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    collision detection tutorial?

    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum as I dont know what is correct forum for this and getting so frustrated with collision detection . Does anybody know if there is a collision detection tutorial covering rigid bodies andcolliders without rigid bodies?

    If I am posting to the wrong forum, please advise where I should post this.


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    Thanks. May be the matrix is helpful. I have an emptygame object (with a sphere collider) which is moving and want to detect collision with a static cube (which has a box collider and is rigide body). But I never get a collision (I use OnCollisionEnter to see if anything happens). If I make the emptyobject a rigidbody, it moves very very slowly so I removed it.


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    Ok, using a combination of Mtrix and some experimentation I managed to solve it. Thanks for your help.


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    It had been great, if you had written, how you got detect the collision, because I have a similar problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by castelock View Post
    It had been great, if you had written, how you got detect the collision, because I have a similar problem
    You have to have rigidbody on MOVING object ( and collider too ). You may want to check all FreezePosition/FreezeRotation fields under Constraints section of rigidbody to avoid automatic movement modifications.
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    Check out my spaceshooter series. I go over OnTriggerEnter.

    Private message me for specific questions with what you're trying todo and I can provide you with an example.


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