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Thread: Visual Actions

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    Visual Actions

    Version 1.2 is now LIVE.


    Visual Actions is a versatile visual coding utility to speed up your development in Unity dramatically. It allows you to choose/explore/discover all available (or even your own) functions in Unity, and fire them at events that you choose, without writing any code. It is very easy to use. It will boost your productivity so much that you will wonder how you managed without it!

    Why should you have to write code just to "call" an action that already exists inside an object (rotate, or setvelocity for example?). Using the power of Reflection, Visual Actions allows you to simply select the object, choose which function you would like to call, even pass in the parameters, and then choose when you want it fired, all in edit mode, without touching code. Now you can make buttons, auto-opening doors, power-ups, or call initialisation routines, without having to litter your project with one-liner scripts.

    Visual Actions also complements other Visual Scripting tools superbly.
    As one reviewer puts it:

    "I often wished for some kind of visual scripting that didn't need all this setting up, that would just fit in with my game logic and my workflow that would save time doing actions that I need to script, but without figuring out a detailed FSM or full scene logic and without a learning curve to understand a pretty detailed visual scripting plugin.
    Then this comes along, absolutely brilliant, grabbed it straight off."


    Version 1.2:
    Added: More Target Options: Application, Object, The GameObject Class, Self

    Application: Perform Application-wide actions (Quit, LoadLevel, CaptureScreenShot etc)
    GameObject Class: Call functions on the GameObject class, (CreatePrimitive, AddComponent etc)
    Object Class: Call functions of the Object class, (Instantiate, DontDestroyOnLoad etc)
    Self: Now object can call actions on themselves without setting target to themselves.

    Added: New parameter editor: Rect
    Added: New parameter editor: AnimationCurve
    Added: Now "all" UnityEngine.object types are supported via drag-and-drop: Camera, AudioClip, AnimationClip, Animation etc
    Added: New event: OnUpdate
    Added: New event: OnFixedUpdate
    Added: New event: Multiple mouse buttons (Left, right, etc)*
    Added: New event: OnMouseWheelMove*
    Added: New event: OnAccelerometerChange*
    Added: More tutorial scenes

    *Code kindly donated by Laurent (neoxeo)

    Version 1.1:

    Added: Keyboard Input
    Added: New example scene for Keyboard Input
    Added: Unity 3.5 support for people who have not upgraded to Unity 4

    Fixed: Ambiguous matching in method resolution
    Fixed: Problem with touch

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    This comes with complete C# source-code, which is particularly instructive for those wanting to know how to use reflection in Unity.

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    Great work. it's really time saver. can it's work with play-maker.

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    I'm glad you liked it, and found it useful.

    I don't own PlayMaker so I have not checked whether it works with PlayMaker or not. However, if you could let me know what kind of integration you are looking for with PlayMaker, I will look into it.

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    Just squished a bug that would cause Ambiguous matching in method resolution.

    The update should appear on the Asset Store in a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Play_Edu View Post
    Great work. it's really time saver. can it's work with play-maker.
    Playmaker does all these actions, that's what it's there for. These visual actions basically make use of methods built into Unity. Playmaker does the same but has embedded all that in a large visual scripting framework, so these visual actions are no use to someone with Playmaker as Playmaker has all that functionality already. They are of great use if you want to do these particular types of action without having to learn playmaker or any of the other visual scripting options, these seem easy and straightforward to use and have already saved me some time.

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    Hi Sajidfarooq,

    an feature request : an manager to use multiple Visual Actions for one game object , in chronologic order for example.

    another thought , can we have more doc / tutorials about Component /VisualAction .

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    That's actually a very good idea. At the moment, its already possible to attach multiple Visual Actions to a GameObject. However, ordering them is not. It will likely be a complex problem, that may be tackled in a major version increment.

    In the immediate update, my focus is on providing Keyboard-events.

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    Version 1.1 has been submitted to the Asset Store. It should be live soon.

    Meanwhile, as usual, I have sent the updates to existing customers via email. For those customers that have not received the e-mail, kindly e-mail me your invoice number so I can add you to the list and send you the updates right away.

    Kind regards,
    Sajid Farooq

    P.S: The new version adds (among other things) support for Unity 3.5 for backwards compatibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sajidfarooq View Post
    I'm glad you liked it, and found it useful.

    I don't own PlayMaker so I have not checked whether it works with PlayMaker or not. However, if you could let me know what kind of integration you are looking for with PlayMaker, I will look into it.
    Thanks for replay.
    I think it's work with get set property.

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    Version 1.1 released!

    Adds keyboard support and is now compatible with older Unity (3.5).

    Keyboard support means now you can create keyboard controllers without having to write code. Completely control your characters on key-presses by drag-and-drop of a simple component.

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    A new version with an increased price (to reflect the added features) will be released soon. Buy it now before the price increases!

    Thanks to everyone who has made Visual Actions a success, be it by purchasing, suggesting enhancements, pointing out bugs, or giving great reviews. I'm glad to report that Visual Actions is consistently among the top 6 products in its category.

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    What are the futur added features ?

    Can you give us more informations ?

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    Version 1.2:

    • Expanded targets:
      • Application: Now you can perform Application-wide actions (Quit, LoadLevel, CaptureScreenShot etc) without writing code.
      • GameObject Class: Call functions on the GameObject class, such as CreatePrimitive or AddComponent, without code.
      • Object Class: Call functions of the Object class, such as Instantiate or DontDestroyOnLoad, without code.
      • Self: Now object can call actions on themselves without having to explicitly set target to themselves.

    • Frame-rate independence: Continuous events such as hover, or keyboard presses will (optionally) allow you to perform actions (move your character, for example) at the same speed, regardless of how fast/slow the computer/device is. No code required.
    • Support for AudioClips and AnimationClips.


    • Chaining: Allow visual components to be "chained" together like a node-based scripting language, by passing the return value of one visual action to the parameter of another.
    • Wizard: To do lots of set-up automatically, e.g, add scripts that perform long chains without having to explicitly set-up objects.
    • Some super-secret stuff!

    In general, Visual Actions is very useful as a learning-aid for Unity as well: It automatically discovers, and shows you, all the functions that Unity (or other plugins) can perform, and the parameters they require, without having to search the documentation. It was made to allow exploration and experimentation possible, without having to explicitly think about how to implement complex behavior via nodes, or FSMs like other tools.

    I hope that answers your questions, but let me know if you need some more info.
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    Thank you for this answer.

    A lot of good news !

    Can you confirm me that I can add/use functions for one object without writing code, but the code is available in the script (to adjust some things if it's necessary) ?

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    Visual Actions comes with full source code in C#. You can change it in anyway you like. You can also ask any questions you have about it here, or email me directly for support.

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    If I buy 1.1 now, the upgrade to 1.2 and others versions are free or not ?

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    All updates are free, and I intend to keep it that way.

    If I ever release a version that is not free, I will offer a discount to existing users on upgrading.

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    I think that you will have a new user... (when I will be at home)

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    Remember to add yourself to the updates-list by e-mailing me with your invoice so that you can receive updates to the software immediately rather than having to wait for the Asset Store to approve them.

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