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    Frogames ProtoPack

    Finally, the ProtoPack is out!

    When we (Frogames) decided to move to Unity, what impressed me was how easy and quick it is to prototype a game idea with this engine. The ProtoPack is born from the list of assets Mathieu and I use in our prototypes.

    The ProtoPack provides all the art pieces you need to create quickly any prototype. This content pack is a library of commonly used elements in 3D games (buildings, trees, vehicles, character, particle effects, skyboxes ...) and a collection of 3D primitives. A total of more than 200 elements for only $15 usd.

    Click here for more information

    Thank you to Martin Schultz and aNTeNNa trEE for their help and suggestions!

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    Lausanne, Switzerland
    I'll buy it later today. Being a developer, I always need that kind of cheap & good looking models.

    Thanks that's really awesome.
    Keep the packs coming, I already bought several packs from you guys and they're all great.

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    Columbus, OH
    I'm interested, but a few quick questions on how it's licensed. Is it pretty much "anything goes"? If I wanted to use it, say, in the demos of my middleware, would that be allowed by the license? How about distributing the particular assets that were used in the demo with the packages I distribute?

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    Thank you for the kind words!

    You can use the pack to prototype any number of game ideas and even to release a game, but the license don't allows you to use it in a commercial middleware.
    But that not means we can't discuss (christophe[at]frogames.com) about a more suitable license.

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    Frogames.net - 3d models, content packs & art for game developers

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    Tokyo, Japan
    lol yes it's good idea!

    I don't know how many programmer they to me cube or another stupid 3D stuff for starting to work!!

    Concept idea is cool!

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    Jacksonville, AL
    Just picked this up and already I am impressed. As a programmer with no artistic ability, this was absolutely a must have. Great work guys - keep it up!

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    Hamburg, Germany
    Yeah, it's really a great pack. I was able to test it upfront and give some feedback and for me it's a great thing to have one Unity package with the prototype art that you're quickly able to "draw" your idea in Unity. Good stuff and a steal at that price.
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    just bought it!

    worth it just for the library of particle effects!


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    hehe that is really a cool idea , I am sure it will save lot of time and money for developer

    good play christophe

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    Hmmm Frogames... Oh I love their stuff <click>
    Protopack huh? Take my money please!
    Bought and downloaded...
    Please do not disturb.

    So when do you start on Protopack 2?
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    thank you all for your comment!
    Now I'm very curious to see the first screenshots of prototypes using the ProtoPack

    @ kenlem
    No ProtoPack2 planed at the moment, but probably one or two free updates before the end of the year. We will need feedback/suggestion later, once every developer will be familiar with the product.
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    I've already bought two packs from you site (houses packs) and I love this one too. Great work

    Why dont you release a pack each week?


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    I also got the Proto pack it makes it much easier to size items in my world, thank you!
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    Are you selling primitives and stuff you can make with any 3D program in 2 min in a pack?
    I pinch myself...

    You know there are a bunch of primitive in Unity... and a couple of objects made with 2 or 3 primitives together wow!

    I'm impressed.

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    @ nikko

    The ProtoPack includes 13 primitives ... and a lot of other elements, like vehicles, particle emiters, an animated character ...
    And each primitive comes in 3 triangle number variations, in order to help developers to test and evaluate the poly budget of their games.

    Click here to take a look at the pack content.

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    Frogames.net - 3d models, content packs & art for game developers

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    Tokyo, Japan
    Yeah, I follow christophe saying the pack is a good deal for programmers.

    I'm an artist then I don't really need his pack.
    Because First the Pack is not a design pack but a intelligent ressource work pack.

    I don't know in another country but in France we say that : "It's better than nothing".

    And because a 3D programmer with nothing or some cube can rarely success to create a right prototype...

    ...I think this Protpack is cool. Not great but cool.

    And 2 things :
    - In all companies I worked for you everytime have a programmer saying "please send to me a collada cube I'd like to test something".
    - And today game they really success to get good money has a simple game and graphicaly very simple!

    Then good deal for Christophe and all the other programmer they will using it.

    However :
    - You could add some normal map and specular map on your object! Shader are good training for programmers too!
    - Add a more large simple environnement for the character and test animation on more no-plane floor.
    - Add some building with more simple texture on it.
    In your pack programmer can test polygon performance but they can test grapghical memory.
    - To create different object collision for your car, tree, etc...
    - A skybox!
    - and Unity is one thing. But FBX, Collada and other 3dsmax or Maya file are always welcome!

    The next idea could be the same pack with more advanced object (more detailled on the mesh and the texture!)

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    Ontario, Canada
    Quick question, are these fully rigged and ready to use Unity objects - for example is the car fully set up with the proper wheel colliders, and maybe a basic script etc? Ready to drop into Unity?

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    No scripts in this version of the ProtoPack.
    Frogames.com - Games for Mac & PC
    Frogames.net - 3d models, content packs & art for game developers

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    Ontario, Canada
    Okay thanks...having a fully rigged little buggy (shocks, handling all tuned etc), along with other things all set up is something I would buy!

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    Even if I work with Christophe, when I need to make a quick prototype I use the ProtoPack, there's really all I need to try my ideas.
    And as a developer I really don't know how to properly use a modeling software, I don't want to put time into learning this... Even the primitives are really usefull for me and I bet I'm not alone.

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