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    unity + dropbox - a good way of syncing & backing up fil

    We have recently discovered this simple (and free) way of syncing our unity project folders on the mac and pc. As a bonus it also backs everything up.

    As other people might find it useful I thought I'd share it.

    we got a free 2GB backup plan from www.getdropbox.com

    This program creates a folder on your computer that gets backed up online.
    You can then install it on another computer and it syncs the two folders for you - meaning you can jump back and forth between the two (of course you could do this if you're working on a network as well, but it's a good alternative if you can't network for some reason).

    And if you ever accidentally delete anything you can go online and redownload it.

    The only issues I've found with it is when I haven't let it finish uploading before shutting the computer down - or downloading before opening unity - this causes unity to complain about missing meta-data files. And sometimes I've tried to delete something only to find that the other computer re-uploads it - but it's only happened a couple of times.

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    Been using Dropbox with a large Unity project for the last six months or so now. It works really well. Some tips:

    1. Don't have Dropbox running all the time, just use it to back up at the end of the day. If you're using Unity iPhone, do a Clean All in XCode to keep the file size down.

    2. Make sure you've closed Unity before starting the backup, so it doesn't start messing with temporary files.

    3. Let the backup complete, so it doesn't get confused.

    4. If you're syncing between two machines, delete your project from your machine with the out of date code on, before syncing. This prevents lots of redundant duplicate files appearing, with the machine name tagged on the end of the filename.

    5. As Dropbox only keeps one copy (there's no update history to can rollback through), I keep a daily zip of the project to just make sure!

    Hope that helps!

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    Tokyo, Japan
    Quote Originally Posted by Oaf
    5. As Dropbox only keeps one copy (there's no update history to can rollback through), I keep a daily zip of the project to just make sure!
    I'm sorry but Dropbox has a subversion system....
    Andyou can browse it very easly online in your account.
    2 weeks ago they sent to Dropbox Users an email explaining the subversion system was upgraded.

    On 5st point I would say :

    5. Don't rename your working files everydays or you will lost history on Dropbox and when choising to update an old directory, it will add all the old files you changed the name...
    ...and it will create hell shit in your project
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    Where does it say that? I didn't get an email....

    True, there's a 30-day history of the changes you made, but I didn't fancy trying to do a restore of everything, from, say 3 days ago. Maybe I've missed something but I can't find any mention of a svn-style repository.

    Will be gladly proved wrong though! Got a link?

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    Tokyo, Japan
    There is a complete directory undo, vut mnenu is different and yes this is still a crazy bad one and I hope they will update that quickly!!

    About the history file it gives something like that :

    And the email sent the last month of July was saying that :

    Quote Originally Posted by DropBox

    The Dropbox team has been hard at work these past few months and we'd like to tell you about some upcoming changes and enhancements to the Dropbox service.

    We're Changing Undo History
    Did you know that Dropbox automatically:

    * Safeguards any files you delete in case you need to undelete them
    * Saves old file versions in case you need to go back to them later

    It's like having "undo" for all your files and folders.

    Today, Dropbox keeps these deleted files and old file versions ("undo history") forever. For many people this creates clutter, and it also wastes space.

    Because of this, beginning August 1st, our new policy will be to keep 30 days of undo history. If you'd like to have unlimited undo history, then you need to upgrade to one of our paid accounts.

    Please choose one of the following:

    Upgrade my account to have unlimited undo history
    30 days of undo history is all I need

    iPhone App Almost Here!
    In addition to this change to undo history, in the near future we'll be releasing our free iPhone app that will allow you to access your Dropbox on the go, view your files, save them to your phone, and even take photos that sync instantly to your Dropbox!

    Performance Improvements and LAN Sync
    In addition to the iPhone app, we're also finishing up a new version of the Dropbox desktop software that features numerous performance improvements and our new "LAN sync" feature. LAN sync knows when Dropboxes are on the same network and will automatically exchange files directly between computers instead of downloading them from our servers - this makes sharing large files in an office environment much faster than was previously possible.

    We've received great feedback from many of our users and are working on a lot of the stuff you've been asking for. Stay tuned and happy Dropboxing!

    Thanks for using Dropbox!
    - The Dropbox Team
    But yes, SVN is quite better and free too, but the problem is the server are a ltitle bit slow and sometime they are down... too often

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    Ah cool, didn't realise there was a complete directory undo. I just thought, if I'd messed something up and wanted to go back to yesterday's "check-in", I'd have to go through all the individual files (all those Library and Cache files!) and select which to restore.

    I remember now - I did get the email, but I was too busy going "ooh!" at the news of the iPhone version to remember the other stuff

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    Tokyo, Japan
    Quote Originally Posted by Oaf
    Ah cool, didn't realise there was a complete directory undo.
    Very very becarfull... this is a very bad one... It doesn't mind if you renamed a folder...

    But yes, it will give you back all past files and directories... haha
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    I've got another recommendation when it comes to using Dropbox. Use the built in export/import package in Unity and then write the package out to the dropbox. When importing packages, Unity will tell you what has changed and allow you to unselect changed files. That way you can easily avoid updating something that shouldn't be.

    It also allows you to create easy organized packages. Typically we would just export our entire project every time. Occasionally when we were just syncing up a few files, it would be a smaller limited project.
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