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    Midlands, UK
    Hi Prime,

    Finished implementing your FB plugin and it's working really great. Now I'm onto the Twitter plugin and I have a quick question.

    I am currently using the OAuth login. (I will request xAuth, but from reading other replies it doesn't seem likely I'll get one). Anyway, when I bring up the OAuth login, I get the Twitter login in an overlaid webpage as I should.

    However, if I click on "Cancel, and return to App" the webpage displays my homepage within the overlaid browser window (i presume this is because I have that set in the twitter app settings somewhere).

    Is there anyway to close the popup when pressing the "cancel" html link? Like some sort of Javascript code on the resultant page that will close the popup window? Note, I'm talking about the cancel link within the popup webpage window, not the "cancel" button at the top of the popup control (that works fine).

    Thanks for any help.

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    @swiv, there is currently no way to detect and close the view when any HTML buttons or links are touched.

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    hi prime.

    I wished you looked at it and sent the detailed private message.

    Was your response decided about the phenomenon which I sent to you?
    Our project is waiting for your reply.
    Our development is not finished unless action of the plug-in is decided.

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    @Masashi, if you leave the animated checkbox unchecked in the player settings or if you manually set the orientation via code proper native iOS autorotation is not possible.

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    Hello Prime,

    I've implemented your plugin, FB works perfect but I have a little issue with TW. I'm using OAuth and after I login and select "Authorize app", i'm redirected back to my app, TwitterBinding.isLoggedIn() is true, TwitterBinding.loggedInUsername() is correct, but when I' trying to call TwitterBinding.postStatusUpdate() nothing happens, no tweet. But, if i manually close my app and relaunch it again, the TwitterBinding.postStatusUpdate() call works fine.

    Any idea

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    @cloyst, make sure the text you send is different each time. Twitter won't post the same text twice.

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    Melbourne, Australia.
    Hey prime31,

    Are any of your applications capable of knowing when a user "likes" you on facebook, twitter or reviews your game on the app store. We would like to reward the player with free content and in game currency.

    If not, any suggestions for how to achieve this in unity.

    As a example - by reviewing the game, you are rewarded with a entire level bundle and liking us on facebook and twitter would be rewarded with store credits/alternative character models/free hints (puzzle game).


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    @Pip, The SocialNetworking Plugin gives you full access to the Facebook Graph API and Twitters entire API. You can query anything you want with them.

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    I've bought the Social Networking Plugin and after installation I've launched the test scene providing my own FB appID (in init function and .plist file with "fb" prefix). However, after build (via Build in Build Settings) and run in Xcode and opening my app, I click Inititialize and then Login -> Safari opens with the proper page of my app but it causes an app crash.. In Xcode console I can see following message:
    -> applicationDidEnterBackground()

    -> applicationWillTerminate()

    EuroKop(10744,0x3e7e0ce malloc: *** error for object 0x2d8ea88: pointer being freed was not allocated

    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug


    Current language: auto; currently c++

    Then, after providing my login data, Safari window closes and I'm back to my crashed app (stuck on the splash screen).
    What can be the cause of this crash? Settings of my FB app? Settings of the plugin? Everything is default..

    Please help!

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    @look, I can't reproduce the error when using the demo scene. Can you send over a stack trace? To get it when the crash occurs type "thread apply bt all" in the Xcode console.

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    loginWithRequestedPermissions takes me to the user's news feed?

    Just set up a new Facebook App for a demo project I'm doing.

    Here's what I think I'm doing right:

    - I have the App details set up with Apple (so I have a bundle ID and an App ID)
    - I have a FB App set up with a FB App ID / API Key and a FB Secret

    I call the following code:
    1.       void Awake()
    2.     {
    3.         FacebookBinding.init("xxxxxxxxx"); // My API key
    4.     }
    6.     // Use this for initialization
    7.     void Start () {
    9.         StartCoroutine(FacebookLoginCoroutine());
    10.     }
    12.     IEnumerator FacebookLoginCoroutine()       
    13.     {
    14.         yield return new WaitForSeconds(2.0f);
    16.         if(!FacebookBinding.isLoggedIn())
    17.         {
    18.             string[] perms = new string[3];
    19.             perms[0] = "publish_actions";
    20.             perms[1] = "publish_stream";
    21.             perms[2] = "email";
    23.             Debug.Log("Logging into Facebook");
    24.             FacebookBinding.loginWithRequestedPermissions(perms);
    25.         }
    26.         else
    27.         {
    28.             Debug.Log("Extending Token");
    29.             FacebookBinding.extendAccessToken();
    30.         }
    31.     }

    The Debugger outputs "Logging Into Facebook" - so I know that FacebookBinding.loginWithRequestedPermissions(perm s); is getting called. Why, then, is the user directed to their own news feed and not the App authorization screen!?!?

