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    [RELEASED] Complete Physics Platformer Kit

    Achieve your dream platformer featuring dynamic PHYSICS DRIVEN character interactions, immediate results with DRAG N DROP LEVEL DESIGN and compelling gameplay using SMOOTH, TIGHT CONTROLS! Guaranteed fun!

    - Triple jump, bounce and slide across levels
    - Advanced moving platforms and obstacles
    - Rigidbody character Motor: no more 'faking' physics interactions!
    - Enemy AI tools
    - Dynamic world interaction: pickup, throw, push and grab objects
    - Collectibles, checkpoints, bouncepads, water
    - Auto-avoidance camera with water filter
    - Fully commented C# code + starter guide

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    are your character's animations compatible with Mecanim ?


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    Really cool! This is the smoothest 3D platforming i've seen in Unity.

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    Germany, Hamburg
    Your Kit looks really nice!
    And the character is cute, too!

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    Are the animations Mecanim-based? Can behaviors be changed easily (triple jump to double jump, etc.)? Do you plan on adding stairs? Wall-jumping? Ledge-grabbing?

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    Q. Are the animations Mecanim-based?
    A. Of course; it would be easy to add extra animation functionality.

    Q. Can behaviors be changed easily (triple jump to double jump, etc.)?
    A. Yes! Everything that you would want control over can be easily adjusted, there are in-depth explanations of every script, variable, component and their uses in the new guidebook. If you think i've missed something which should be adjustable - ill add it in!
    (note: Triple jump here actually means jumping 3 times in a row with each jump being higher, like in Mario64)

    Q. Do you plan on adding stairs?
    A. Already possible, here's how: add an invisible collider so it's actually a slope OR use a capsule collider/sphere for the character - characters can use any shape collider and will appear frictionless.

    Q. Wall-jumping? Ledge-grabbing?
    A. Very likely. Any features that get requested frequently, fit the kit, and keep things simple WILL be added!

    Just want to say that i am OVERWHELMED by how fast this is selling and the massively positive responsive from the unity team, so i am going to be working even harder on this, to keep it at the HIGHEST QUALITY! This is something i started making purely for my own games, so i know the kind of features and workflow i would like myself - and will continue to provide that. I'm going to be creating my own retail platformer game from this kit as well!

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    Wall-jumping? Ledge-grabbing?

    +1 . Please.

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    Sintra, Portugal
    Fantastic work...really fun!
    How hard is to change the character out?

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    Detroit Michigan USA
    Very nice. Great job! This is on my list!

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    Tasmania, Australia
    This is great and I'd love to see wall jumping.

    Quick question though, do you plan to add camera rotating with the mouse? I'd like my character to be able to attack and defend with the mouse buttons.

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    I bought this kit and it's great!

    The kit itself is fantastic as you can all see in the demo. And there's great support which makes it even better!

    I had a couple of questions and I emailed the creator and he got back to me the same day helping me out.

    Great stuff. If any of you are on the fence, I would say just buy it! It's rare to get access to such a well made kit at all, and yet this one even comes at a great price!

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    How hard is to change the character out?
    Its easy! Here's how:

    - parent the model to the players collision box
    - Apply the 'player animator' component to it
    - Apply 'animator' variable for PlayerMove and Throwing scripts
    - Change the animation references in the 'player animator' component

    do you plan to add camera rotating with the mouse?
    Very likely, and i have some other ideas for more camera control that i want to add as well.

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    This looks incredibly promising. The demo was more fun than finished games I've played!
    With push/pull is it possible to make objects only push/pull-able if I press and hold the 'K' key?
    +controller support
    +Sprint option
    +simple melee attack?
    Also, any chance this would work for 3.57? I have a pro license still in 3.57 I know I'm in the dark ages but I'd buy it immediately if it was available.

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    With push/pull is it possible to make objects only push/pull-able if I press and hold the 'K' key?
    Yes, to make an object push/pull-able you simply add the tag: "Pushable" to it. For a pickup you add the tag 'Pickup'.. its that easy!

    any chance this would work for 3.57
    Though i haven't tested it myself, i see no reason why not.

    Happy platforming!

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    HI Greg Sergeant,

    hold K to grab larger objects work irregularly . I try adding size Z to 1 ( Box Collider 's GrabBox ) but no success. How to fix this problem.

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    Found 2 bugs:
    +You can 'climb' back up the zipline by just pressing back.
    +The blue block that shoots up-diagonally doesn't seem to play nicely with the character. As soon as you jump onto the blue block your character will float as the platform shoots up to the 3 collectibles in the air. I figured the character should have stayed grounded on the platform.


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    Camaiore, Italy
    Why not working with 4.2.1?
    Does it works with legacy animation?

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    I'm having an issue with object pickup - it really doesn't work in the demo scene. (however in the webplayer demo this works great)

    Any ideas?

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    Hmm I think the description of this asset should be changed...
    "Requires Unity 4.2.0 or higher"
    When can we see it working on 4.2.1?

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    Thank you for the feedback! Every teething bug mentioned has already been pinpointed and will be fixed within the next few days (as well as the 4.2.1 version).

    The following features are being worked on:
    - added camera control (mouse based movement, camera zones for automatic targeting)
    - the much requested wall jumping!
    - 2D/2.5D support at the click of a button

    The last feature i am very excited about, as you will be able to make 2D games, 2.5D games and also 3D games just with this one package, and because this kit utilises the power of Nvidia Physx (and not the cumbersome character controller), it is highly optimized for mobile games. I hope to add better iOS and android support in the future too.

    We're the #2 most popular asset in the 'complete projects' category, lets get to #1!

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