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    Error Launching Unity Player (Decompression Failure)

    I just started getting this error when running app. from my website... it has been fine until today or yesterday....
    Error Launching Unity Player (Decompression Failure)

    I have another unity app I built, in the same folder, and it runs just fine from the web. Both apps were built within the last few days.

    For the broken App. I've tried in both Firefox, and IE7, its broken in both.
    Both apps run fine, launching from my PC locally in either browser.

    I've tried re-uploading multiple times, and re-building with different Unity settings...
    I have latest web player, and latest unity pro 2.6.1 version.

    I'm uploading/ftp'ing in binary mode.

    but no luck with any of this.....
    any idea what this is ?

    I saw some postings of users playing tiger woods having a similar problem... is it related ?
    help appreciated, thanks.

  2. Unity tech writer

    Blackpool, United Kingdom
    After doing a build, check the build log for errors (use the Open Editor Log button in the top right of the console window).
    I'm wired to the world... that's how I... know... everything...

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    Los Angeles
    thanks I'll try that.

    also I realized one more difference.
    It could be to do with where I am uploading from... home or the office.
    It could be working from home, and failing from the office. I have same version of windows,UNity, and filezilla at both locations... could having firewall/network at the office cause issues with uploading?

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    London, UK
    have exactly the same problem, I am not administrating the server that is hosting my website. It is a windows one. So i contact them first to enable mime fro unity 3d and they say they did, and after that i have this problem ... it says that it failed to decompress the file.. it doesn't load even for a second .



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