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    licensing real car brands & desing for games


    I've tried to look for this info in google but the only thing i get are minigames pages with racing games, so I decided to try here.

    Does any have any experience or info on how licensing a real brand & design works?¿?¿?

    I would like to put real cars design in my game, ( not really interested in the brand) but as the design copyrighted I would probably be "breaking" the law.

    Any way, games like Alarmfur11 crashtimeII or Tokyo Highway Challenge for the dreamcast (a bit old this one) used real designs with fake names such as Type 34 or Liquidator. But you could clearly see a BMW a porche911 etc...

    I believe that one of the biggest cons will be that I'll have to pay for it.

    I might not be licensed to crunch the cars when crashing.

    Anddd... lot more administrative work probably, dont know.

    I've seeked a couple of manufacturers web pages and I event did not find an interesting contcact to adrees to.

    coments are welcome.
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    Brisbane, Australia
    I've worked at games companies that have been involved with licencing real world products, and it's generally tricky and expensive. Licencing cars is likely to be out of your reach if you're posting questions like this here. Car manufacturers want a lot of money and will impose harsh restrictions on how their vehicles are depicted.

    Games that feature recognisable car designs with fake names are not paying for licences. (otherwise they wouldn't be using fake names) They are engaging in the fine tradition of sort-of ripping designs off with just enough changes that they avoid getting sued.

    I've heard different theories thrown about, like changing 15% to changing elements that uniquely identify a vehicle and not being a lawyer I can't speak authoritatively on how safe it is, but a lot of games get away with it. You can definitely make a car with a Porsche like silhouette and include it in your game as long as you don't call it a Porsche.

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks a lot for the reply.

    This morning I've been calling some car manufacturesrs such as Honda & Citroen-Peugueot, and at first they really did not where to adress me (in the reception). Got some e-mails and send them, lest see wat they do comment.

    I already had in mind to remove all the badges, but even doing so, the vehicles are so accurate that they match the real car a "too" much.

    There is where my fear resides.
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    PA, USA
    Try not using real car models and making your own hybrids. Vigilante 8 on the 64, PlayStation and Dreamcast used suggestive names and car hybrid models to make their cars.

    Check out these Vids(its addons for GMod but the cars are accurate. V8 was my favorite N64 game. They all look as they did on the N64, just more polygons now)

    Clydesdale =Combination of a Chevy Blazer/Ford Bronco/Dodge Ram Charger

    Jefferson = Lincoln Continental Town Car / Ford LTD

    Palamino = Plymouth Barracuda

    Stag Pick Up = Dodge Pickup

    Moth Truck = Mack Truck

    Hope that helps!
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    According to this TED video


    In America at least there is not copy protection on the actual look just the trademark... So as long as you don't have the name / badges you should be okay...

    But then again I'm not a lawyer...

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    United States
    That is the fashion industry. Clothing is considered utilitarian, how would you feel if you had to pay a premium because someone had a patent on a novel method of keeping your body warm.

    The automotive industry on the other hand, has considerable lobbying power, and gets quite serious about design patents and copyrights. For example


    In that article Chevy sues a group for making unlicensed replicas of one of their own models.

    IANAL: But your best bet would be to mix and match details that you like (ultimately creating something original), and of course, lawyer up.

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    Editing values
    Quote Originally Posted by MakerOfGames
    Jefferson = Lincoln Continental Town Car / Ford LTD
    That´s a Cadillac Fleetwood with the front of a 78 and the rear of a '80

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    PA, USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Taigo
    Quote Originally Posted by MakerOfGames
    Jefferson = Lincoln Continental Town Car / Ford LTD
    That´s a Cadillac Fleetwood with the front of a 78 and the rear of a '80
    Ah, I was not familiar with those cars, so i assumed it was an artists interpretation of the Ford.

    Hmm upon closer inspection the artist made the Stag Pickup a Chevy. I would say take a look at the original models for the most accurate way to interpret them yourself. Either way, if my descriptions are off, you can find the right cars that they are supposed to be representing easily by looking at them. I'm not a car enthusiast so I probably am off because of subtle differences.
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