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    Seattle, WA, USA

    Unity 2.6 is out (and free!)

    Dear awesome Unity community,

    With great pleasure I will share that we have completed development on version 2.6 of Unity. This release includes some awesome new features for everyone like a brand new Animation Editor and Project search, along with additional Pro-only features such as a Profiler, Ambient Occlusion, and tons more.

    You can read more about what's been packed into this release on the new 2.6 feature page.

    But we're not quite done here... That's right, we've discontinued Unity Indie and replaced it with a feature-identical version of the Editor called simply "Unity". The difference? Unity is free for everyone. One more barrier to entry torn down.

    For current Indie license holders, we've thought about you too! We're offering a discount on a Unity Pro upgrade for all Indie license holders. Until the end of the year, you can upgrade to Unity Pro for $1099. And if you've purchased Unity Indie in the past 60 days, you can opt to receive a full refund for your purchase instead. Those who qualify for the full refund should receive an email with details soon.

    Finally, I'd just like to say thanks to everybody that uses, learns, and teaches Unity. Our community is about to grow again with new Unity users, and I'm just really proud of how the spirit of helping and supporting each other perseveres throughout each new influx. It's just great, plain and simple. I'm looking forward to playing all your brilliant creations!

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    Seattle, WA, USA
    Here are some more details of the rebate, directly from Nicholas (as posted in the Gossip thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by nicholas
    Hey guys.

    Sorry for dropping the ball on getting you the facts - been kind of crazy here at our conference

    We certainly don't want to leave any Indie users out in the cold, so our email servers will be sending out mails to all existing indie users (unless they asked we don't mail them)

    The deal we're offering looks like this:
    Existing paid indie users get the following upgrade offers:
    We are giving a 400$ discount on a Unity Pro upgrade, or a $250 discount on the iPhone Basic - so you can add iPhone games to your roster for $150. We don't care when you bought it - we'll be happy to upgrade you

    This offer is valid to the end of the year, so you've got some time to save up to make use of this.

    Alternatively, if you've purchased Unity Indie in the last 60 days, you can also get a full refund. In this case you'll get an email no matter if you asked not to be contacted (if you're really annoyed by getting an email containing money, you have my apologies ). If you choose the refund, you lose the upgrade rebates naturally.

    Again, all this is in the mails that are going out today and over the night so don't worry.

    Also, please don't panic; we're not gonna drop a bunch of ads in your dev tool or in your games or any other weird stuff. It's literally the same Unity that you've always had.

    If you can't activate right now, bear with us - our servers are getting hammered, so we're scrambling a bit to catch up

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    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Woh that is a radical change to Unity and the community.

    But nice, even though i purchased the ide ver at the begin of the year - but hey times change

    great work on the new release

    Thanks for it all


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    Hey Unity

    You just made me angry. I've really worked hard on earning that amount of money for an Indie license this year. I live in a 3rd-world country and $200 is not an easy money to get.

    Now, just months later you make it free and my only option now is to SPEND AGAIN on a huge amount of money to get the discounted prices of what I don't need (e.g. Pro or iPhone) -- and only for a limited time!

    Like I said, I am not in a glorious country and that amount of money is precious to me. I NEED A REFUND!

    - Andrei
    from Philippines

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    So how does this refund work for people who have Unity Indie + Unity iPhone Basic? Can I get the refund for Indie, and still keep my Unity iPhone Basic license?

    I'd prefer to upgrade to Pro, but can't afford it right now, so the refund would be a nice option.

    Good luck with the new release!

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Yeah I don't want to be a hater but I am also quite disappointed.

    I have Indie which I bought in March and though I don't want a refund I am chocked that almost all the new features in 2.6 are for Pro. I was looking forward to the Profiler and the SVN support....very lame. And why don't we get them? Because now it's free and the dev's can say - hey what do you expect for $0 - well some of us didn't pay 0$!! I would understand all the visual/graphic features to be in Pro only.

    Very very disappointing, $1100USD is still a lot of money for a lot of us. And how long until Unity 3.0 and we have to pay out again. I think moving to Pro should be considerable less for Indie holders for that reason alone.

