3.5 beta and External version control

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    Hey Everyone,

    I am working with the unity 3.5 beta and am trying to set my project up for external version controls to use with tortoisesvn. I am looking at this article here and it all seems really straight forward except for the library files it seems that the contests of this folder have changed in 3.5 and some of these .asset files are not present.

    Does any one know which files need to be saved and which ones can be deleted for the 3.5 beta version?

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    In 3.5, all files in /ProjectSettings need to by synced.

    The /Library files had to be half-synced and half-not so it's been split apart so that everything that needs synced resides by themselves in one folder (i.e. /ProjectSettings).

    That documentation's for the last official release (and so outdated for 3.5) - I think the 3.5 beta changelogs detail what needs syncing, perhaps the local documentation in your Unity install does too, I've not looked at it yet :p
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    I highly suggest using the beat documentation (should have been installed locally along with 3.5 - my instal is here: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20%28x86%29/Unity/Editor/Data/Documentation/Documentation.html)

    Here is the 3.5 version of that page:

    Here's the TL;DR for 3.5 EVC

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    Awesome, thanks guys.