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Thread: About Wish List

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    About Wish List

    When you rub this forum board three times, a genie appears. You then type your Unity-related wish into a new post and the genie grants it.*

    Wish List is a place to talk about things you would like to see added to (or maybe removed from) Unity in the future. If you have found a bug in Unity or you have a specific feature you'd like to request, it is better to use the Report Bug application (in the same folder as the Unity app). This applies as much to the documentation as to the Unity editor itself. As for Wish List, think of it as a place to suggest and discuss broader ideas and innovations.

    And before you ask - yes, the wishes do sometimes come true as long as you are very, very good and eat your vegetables.

    * This doesn't really happen.

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    Please note though that this forum area is not our official source of quantified feedback. This is a place for idle chatter about wishes and whatnot and as such it gets cursory attention out of us. If you really want your voice to be heard then please do as instructed here and offer your feedback via the following URL:


    Tom Higgins - Product Evangelist at Unity Technologies ApS
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