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    Unity Jump Start - Video Tutorials

    Unity Jump Start
    http://www.unityjumpstart.com/ProofOfConcept_1/ - Files available, front end coming.

    Unity Jump Start was created to fill the need of simple introductory materials for the Unity 3D Game Engine. The idea is to increase the viewers abilities with Unity 3D by introducing topics, walking through the creation of a Proof Of Concept and then taking the Proof to a completed stage using 3D Models, 2D Graphics and Audio.

    The first release is detailed below. It is a Proof Of Concept for a Simple Space Shooter game using an Orthographic Camera View.

    All videos are 1280 x 720. I'm on the Windows platform using Camtasia Studio 6, so if these are too big byte wise or resolution wise, let me know. I'm might be asking people on the forums for best compression techniques as I am totally new to screen recording. The links below link directly to the MP4 files to download. If you need a Camtasia Codec, check the link below.


    Right now, the files are there to use, a web site is in the works.

    Proof Of Concept #1 – Space Shooter Online

    Proof Of Concept #1 – Space Shooter Project Files

    Proof Of Concept #1 – Space Shooter

    Part 1 (24 megs, 17 minutes) - http://www.unityjumpstart.com/ProofO...pt_1/part1.mp4

    Topics Covered
    Player Game Object
    Directional Light
    Orthographic Camera
    Naming Game Objects
    Player Material
    Camera Background Color
    Aspect Ratio
    Transform Discussion
    Input Discussion
    Player Movement Script
    Rigidbody – Is Kinematic

    Part 2 (34 megs, 22 minutes) - http://www.unityjumpstart.com/ProofO...pt_1/part2.mp4

    Topics Covered
    OnGUI Function
    Bullet Game Object
    Bullet Material
    Rigidbody – Is Kinematic
    Bullet Movement Script
    Transform and Position
    If Statement
    Destroy the Bullet
    Bullet Prefab
    Player Fire - GetKeyDown
    Instantiate the Bullet
    Creating Sounds
    Audio Source Component

    Part 3 (39 megs, 25 minutes) - http://www.unityjumpstart.com/ProofO...pt_1/part3.mp4

    Topics Covered
    Enemy Game Object
    Enemy Material Color
    Enemy Movement Script
    Reset Enemy Y Position
    Collider Is Trigger
    Bullet OnTriggerEnter
    Creating Tags
    Accessing Global Variables
    Destroy Bullet
    Reset Enemy
    Particle Systems
    Particle Animator
    Particle Emitter
    Explosion Prefab
    Explosion Audio Source
    Bullet Instantiate Explosion Prefab

    Part 4 (44 megs, 30 minutes) - http://www.unityjumpstart.com/ProofO...pt_1/part4.mp4

    Topics Covered
    Player OnTriggerEnter With Enemy
    Reducing Player Lives
    Reset Enemy Transform and Position
    Instantiate Exlosion
    Logic to check for wining
    Logic to check for losing
    Print Statement
    Creating Start Scene
    Creating Win Scene
    Creating Lose Screen
    Build Setting
    Create Logic to jump to Lose Scene
    Create Button to return to Start Scene
    Create Logic to jump to Win Scene
    Create Button to return to Start Scene
    Reset Global Variable

    I'll be adding the second part soon. It will take the Space Shooter Proof Of Concept, and add 3D, 2D, Background Audio and multiple levels.

    Let me know if this helps anyone, and what can be done better.



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    Orlando, FL.
    Wow man, well done. Thank you very much. I'm sure the community with welcome this warmly. Good quality videos here.
    If it doesn't hurt you didn't try hard enough!
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    Palma de Mallorca - Spain
    Learning resources are allways very wellcome, thank you so much.

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    These tutorials are awesome, they're exactly the type of tutorials I was looking for. Thanks for doing these. You're the man.

    I'm eagerly looking forward to the second part of the series.

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    Princeton, New Jersey
    I think I love you, Man.

    Errr, you know, in a guy way. Like, hey Man, let's go get beers and play pool. And `em, score some babes... Not that I'm gonna go out and score babes, I'm married, and she frowns on that. But I would if, you know. err..

    Thanks, Man.

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    Glad these are helping out! That was the reason to put the videos out, to help people get up and running. I've started the second part - taking the Proof Of Concept 1 and fleshing it out with models and graphics. I'll post when it's up and ready, plus I hope to have the web front end up quick too.



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    Lorax, these are FANTASTIC! As stated above by others, the more learning materials the better. Keep up the great work, and I am looking forward to further releases.

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    Vancouver Wa.
    To TheLorax,
    I have to say your style and methods are fantastic. I learned more than just what you were teaching.

    As I watched I quickly began to think about other ways to use what you were talking about.

    Thanks for taking the time, I look forward to learning even more.

    I hope you enter the tutorial contest.
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    Amazing. Really, this is one of the best tutorials i ever watched for Unity. You should consider joining UniKnowledge:


    I would love to see a new tutorial by you!

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    This is a big help to me and a great teaching tool. I'm new to javascript/code and you helped give me a better insight. I like the idea of the Proof of Concept to the Beta version. Such good material in there.


    PS. I know its been asked in other threads, but do you have a recommendation for a beginner Javascript book/resource?

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    Thank you

    I've just got round to watching the videos and I must say, they are excellent. I like your relaxed style. I look forward to the next one

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    Great stuff.
    Really enjoyed watching those. Although you've covered things that are documented in the Unity docs and PDF tuts they just make much more sense when seen running on a Unity screen. A few things that I've read and re-read in the docs just clicked into place with those movie tuts. Thank you.

    One thing I'd like to see expanded on is the enemy object and relative scripts i.e multiple enemies and attack paths. One Q:
    As the tutorials example enemy has the `is Trigger` value ON for collision detection, should multiple enemies therefore all have 'isTrigger' on as well?

    Look forward to the new tuts.

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    One thing you should add to your next part is a GUI function on the screen that says "You win or lose". Instead of changing to another level. Plus, more enemies ai such as "space invader" Where they go around crazy. And also about switching back and forth different enemies!! Hope this isn't too much to ask T_T!!
    Believe In The Impossible

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    First of all, thanks a lot TheLorax! Resources like that are always very useful for the whole community!

    Well, I've been playing with Unity for a little time, but used your proof of concept to start on C# development. I'm attaching the unityPackage for anybody else who wants a C# version of the code. Actually I made some things a bit different, like having the EnemyScript handle all the collisions and create functions to avoid retyping things like repositioning the enemy and instantiating the explosion, but all in all it's the same project.

    Anyway, keep up the work man!
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    Greenwood, AR
    TheLorax, I just wanted to thank you for what you've done.

    I like the way your coding methods are used throughout your scripts, it makes it easy to remember certain techniques by sticking to simple exact instructions and not trying to over complicate things by thinking you have to code something complex.

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to more.

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    I appreciate your contribution, I use C# (but am happy to use JavaScript as it doesn't seem so different .. syntax wise)


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    Truly great. Thanks so much. Looking forward to more.


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    Barranquilla - Colombia
    WoW man, thank you very much.

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    Adding health bars over the enemy would be a great addition to your next tutorials. And also show a variety of weapons and maybe some particle effects would be nice
    Believe In The Impossible

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    Georgia, Tbilisi
    thank you man. keep up workin, you're doing this very well

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