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    @Dream, the setPopoverPoint method should be just what you are looking for.

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    Thanks Prime. That's exactly what I was looking for. I guess I should've read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. >_<

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    Hi Prime31,

    I can't find Native Toolkit anymore on your site. Is it discontinued for some reason?

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    @Lisan, NativeToolkit is discontinued for the time being. It may be brought back in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prime31 View Post
    @Lisan, NativeToolkit is discontinued for the time being. It may be brought back in the future.
    But why? Is it have incompatibility with current Unity version? Can i use already downloaded version or it won't work correctly?

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    @Lisan, supporting it required too much time as it is a very free form plugin.

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    San Francisco, CA
    @Prime31, the queryLibrary( string songTitle, string artist, string album ) function in the latest MediaPlayer is great, but would it be possible to have another play that takes an assetUrl, similar to playPlaylist( string playlistId )?

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    @kevork, for now we are going to leave it with the two different interfaces. One for simple integration and one for advanced. You can actually make a custom player with the current advanced API without much trouble.

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    @prime31 - In the iAd plugin, how do I display the ad on the top of the screen instead of the bottom?

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    @Atomic, the createBanner method lets you specify the exact point where the banner should be. Just pass in 0,0 to get it on the top.

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    Lincoln, UK
    @Prime31. In the Mobclix plugin, is it possible to tell when an ad has been clicked on? And in the Game Center Multiplayer plugin, is a player automatically kicked out the game if they leave the app due to multitasking?

    I have not used the Multiplayer plugin yet, but I am looking at doing an ad-supported multiplayer game. I hope to be able to see if a player is leaving the game due to an ad-click, and give them the opportunity to return if they have. I do not want to punish a player for earning me money!
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    @MoonJump, the multiplayer API will fire an event when a player leaves a match but there isn't a way to send back an ad click when a user leaves the app as the Unity VM is immediately paused.

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    Lincoln, UK
    Thank you Prime31. Looks like I may be better going for an interstitial ad before each match, rather than banner ads during a match.

    I'm not sure about how the interstitials work. I see the calls you have in your documentation, but I don't see Interstitials as a size option on the Mobclix website. What do I need to set-up to get them working? Do I need to set up a banner before requesting a full screen ad?
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    @Moonjump, the demo scene will show you how to load and display interstitials. I don't believe you have to sign up for anything special on the Mobclix portal but you may want to double check their docs just to be certain.

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    Got it working for iPad now...

    Okay, it worked with the following

    1. public void Start()
    2.     {
    3.         // start up iAd and destroy ourself
    4.         AdBinding.createAdBanner( bannerOnBottom );
    5.         AdBinding.rotateToOrientation( DeviceOrientation.LandscapeLeft );
    6.         //Screen.orientation = ( ScreenOrientation )Input.deviceOrientation;
    7.         Screen.orientation = ScreenOrientation.LandscapeLeft;
    8.        }

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi prime,
    Is there already a forum specifically for the GameCenter Multiplayer plugin? If not could you begin one...? This thread is so big now trying to find particular information is too time consuming... ( unless I'm missing something in the forum search tools )

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    @stuatk, the forum search tools aren't the greatest. I personally use a Google custom to search the forums like this: http://www.google.com/cse/m?cx=00595...eme=MINIMALIST

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    Hi prime31...i am using your admob plugin, its very good. now i want to combine it with banners i made myself for our different product. so i would like to display it over admob banner, how can i pause the display of admob banner and later (based on timer) to display it again?


    here is the code i am using right now for testing, not yet implemented this what i want just a timer

    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    5. public class AdMobAndroidAdapter : MonoBehaviour
    6. {
    7. #if UNITY_ANDROID
    9.     public string adMobPubliserId;
    10.     public string[] testDevices;
    12.     float startTime;
    13.     float elapsedTime;
    14.     float rotateTime;
    15.     bool showCustomBanner;
    18.     void Awake(){
    20.         startTime=Time.time;
    21.         rotateTime=10.0f;      
    23.     }
    25.     void Update(){
    28.         elapsedTime=Time.time-startTime;
    30.         if(elapsedTime>rotateTime)
    31.         {
    33.             elapsedTime=0.0f;
    34.             startTime=startTime+rotateTime;
    35.             showCustomBanner=!showCustomBanner;
    37.         }
    39.         Debug.Log("Elapsed Time: " + elapsedTime + " showCustomBanner: " + showCustomBanner);
    42.     }
    45.     void Start()
    46.     {      
    48.         AdMobAndroid.init(adMobPubliserId);
    50.         //PUT HERE TEST DEVICES
    51.         AdMobAndroid.setTestDevices(testDevices);
    53.         var density = AdMobAndroid.getScreenDensity();
    54.         //Debug.Log(density.ToString());
    56.         // center the banner.  this is a basic setup with centered banners
    57.         if(isTablet()){
    58.             AdMobAndroid.createBanner( AdMobAndroidAd.tablet468x60, ( Screen.width / 2 ) - 234 * density, Screen.height-(60*density) );
    59.             //Debug.Log("create banner for tablet");
    60.         }else{
    61.             //placed at the bottom right corner
    62.             AdMobAndroid.createBanner( AdMobAndroidAd.phone320x50,Screen.width - 320 * density, Screen.height-(50*density));
    63.             //Debug.Log("create banner for for phone");
    64.         }
    65.     }
    68.     bool isTablet()
    69.     {
    70.         // check for tablet sized screens
    71.         if( Screen.width >= 1000 || Screen.height >= 1000 ){
    72.             return true;
    73.         }else{     
    74.             return false;
    75.         }
    76.     }
    77. #endif
    78. }

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    @pretender, you can toggle the visibility of the banner by just calling hideBanner( true/false ). You can then show your ads while it's hidden.

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    Hi Prime31... I am using the MoPub plugin for both IOS and Android to draw banner ads. My client is requesting that I load an ad off-screen and then have it scroll onto the screen. I did not see a way to do this with the current plugin. Is there a way I can set the x and y of a banner after it has loaded? If not is there plans to add this feature in the future? (Note: Current banner just blinks in final position once it is loaded, so everything is working). Thanks.

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