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    Applying .bvh motion to a rigged 3d character.


    What are the methods of applying a .bvh motion to a fully rigged 3d model? (excluding Animeeple software)

    I have loads of .bvh motion files and a good rigged character but I can't seem to get it how to put them together :S

    I downloaded Autodesk Motionbuilder but there are no tutorials on how to do it and I'm lost there...

    So what would be the best way for me to add .bvh motion onto one of my fully rigged characters?

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    the easiest way is clearly fragmotion:

    1. load model
    2. use merge animation and load the bvh
    3. assign the bones if the skeleton is not identical
    4. potentially fix the data if your skeleton was just too incompatible
    5. done

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    Lithuania/ UK
    Thanks, I'll try that...

    Do I need full version of FragMotion to export to .FBX?
    Because when I click export to .fbx extension, nothing happens :S

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