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    Unity3D Standalone Player? (play existing games without browser)

    Hey all,

    I wonder if there is a Unity3D standalone player that allows you to play any existing unity3D games directly from your desktop, without using an internet browser. So similar of playing flash games directly via the adobe flash projector (or other swf players).

    I noticed that I got a much better game performance when playing unity3d games without a browser, but through the standalone client. Also, the maximum frames per second are limited to 50 fps when I play via a browser, which makes the games run not so smooth.

    The game Red Crucible (http://www.rocketeergames.com/redcrucible.html) for example offers a standalone client for download (http://www.rocketeergames.com/redcru...standalone.zip).

    Now I would also like to get such a standalone client for the game Rush Team (http://www.asr-games.net/index.php?page=Game) to increase the game performance.

    Thanks for all replies!

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    In case there is no option to get a standalone for each unity3d webgame, is there a way to increase the game performance and bypass the low fps limit of the webplayer, so it's equal to the standalone game version?

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    Playing a standalone version requires that the creator of the game publishes a standalone. Playing content in web browsers is subject to the limitations imposed by the specific web browser; not all of them necessarily have fps caps.

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