    Finally, I have set up the Info.pList additions as outlined in the API Docs on prime31.com, and verified that the .pList file in the XCode project has the URL Scheme inside it.

    I can't see anything different between this and the previous FB app I've set up. Really bonkers and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    @NT7, did you add your bundle ID to the Facebook app? They require it now in order to be able to authorize and redirect back to your app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prime31 View Post
    @NT7, did you add your bundle ID to the Facebook app? They require it now in order to be able to authorize and redirect back to your app.
    @Prime31, I did. I placed my Apple ID (retrieved from iTunes connect) into the iPhone App Store ID field on my Facebook Developer page.

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    and yes, also my Bundle ID as well (com.nt7inc.<XYZXYZ>)

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    @NT7, the last bit would be to delete your game from the device between tests so that the Info.plist changes propagate. Xcode has a bug where Info.plist changes only take effect on install sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NT7Games View Post
    and yes, also my Bundle ID as well (com.nt7inc.<XYZXYZ>)
    Yeah I'm retarded. I was using my app secret in the init method instead of the FB App ID. Will test and confirm my retardedness.

    [EDIT]: will also delete app data from my phone before testing.

    Last edited by NT7Games; 03-02-2012 at 12:41 PM.

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    Fixed. Thanks for suggesting the BundleID thing because it led me down the right path anyway

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    Aberdeen, WA

    Facebook postImage Callback question?

    hello Prime31, great plugins, have quick question about the FB part of the social media plugin.

    I've read through the forum several times now and double / triple checked my settings and FacebookBinding.postImage doesn't seem to return any callback info? even though the image does post to facebook. Any insight for me? thanks in advance!

    1. plist setup properly.
    2. fb init called properly.
    3. have my social networking prefab added to my root scene (I'm on a different scene when calling it but that's worked for etc manager, and media manager so I assume I'm cool
    4. it's in javascript (I can already feel you discontent)
    5. xcode 4.3 installed building to ios 5
    6. using the 2-21-12 social media plugin.
    7. 3.5.0f5 build of unity3d.

    1. // called when I push a  button...
    2. function db_facebook(){
    3.     if(FacebookBinding.isLoggedIn()){
    4.         var mess = GameObject.Find("message").GetComponent(Input_Generic).text;
    5.         FacebookBinding.postImage( gm.selectedGalleryImagePath, mess );
    6.     }
    7.     else{
    8.         FacebookBinding.login();
    9.     }
    10. }
    12. function twitterLogin(){
    13.     //EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "Success", "logged into twitter successfully!", "OK" );
    14. }
    15. function twitterPost(){
    16.     EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "Success", "You've Tweeted your awesome creation!", "OK" );
    17. }
    18. function twitterPostFailed(error:String){
    19.     EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "FAILURE!", "oops! Something muffled your Tweet! ::"+error, "OK" );
    20. }
    21. function facebookLogin(){
    22.     //EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "Success", "logged into facebook successfully!", "OK" );
    23. }
    24. function facebookPost(){
    25.     EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "Success", "You've posted your awesome creation to Facebook!", "OK" );
    26. }
    28. function facebookPostFailed(error:String){
    29.     EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButton( "FAILURE!", "oops! Something busted posting to Facebook! :: "+error, "OK" );
    30. }
    32. function OnEnable(){
    33.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterLogin += twitterLogin;
    34.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterPost += twitterPost;
    35.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterPostFailed += twitterPostFailed;
    36.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookLogin += facebookLogin;
    37.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookPost += facebookPost;
    38.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookPostFailed += facebookPostFailed;
    39. }
    40. function OnDisable(){
    41.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterLogin -= twitterLogin;
    42.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterPost -= twitterPost;
    43.     SocialNetworkingManager.twitterPostFailed -= twitterPostFailed;
    44.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookLogin -= facebookLogin;
    45.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookPost -= facebookPost;
    46.     SocialNetworkingManager.facebookPostFailed -= facebookPostFailed;
    47. }

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    @inner, stick the *EventListener prefab in your scene during testing. It will dump the contents of every event to the console. The custom request event is the one you will want for this situation though.

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    Aberdeen, WA
    Sweet, SocialNetworkingManager.facebookReceivedCustomRequ est += facebookReceivedCustomRequest; worked like a charm thanks prime! you da man!

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