make corrections.

    I'm interested in this game, my company allows for re-targeted animations from motion capture, we could possibly help you with your animations. Give the website a look over and try it out if you want (free to try). Let me know if you have any questions. (also note the promotion in my sig.)

    The link to the website can be found in my Sig.
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    hmmm.. must say, from the first still image i taught that your character is a woman and from the animation i get the same feeling.. I guess its because of the pony tail on the helmet and the cutout on the chestplate - which is in the shape of breasts - and honestly, doesnt make any sense since his heart is exposed
    just my oppinion..

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    Ontario, Canada
    @ Sollthar and Maximo Thanks for the comments. It is just a weighting test, not an animation test. I'm just documenting the project as it evolves.

    @okimoki lol, It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to look cool in a dark dungeon light by torches!

    Here's a funny shot of the main character dead. Done in Blender.

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    WA usa
    some real nice work mate, your hero character could do with some scratches, cuts and bruises, its a deadly labyrinth after all not a bounce house lolz.

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    Ontario, Canada
    @MrSmive Good point. I need to play with some textures to see about swapping them for bloodier ones as you get injured by traps and what not.

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    WA usa
    oh man was hoping you would do something like that, do love dynamic damage textures, they really add some serious level of immersion, plus it shows your skills, later levels less scratches = better player lolz, cant wait to see it mate.

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    Love the concept art. One problem with the model of the player though. The armor is only texture(I think). It isn't actual armor. Real armor juts out and is stiff. The pelvic armor is bending with the leg movement. Seems like it should be stiff and rigid.

    I don't model (so don't kill me if I'm wrong), but to me it seems like it should be that way.

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