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    How do you uninstall the Unity Player Plugin?


    I installed the Unity Player Plugin onto my Mac (running OS 10.4.6).
    I would now like to uninstall this Unity Player Plugin. How would I do this?

    Do you simply delete this plugin file located here:

    Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Unity Player.plugin
    (Its a 9.3 MB file)

    Is this the only file installed by the installer?

    Or do you have to use a special uninstaller?
    Basically I would like to know how to uninstall everything the installer may have installed - to keep my system clean.


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    Unity Technologies HQ, Copenhagen
    The installer only installs this file:
    Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Unity Player.plugin

    When you remove it, everything that was installed will be removed.
    Joachim Ante

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    Minnesota, USA
    A tip for any installer that uses the Installer application is File -> Show Files. This will show what is installing and where.

    Additionally, these packages should have a receipt in /Library/Receipts which you can open up and do Show Files on.


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    Thanks Joachim and Jon,

    Jon, I checked out the receipts file and selected the Unity Plugin install package and selected "Show Files" and here are some of the files that appeared (there were about 50 other similar files):

    ./Unity Player.plugin
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents/Frameworks
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents/Frameworks/Mono1.1.0.bundle
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents/Frameworks/Mono1.1.0.bundle/Contents
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents/Frameworks/Mono1.1.0.bundle/Contents/Info.plist
    ./Unity Player.plugin/Contents/Frameworks/Mono1.1.0.bundle/Contents/MacOS

    Do I assume that all these files are contained *within* the Unity Player.plugin or do I assume that all these files where installed on my computer?

    I am going to guess that all these files listed are all within the Unity Player.plugin. I hope that is the case.

    Thanks again for your help Joachim and Jon.

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    Yes, the plugin is a "package" and it contains all those within it.

    Tip: you can peek inside any package by right-clicking it and choosing Show Package Contents.

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    Thanks Morgan,

    I right clicked on it and yes, I can see the files that are inside the package. Interesting. Thanks for showing this to me. It is interesting to note that when you right click on the package, the list of files is a little different than if you select "show files" after double clicking on the package. There is a different list of files - although some are the same.

    In any case, this is good to know. And so, as mentioned above, all I will do to un-install the player is delete the "Unity Player.plugin" stored in the global Library folder.

    Thanks again

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    where is the internet plug-ins folder in the library

    I looked in my library and couldn't find the internet plugins folder.
    I have mac os x 10.7.5
    Where does unity player install to and how do I uninstall it?

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