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    Long time viewer, first time poster here. I created and self-published this game to test out some of the great assets I got from the Asset Store. And, yes, it is a 'flappy' game.

    Flappy 3D - Google Play Store

    Name:  flappy_screens_01.png
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Size:  701.4 KBName:  flappy_screens_02.png
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    I look forward to seeing more games here; I love this thread!

    You absolutely need this: CORE Framework

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    Hello everyone! This is my first game at the store created in Unity3D. In the game you control a soul, and we have to get out of purgatory

    Name:  tse.jpg
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    Play demo on WebPlayer: The Soul's Escape Demo

    Full version on Google Play: The Soul's Escape
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    Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

    Name:  roguepromo.jpg
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    You have lived all your life in the same town and known each of your neighbors for many years... But one day you wake up suddenly in the middle of the forest, alone, lost, and confused. When you return to your hometown, nobody remembers who you are. Something terrible has happened, and your adventure has just begun.

    • Explore a fantasy world full of magic, goblins, skeletons, lizards, gnolls, necromancers, golems... and many more!

    • Lot of hours of gameplay, including a main world and different dungeons.

    Get involved! Want to add your own quests on Rogue? Expand the content of Rogue as much as you want: get the Golden Knight badge on our forums to create your own and unique quests. If your content is approved they will be available on next Rogue releases on Google Play to all players.
    More information on codestalkers forum.

    Minimum specs:
    - OS: Android 4.0
    - CPU: armv7 1.2 GHz dual-core
    - Memory RAM: 1 GB
    - Storage: 700 MB

    Note: this game includes ads, but you can remove ads at anytime on settings menu. (paid feature)

    Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...stalkers.rogue
    codestalkers - Independent game developer

    Rogue - Beyond The Shadows
    Everland - Unleash The Magic

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    Hey guys I just released my first game.
    In the past, I've worked on various games of different genres on different platforms for years but never actually completed any of my games (probably worked on 10+).
    I've finally started and finished my first complete game, although its not the most complicated of games.

    Its based on some Alien characters that I invented 15 or so years ago when I was 12 or so which I made a Megazeux game for back then (if anyone knows what Megazeux is haha)

    Here is my game, UFO DRIFT:
    Name:  featureFinal.png
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    Name:  screenshotInstructions1.png
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    Name:  screenshotInstructions2.png
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    Name:  device-2014-02-27-003401.png
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    Name:  device-2014-03-05-024117.png
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    Bluey and Greenie were travelling through the Universe in their spaceship when suddenly a spatial vortex opened up and pulled them in!
    Once inside the vortex, they discovered that there were forcefields all over the place. They realized that they would have to swiftly maneuver their ship and avoid these fields if they ever hoped to escape.
    Help Bluey and Greenie traverse the dangerous vortex in this Arcade-style 3D infinite flyer game!
    - Control their spaceship as it hurtles out of control and avoid crashing into forcefields!
    - Progressively increasing difficulty as the spaceship flies deeper into the vortex.
    - Compete with other players on the leaderboard.
    - Score 25 points or higher to unlock the ending story.
    - Unlock all of the achievements!
    How far can you get?

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    I just released my first unity developed game, now its finally out on android! Took me a while, since im new to unity, but I think it came out alright:
    Rabid Jump is here! here is the link = https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...dios.RabidJump. Tell me what you guys think.

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    Hi guys,

    I just released a game made from Unity. This is a really simple game. Goal is dodge the boxes. Pretty simple game play. Please try it out. thanks


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    We launched out first game made with Unity yesterday. Its out on iOS and Android, soon to be on WP8 as well.

    Darts Match

    App Store
    Google Play

    Game Trailer

    Darts Match uses an intuitive swipe motion to aim and throw darts, allowing solo players to compete in standard games of 501 and 301 and Around The Clock.

    Boasting cross-platform play for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users, Darts Match allows players to challenge others via Facebook, Smart Match or an in app search by Darts Match username.

    The game has already received backing from one of the sport’s heavyweights with Darts Match players’ taking to the oche and aiming at an officially approved Unicorn darts board, as utilised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

    Name:  mzl.qqmlsvtn.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreaP View Post
    Hello everyone,
    I'm Andrea from 48h Studio, a small italian game development company.
    Our game, Avoid - Sensory Overload, has been released on the Google Play Store this week.

    Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nuoxygen.avoid
    The game is now FREE on Google Play.

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    Game Name: Ninth Way
    Developer: EvailStudio (Bogdan Dolishniy)
    Genre: Arcade/Runner
    Content Rating: Everyone

    Ninth way is the original 9-way runner that requires maximum attention and speed of reaction.
    Test your reflexes and have fun.

    - Random generated endless way;
    - Dynamic gameplay;
    - Increasing difficulty;

    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-21-20-57.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-21-21-06.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-21-21-57.png
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Size:  1.67 MB

    Ninth Way

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    Really nice games and thread!

    I think it would be very helpful if everybody could also post the Unity release the game was build with.

    If I see all the problems in the forum it would be interesting to find some kind of stable Unity release to use for production games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multix View Post
    I think it would be very helpful if everybody could also post the Unity release the game was build with.
    The version currently on the Play Store of our game, "Avoid - Sensory Overload", is built with Unity 4.3.3. It requires Android 4.0 or higher. It seems to work fine for most users, except for the fact that it crashes with the experimental ART runtime.
    Andrea Pantaloni
    48h Studio

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    Not really a game but more of messaging app

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...e.labs.avachat

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    Mamborê - Paraná - Brazil
    Super American Racing Lite - [ Free ]


    Attached Images  
    SIMBRA - Brazil Simulators
    Dynamic Games Entertainment
    My Games on Google Play Store - Super American Racing - Touring Racing - Classic Prototype Racing

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    I've been testing on several non finalized projects but I decided to simplify this game (although this is not exactly a easy game) to finally release my first one.

    Buy $1 (no ads)
    Free (with ads)

    Keep Moving and You'll be Alright is a challenging game, that uses only one command, hold the screen to turn the spacecraft rotation counter clockwise and release to back to the clockwise rotation.

    .Beat your Record!
    .Unlock Achievements!

    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-20-50-30.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-20-56-47.png
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    Name:  Screenshot_2014-03-23-20-57-05.png
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    By Square Build
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    our two developer team released a game made from Unity. This is a brick breaker game that has a lot of challenge. Three different game modes.

    Google Play Amazon Appstore

    Try it out! Subscribe, rate and check also our facebook!

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    Title: Cue Breakers
    Developer: Lufi Games
    Genre: Sport
    Content Rating: PEGI 3+
    Screenshot: Name:  promote.jpg
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Size:  111.0 KB
    Description: Cue Breakers is billiard simulator with four games: 8 ball, 9 ball, One Pocket and Straight Pool. 8 ball is avaiable from the start, other games you have to unlock by winning ranked games. You can play either with your friend on the same device or with computer. Game has various difficulty levels so it's suitable for wide range of players from less experienced ones to billiard "sharks". Controls are easy to adapt but if you want to do some magic you can take advantage of realistic physics system, precise aiming, squirt and swerwe.

    - Four different games
    - Various difficulty levels
    - Realistic physics and graphics
    - Progress mode

    First Windows Store game written in C++ with DirectX11.1 API and later ported using Unity3D Basic to WP8 and Android. My own physics, animations.

    Unity3D port:
    - Google Play
    - Amazon

    Windows Phone 8
    - Windows Phone Store

    Before Unity3D:
    Windows 8.1
    - Windows Store

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