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    Well, you still got what you paid for, and unless they promissed that those features would be in the Indie version, I think it's a fair decission from them.

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    My issue is not what I paid for I have no complaints there. My complaint is with 2.6 - they really should have broken the features out for Indie and Pro long ago to set expectations.

    As we are getting closer to a 3.0 release who wants to spend $1100 and then have to shell out again in less than a year(?).

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    San Diego, CA
    In all fairness they always said that VCS support was going to be Pro-only.

    Also, if you buys 2.6 Pro you'll get 3.0 at a discount (you can check out the store for the current discounts on the previous version).

    I don't think 3.0 will come out anytime soon -- at the soonest, a year, although I could be wrong but since it's a huge update, I think it'll be later rather than sooner.

    2.6 Basic has more features than 2.6 Indie. 2.6 Pro has even more.

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    Taipei, Taiwan
    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    My friend and I (who are also from the Philippines), were still planning how to get the money for a Unity Indie license, and now you're giving it to us for free! We're so happy We want to hug you guys~!

    Thank You! Thank You again!

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    Ridiculous. We paid for something that is now free. Where's our refund, Unity?

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    Indianapolis, USA
    The people complaining on this thread about Unity (indie) now being free makes me ill. Geesh, I really hate stupid greedy people.
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    Ottawa, Canada
    Not that I am really in a position to bargain, but as a hobbiest, I still can't afford $1100 to upgrade. I would for $650 though. This is the "Upgrade to Unity Pro from Unity 1.x Pro" price. I wonder how many other Indies would take advantage of a one time advantage like this. I don't want to miss the new 2.6 or whatever features ... This would also pretty much lock us into your 2-3 year upgrade loop.

    You can't afford NOT to give us this one time low-low price, Unity, so act now ... I can't do this all day.
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    Alabang, Philippines
    Thanks UNITY for making it free! Although, it kinda sucks for those who paid for the Indie version, I still think it's an awesome move. Unity could be the new standard engine for web games! Yey for FREE UNITY!!!

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    Yeah, great. I bought it on 2009/07/28, I can get a refund? (it's only 2-3 days from that 60 limit which is a must for refund with any software)

    Yeah, damn those stupid, greedy.. evil.. EVIL people.

    BRB, checking the status of the money-growing-tree in my backyard.

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    what about iphone basic users with unity indie

    I purchased unity indie and iphone basic 3 months ago, I only wanted to develop for the iphone but as you know you require both. As I live in the UK I had to pay 25% tax on top of the standard price which made the purchase around $750. with this in mind I read the unity road map and estimated my time for support, at least upto unity indie 3. It now seems I have an iphone product that I cannot use as I do not have unity pro (which I do not want) and my estimations were shall we say “off the mark”

    Unity for free is great news, however as a paying customer I have only had support for 3 months. Does this mean no more support on unity iphone basic upto 2.0 or beyond for unity indie license owners.

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    Where are you reading that Unity isn't going to support non-pro users?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrvtHudson
    Not that I am really in a position to bargain, but as a hobbiest, I still can't afford $1100 to upgrade.
    Nicholas said that there is a $400 discount on the Pro upgrade. The upgrade to Pro is normally $1300. So, a $400 discount makes the upgrade $900. This seems quite generous to me, especially considering that it doesn't matter when you purchased Indie...there's no 60-day thing, unlike for the refund. I do think the 2 month limitation on this offer is a bit short with Christmas at the end of it, but it's still a good offer.


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    Got the upgrade email from Sales Team..

    But what we're writing about today is different. As of today we've gone ahead and made Unity Indie free (it's also just called Unity now, but the featureset and license remain the same). To show our appreciation to our Unity Indie customers we've decided to offer you an upgrade of your Unity Indie license to Unity Pro for just €749..
    Wow, for just 51,000 (+VAT extras) bucks I can be the proud owner of a shiny new Pro.. which I will again have to pay to upgrade soon, but that's a different story. Forget making games, this year my goal is to raise enough money to pay for Pro version.

    Also, no refund option. Great.

    Whelp, I am done. On the side note, great people like randyedmonds won't be seeing more of us greedy people here. :P

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