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    Questions about Unity

    Hi everyone, I'm Krystian Lahage. I've been doing work for games for 4 years now, I'm 14 now. I started with Dark BASIC, then moved on to the FPS Creator, then onto Realm Crafter. These engines are not very desirable, and I was not happy with any of them. About 2 years ago I bought TGE, which I was pretty happy with, except I'm the artist kind not the programming kind, so I wasn't able to create anything with it. What I'm wondering is that with Unity Indy, how hard would it be for me alone to program a 3rd person (from a high viewpoint) shooting game with a story mode and save progress options and good AI? I am fully capable of creating the art.

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    There is no AI solution that you can just drop in that will do the work for you. But Behave and Path might give a base to start with.

    Everything is possible and nothing is possible, all depends on your will to learn.

    Generally I would recommend to use the demo and give you best timewise to evaluate it. The demo is a time restricted Unity Indie restriction wise.

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    And then if you can't get grips with unity, the valve source engine (standalone mod) is great to use but of course my heart still lies with unity
    $2 for a fast and simple character solution for speedy prototyping!

    $2 for 22 damage sounds, you can't go wrong!

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    As suggested by dreamora, I believe Behave and Path are your best bets AI wise at the moment (though I might be a tad biased ).

    Behave: http://angryant.com/behave/
    Path: http://angryant.com/path/
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    Alright, I'll see what I can do with that, thanks.

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    And before spending a dime on Unity, give the free trial a go so you can see for yourself!


    I think that you'll find Unity a much better tool/engine than the ones listed and it's plenty capable for the game type you described. Between the available resources and this community I think you'll be on your way quickly.
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    Thought I would throw my 2 cents in.

    I am a programmer, not an artist like yourself.

    I also fiddled with Torque a couple years ago. The feeling I got was an engine made for FPS games that they tried to market as a 'do anything' game solution.

    Unity actually IS that solution. It is far better documented, supported, and learnable than TGE was.

    I would definitely download the free trial and run through the tutorials.

    If youre 100% artist with no programming background I would also stop by google and find some good JavaScript/C#/Boo tutorials and basic OOP (Object Oriented Programming) tutorials.

    OOP is probably the more important concept to grasp and learn. Syntax differences between languages can be learned easily but once you get that I get it 'click' with OOP concepts your scripting adventures become immesurably more enjoyable and fruitful.

    - Always try -
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