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Thread: Animated waves?

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    Animated waves?


    I just purchased Unity, but have been trying for a while now how to get vertex animations into the engine..

    what I'm trying to do is make a water plane, which will have animated waves using noise modifiers, and hopefully have this animation converted to a vertex animation before export (that's unless I figure out a way to import a 3DsMax model with parameter animation, if at all possible)

    So, here' my question:

    Which would be the best way to create a water plane with waves?

    can I import models with vertex animation?

    or better yet, with animated modifiers?

    Sorry for the heap of questions right off the bat, but my college project pretty much hinges on these waves working properly

    Thanks is advance



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    Atlanta, Ga

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    Wow, That's awesome!

    It might be even a little over my head, but I can definitely make good use of this

    Thanks a lot!!!!


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    To answer the rest of your question, currently Unity does not import vertex animations from 3d modelling applications. You can animate vertices all you want yourself either trough a vertex shader, or trough regular code, just changing positions of vertices in your mesh.

    Unity also does not retain modifiers used in your 3d modelling app (max I assume). The modiefiers "burn" their changes into the mesh before it gets stored into fbx.

    Bye, Lucas

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