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    edwood_grant ,

    First off, I don't recall doing any windows bashing, I even mentioned that I use windows sometimes and that "the best junior designer I've met in the past two years" was a windows guy (well I said he had no Mac experience, not quite the same I know - but he is a windows user).

    Secondly, I never said that buying or owning any type of product meant that you were more talented. I said, that if you have talent that you can get a decent job and then afford a Mac. I still believe this is true (but to clarify I'm talking about if you live in UK, Europe or USA).

    However, I understand that this forum is a global community and I sometimes forget this and assume we're all in Europe, UK or USA so apologies for affecting your sensibilities by not specifying that I was referring to the economies of those countries

    Btw, you can just buy OSX off the shelf. And lastly, I hope your uni gets Unity iPhone and allows you to use the facilities to build the next big thing in iPhone gaming

    When I first got started in the creative industries 17 years ago, an educational establishment gave me free run of their facilities (outside of any courses that were being run - but I ended up teaching on half of them for a short while) and that allowed me to begin to further not only my 3D modeling/design (Lightwave on Amigas I used mainly back then and it's still a favourite app to me) but also my film & TV production skills (on Macs). I'm grateful to this day for the leap up that it gave me and hope others get the same break I did.

    Best of luck to all who participated on this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric5h5 View Post
    I have an older G5 Power Mac running 10.4 (I still have apps that don't work well or at all on newer Macs), connected via firewire to the Intel mini running 10.5, controlling the mini remotely via VNC as I mentioned. I ran the mini the same way connected to a PC for a weekend a while ago, and there was no particular difference in this setup, except it was connected by ethernet rather than firewire. I'm not sure of the details on the file sharing because I didn't actually have to do anything extra to get it to work.

    hi to all....
    am using MAC OS.
    how can i put comments in mono develop editor ?

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