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    Wii Remote in Unity Indie with WiiFlash and U3DObject


    I have seen some options in this forum to use the Wii remote with Unity - such as the UniWii plugin,
    but they all seem to require Unity Pro.

    I just uploaded a video demo, which shows that you can get the Wii remote and Nunchuck working
    in Unity Indie, without the need of a plugin. You can do this by using WiiFlash and U3DObject.

    WiiFlash consists of a server and a library (both for Mac and Windows),
    and U3DObject lets you communicate between a Flash and a Unity file through the browser in which you embed them.

    Here's the link to the video, which first shows a simple demo and then the FPS_Tutorial.

    Although I didn't use a sensor bar in these examples, WiiFlash does support up to 4 ir points.

    The short video just shows that it is possible, it does not explain how to do it. If you like I can clean up and upload the example project ,


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    An example project would be great!

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    Aalborg, Denmark
    This is most excellent!

    I would love an example project. Im especially interested in how flexible the coding possibilites are. Can you access whatever data the wiimote transmits?

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    thanks for your replies. Yes, you can access all the data of the nunchuck and the wiimote (also, there is balance board support, but not yet motionplus support I believe).

    I'll upload the project this week, just need some time to clean it up a little .

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    Aalborg, Denmark
    After watching your video one more time and ordering my wiimote (arrives tomorrow, yay), i realized there seems to be a slight delay between the wiimote input, and the on screen reaction of your cube in Unity. Is this a product of parsing data through Wiiflash and U3DO? Ive downloaded both, but decided not to look at any of them before having a wiimote to play around with.

    Im excited to see how much programming you have to do outside of Unity, as im not really that code savvy

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    @Theformand Sorry for my late reply, but yes, in the video there is some delay between the wiimote and the object - more than when I steer a Papervision3D object within Flash. I didn't really look into to that, but keep in mind though that it will not always be this noticeable, depending on how - to what sort of navigation - you hook up the wiimote. Btw, it also may be caused by some smoothing code that I used.

    As promised I have uploaded two example projects. Moreover, I have put together a video tutorial on how
    to make this work, because merely uploading the projects might still leave people without a Flash or Unity background in the dark.

    You can find the tutorial and the example projects right here.

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