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    Unity compatible with 3D mouse

    In several 3D/CAD companies they use a 3D mouse for modelling and browsing 3D software.

    A lot of software is compatible with this 3D mouse, but the only player I miss in this list is Unity.

    It would be really handy if will be possible to use this 3D mouse in Unity.

    Kind Regards,

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    Dear Erik,

    thank you for contacting the 3Dconnexion technical support.

    If an application is not mentioned on our list of supported applications, you should contact the developer of this application and ask them if they want to add support for our controllers.

    The developer can download an SDK (Software Developer Kit) from our website, which they can use to add support for our controllers in their application.

    As you can see on our list of supported application, a lot of developer's already added support for our devices, the more users from a certain application ask for support the earlier a developer will take the effort to build in support.

    With kind regards

    Mike Nitschke
    3Dconnexion Technical Support

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    WA, USA

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