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    [fighting game] Kinetic Damage [Released]

    Name:  Think_Arm_Strike.jpg
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    Development started in February, 2009.
    Target platforms : iOS + Android
    Released on iOS !

    [Lite version] : [Full Version]

    Official site : www.kineticdamage.com

    If you like this game, like it on Facebook too !

    Game made by : Benjamin Marchand
    Music by : Philippe Malpuech
    Voice actors : Antoine Aghroum, Jean Dutelle, Marie Sergeant.

    Tools used :
    Modeling/Animation : Cinema 4D
    Texture Work/Design : Illustrator + Wacom Cintiq 12WX
    + Unity Pro / Android Pro / iOS Pro

    Article by Maxon, makers of Cinema 4D.

    //************************** Development Videos *************************//

    A glimpse at strategy in Kinetic Damage :

    Advanced AI demo + commentary (subtitles available, just click "CC" button) :

    Pure AI vs AI fights, + special martial art outfits :

    Video : Levels Sound Ambience.

    Video : Character Creation

    Video : All 8 martial arts combos.

    Video : AI Test (basic moves).

    Video : Levels Showcase (older version, captured from a Samsung Galaxy S).

    Video : Regular Strikes test.

    Background Musics link
    (Musical artist : Buck Bottleneck, available for freelance contracts. Contact on Facebook

    Video : Old gameplay showcase (outdated levels, outdated chars).


    And here are some quick video references to help figure out the different martial arts :

    Muay Thai
    Tai Chi Chuan / Qi Gong Jinn
    Jeet Kun Do
    Krav Maga
    Shaolin Kung Fu


    Initial post from 2009 :

    Well, I'm not sure exposing this WIP would be as thrilling as other released games in this forum, but I thought it would be fun to share with you my evolution in Unity and the overall project

    And if this game strikes the appStore, I will be proud to display the "Made with Unity" icon on its title screen

    The basis is a Fighting game on a 2D plan. I can't tell much about the mechanics as they're not really achieved, but all I can tell is that it won't be a clone of the other 1278913728 existing fighting games.

    keywords : intense fights, customization, unique identities per player, evolution, complex game mechanics, instant action, and semi-realism.

    I'll keep this thread in touch with the key waypoints in the work progress
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    [List in progress]

    List of tips & techniques I learned about Unity, C#, Cinema 4D, Rigging, Animating and Texturing over the 4 years of development :

    - Rising the awareness on problems that are specific to fighting game production

    - The power of C# delegates

    - Optimizing complicated, redundant calculations

    - Juicing up the best method to create an animation movement prediction algorithm (useful for AI)

    - A very fast, simple and efficient way to deal with 2.5D collisions

    - String pattern search : faster method than the string builtin Contains().

    - Caching AnimationClip calls is 10 times faster than accessing it via this[animName]

    - Suggestion to make strike animations feel powerful

    - A glance at organizing the code to manage all those different fight states

    - Custom class sharing : 30%-50% faster than List<T>

    - Designing my own Collision engine (without PhysX)

    - Designing my own Collision engine (without PhysX) - part 2

    - Tests about Coroutines performance versus regular Update()

    - How to create unique coroutines, with the ability to stop them with several parameters (unlike Unity's StopCoroutine)

    - AlphaTest not recommended for iPhone GPU, (alternate thread).

    - Static classes / Struct optimizations (significant perf gain)

    - (old) iPhone hardware facts

    - How to pause every coroutines according to your global pause state

    - Discovering the power of Editor scripts

    - Super fast method to create 1 texture from multiple textures

    - Faster animation clips loading times

    - MonoDevelop secret tips

    - Negative scaling a skeleton is totally NOT recommended on mobiles

    - which leads to : Editor script, Mirror AnimationClip Generator
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    Here starts the whole dev blog, which was created in early 2009 :


    Well, I think it's enough for now

    pict 1 : Tank class Moves 1 study

    pict 2 : Neuromancer class Moves 1 study

    pict 3 : HUD, first steps (iPhone screenshot)
    Attached Images    
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    Atlanta, Jawja

    Will be interesting to see how you work the multi-player mechanics. We're still a ways off from getting Street Fighter response times over the internet, though I'm sure there are mechanics that can be just as engaging with higher latencies.

    Looks great and Good luck!

    Ling Xio...er, Charles

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    Thank you Charles for your support
    Yes multiplayer is hard to make with 3G latencies, that's why I will offer a totally different approach for players with bad ping. I will developp my idea here in a few monthes, but beside this point, there will be bluetooth multiplayer, thanks to Apple's next OS

  6. Unity Product Evangelist
    San Francisco CA USA
    Quote Originally Posted by n0mad
    Yes multiplayer is hard to make with 3G latencies...
    I'm already dreaming of the day when device-to-device discovery (3.0 SDK!) is supported in Unity content. I know that requires physical proximity but still, could be fun for games like this.

    Please keep us all updated with your progress!
    Tom Higgins - Product Evangelist at Unity Technologies ApS
    unity3d.com | answers | blogs | feedback

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    Thank you Higgy, you will be the firsts here to know what's on in there


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    Skinning chars has passed the test

    Displaying these 2 animated models at 30 fps.
    (untextured here, of course)

    I managed to separate skins and bones, too, which will let me implement skinnable fighters.
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  9. Location
    Background sample, Shibuya, Tokyo.
    (Picture not final, work in progress, actual backgrounds will be 2 more times wider)

    Which lets me reveal the time scheme of the game : 2060's.

    The main theme of this world will be Cyberpunk.
    Attached Images  

  10. Unity Community Evangelist

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Hey man, nice concept work!!

    Love the thumbs with the various moves etc on, very dynamic.

    Being a fan of William Gibson's work, the word cyberpunk always peeks my interest too

    looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
    Joe Robins
    Community Evangelist | Unity Technologies

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    Aaaaaaah, this dear Gibson ...

    I've read some of his novels, Mona Lisa, Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition, and 'm a great fan too

    Thank you for your support !

    Actually, I already completed one class, concerning animations. I'll try to capture a video to show this quite concretely

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    Japan stage, 4 a.m.

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  14. Posts
    Nice, I like the style you're going for with the models.

  15. Location
    Thank you Spacemonkey

    Here is what kind of animation you could expect ingame :
    Attached Images  

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    Wow, nice animation, I like it

  17. Location
    Thank you Kolham

    Ok then if you like it, here is another sample, just for you at Unity forums :
    (Taekwondo high kick here, still untextured)
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    Little break on the rush, talkin' about inspiration :

    Wanted to take a minute to show you a video I found, by a musical artist I discovered recently.


    This discovery is really odd, as every day I'm animating characters who do the exact same type of moves, listening to the exact same type of music.

    So, I welcomed the emphasis ...

    Oh I almost forgot : Pump up the volume, badly.

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    Changed the game title to a final state.

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    Orlando, FL.
    Just curious what your using for animations. Mocap or keyframed. Just curious. I'd love to see the animation played real time. Unless your using 2D sprite sheet type animations.
    If it doesn't hurt you didn't try hard enough!
    Unity Pro + Unity iPhone Pro + Unity Android

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